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VIDEO: Cowardly Cop Knocks on Innocent Family’s Door, Kills their Dog and then Walks Off

A cowardly cop put another family pet to death on October 20, leaving a mother and her children grief-stricken.

As surveillance video shows, a Florida City police officer knocks on the front door of the unfortunate family. He was going to inform them that they left a car door open.

The daughter opens the door slightly and their dog, named Duchess, was able to get out first. The cop reaches for his gun as the 40-pound dog emerges and fires three rounds into its head without hesitation.

“She was curious. She wasn’t barking (and) she wasn’t growling. There was no reason for him to think she was aggressive in any way,” said the mother, Gillian Palacios.

The daughter comes out immediately after, and could only stand paralyzed in horror at the scene of murder. Duchess is lying on the sidewalk, still alive but fatally wounded, and the repugnant cop is out of the camera’s view.

Palacios is yelling at the cop while her daughter cradles the dying dog in her hands. Duchess can be seen wagging her tail, perhaps finding some comfort in her owner’s embrace.

The cop said “your dog charged me” and promptly left the scene, telling them Animal Services would pick up the dog later.

Florida City police spokesman Officer Ken Armenteros defended the officer’s actions.

“We don’t have the luxury of hind sight,” Armenteros told WPLG. “We have to use the information that is given to us in a split second. So, the officer has to make that decision with the information that he has available.”

The department has put their officer on paid administrative leave while they investigate that matter, “gathering all the facts at the time.”



Everything is in the video. There’s even no need to argue about what have happened – it’s clear and sorrowfully. Probably each of us ever was in a situation when you knocked on the door and the dog ran towards you. It’s an ordinary thing – usually the owner tells something to the dog to calm her down and everything’s OK. I don’t think Duchess was big enough to look dangerous. And now cops will “investigate”… The same old song about the officer who feared for his life… That’s nonsense! They got no soul.