This really isn’t just ask Beato and Battler anymore. We have a lot of friends who cosplay Umineko with us as well who were interested in joining in with us! All of us thought it would be a wonderful thing to work on together as friends, especially since we all don’t live in the same places, so it’s hard for us to see each other… and we thought all of you would like to see more characters involved and make it into a big awesome thing :)

So you can now start sending asks and requests to more than just Beato and Battler! You can still send them to us at the usual places I listed before so that they can be forwarded and shared between us, or I’m sure you can send the asks to their inboxes directly.

We have maxieyi-marz and myself here, redustrial-ruin as Battler and Beatrice of course. Marz will now involve himself as Black Battler as well.

lordonisyr will be joining us again as Virgilia. We also have traumaticcandy who can do Bernkastel, Furfur  with her friend Dila  as Zepar(someone plz provide me Dila’s tumblr. T_T), and also Chick Bea with me as Elder Beato. 

ducesa-photography will also join us as Lamdadelta and Belphegor (you can send asks to her other account m0mmy-ducs). We have seena-cha-dess as Mammon, as well as Maria. Then we have shadowsofanightmare as Erika and solarflare72393 as Kanon who I am willing to do Shannon with.

Wow, we have a lot of characters to work with. I am excited about this. TO work on it with my friends and to see what we end up doing here. We already have a few things in mind, but of course we want your asks and requests!

I hope people are as excited as we are. This started as a small thing and blossomed into something great. 


HELLSING ULTIMATE ( Otakuthon 2013 & Rhode Island Comic Con 2013)


Seras Victoria is me
Alucard is maxieyi-marz
Alexander Anderson is lordonisyr
Girlycard is ducesacosplay / nevergettagged
blurry Walter is Az-Ma-Taz (Melly)