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“Olga, the eldest, was most like her father. Shy and subdued, she had long chestnut-blonde hair and blue eyes set in a wide Russian face. She impressed people be her kindness, her innocence and the depth of her private feelings. Olga had a good mind and was quick to grasp ideas. Talking to someone she knew well, she spoke rapidly and with frankness and wit. She read widely, both fiction and poetry, often borrowing books from her mother’s tables before the Empress had read them. ‘You must wait, Mama, until I find out whether this book is a proper one for you to read,’ she parried when Alexandra spotted her reading a missing book.

Reading Les Miserables in French under the guidance of her Swiss tutor, Pierre Gilliard, Olga almost brought the tutor to calamity, Gillard had instructed his pupil to underline all the French words she did not recognize. Arriving at the word spoken at Waterloo when the commander of Napoleon’s Guard was asked to surrender, Olga dutifully underlined ‘Merde!’ That night at dinner, not having seen Gilliard, she asked her father what it meant. The following day, walking in the park, Nicholas said to the tutor, ‘You are teaching my daughter a curious vocabulary, Monsieur.’ Gilliard was overcome with confusion and embarrassment. ‘Don’t worry,’ said Nicholas, breaking into a smile, ‘I quite understand what happened.’

Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K. Massie


“More often, Alexis played with his sisters or by himself. ‘Luckily,’ wrote Gilliard, ‘his sisters liked playing with him. They brought into his life an element of youthful merriment that otherwise would have been sorely missed.’ Sometimes, by himself, he simply lay on his back staring up at the blue sky. When he was ten, his sister Olga asked him what he was doing so quietly. ‘I like to think and wonder,’ said Alexis. ‘What about?’ Olga persisted. ‘Oh, so many things,’ he said. ‘I enjoy the sun and the beauty of summer as long as I can. Who knows whether one of these days I shall not be prevented from doing it?’”

Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K Massie

Send me a name: Royal Fandom Edition

Charlotte Casiraghi: Favorite place to shop?

Chris O'Neill: Pessimist or Optimist?

Crown Prince Frederik: Athletic or Academic?

Crown Princess Letizia: What do you think of the press and how they treat royals?

Crown Princess Mary: What language would you like to learn?

Crown Princess Masako: Do you consider yourself to be an independent person?

Crown Princess Mette-Marit: Have you ever dealt with an addiction?

Crown Princess Victoria: Biggest thing you’ve had to overcome?

Duchess of Cambridge: Do you wear your hair up or down most of the time?

Duke of Cambridge: Childhood nickname?

Grand Duchess Stephanie: Favorite designer?

Prince Amedeo: Do you like waffles?

Princess Beatrice and Eugenie: Do you like to take risks with your fashion?

Prince Carl Philip: Are you an outdoorsy person?

Princess Charlene: Do you play a sport? If so, which one?

Princess Claire: Are you a math/science person, or literature/history?

Prince Daniel: Do you wear glasses or contacts?

Princess Estelle: Person who annoys you the most?

Prince Harry: Favorite drink?

Prince Joachim: Are you a morning person?

Princess Lalla Salma: Have you ever dyed your hair?

Princess Marie: Have you ever moved to a different country?

Princess Madeleine: Worst relationship story?

Queen Elizabeth II: First job?

Queen Margrethe II: Are you artistic?

Queen Mathilde: Introvert or Extrovert?

Queen Maxima: Are you usually dressed up, or dressed down?

Queen Rania: What’s something you wish to see change in the world?

Queen Silvia: Do you speak any languages?

Zara Phillips: Greatest accomplishment?

A Series of Unfortunate Read-Throughs - The Carnivorous Carnival

VFD References

  • VFD insignia in first picture
  • 121 - children figure out the insignia for VFD
  • 155 - last surviving VFD HQ in Mortmain Mountains
  • 156 - VFD Disguise Training - veiled facial disguises, various finery disguises, voice fakery disguises
  • 156 - Olivia is a member of VFD
  • 202 - vineyard’s famous donkeys (also mentions vineyard of famous (g/d)rapes
  • 261 - Valley of Four Drafts

Other Important Book Notes

  • 15 - description of the hinterlands sunset + carnival
  • 90 - first time Sunny shows interest in cooking
  • 101 - déjà vu
  • 114 - mention of the sugar bowl
  • 136 - mention of Duchess + the pony party
  • 141 - picture signed R (Duchess) or K (Kit?)
  • 251 - bald man + Olivia killed by lions

“The passage of time and the shortness of their lives have blurred the qualities of the four daughters of the last Tsar. Only Anastasia, the youngest, stands out distinctly, not for what she was as a child, but because of the extraordinary, often fascinating claims made on her behalf in the years after the massacre at Ekaterinburg. Yet the four girls were quite different, and as they became young women, the differences between them became more distinct.”

Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K Massie


In the most carefully choreographed of weddings – with every moment planned to the second – the couple’s balcony kiss was the one wildcard, and it did not disappoint. The heir to the British throne first exchanged a short peck with his beloved bride. Two minutes later, responding to chants from the crowd to “Kiss her again,” the newlyweds locked lips, and William blushed ever so slightly. | Req by anon


Happy 4th A n n i v e r s a r y to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge! 

W O W, I can’t believe how fast four years has flown by! It seems like just yesterday we watched William bring Kate into his world, one step at a time, ensuring she was comfortable before diving into life with the royal family. And now they’re MARRIED, with a SECOND child on the way! OUR BABIES HAVE BABIES!!! It’s overwhelming and beautiful and so stunningly surreal. I feel like we’re watching one of the most important love stories of our time unfold before our eyes. I hope that wherever they were when that clock struck midnight they stopped to revel in the moment and look at their life. It’s just them - them and little george - before they bring another child home in the coming days. Congrats on four years of beautiful wedded bliss, William & Kate and here’s to an infinity’s worth of more! xx Lo


If Olga was closest to her father, Tatiana, eighteen months younger than Olga, was closest to Alexandra. In public and private, she surrounded her mother with unwearying attentions. The tallest, slenderest, and most elegant of the sisters. Tatiana had rich auburn hair and deep gray eyes. She was organized, energetic and purposeful and held strong opinions. ‘You felt that she was the daughter of an Emperor,’ declared an officer of the Imperial Guard.

In public, Grand Duchess Tatiana regularly outshone her older sister. Her piano technique was better than Olga’s although she practiced less and cared less. With her good looks and self-assurance, she was far more anxious than Olga to go out into society. Among the five children, it was Tatiana who made the decisions; her younger sisters and brother called her ‘the Governess.’ If a favor was needed, all the children agreed that ‘Tatiana must asks Papa to grant it.’ Surprisingly, Olga did not mind being managed by Tatiana; the two, in fact, were devoted to each other.

Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K. Massie