Umineko Cosplay: Ask Beatrice & Battler - When Shit Goes CRAY (via youtube) / GIFSET

Source Video: HERE

Beatrice is redustrial-ruin, Battler Ushiromiya is maxieyi-marz

Guest Battler and Chick Beato: ducesa-photography and traumaticcandy 


HELLSING ULTIMATE ( Otakuthon 2013 & Rhode Island Comic Con 2013)


Seras Victoria is me
Alucard is maxieyi-marz
Alexander Anderson is lordonisyr
Girlycard is ducesacosplay / nevergettagged
blurry Walter is Az-Ma-Taz (Melly)


Favourite Photos of 2013

Credits in order

  1. Wedding Donna from Doctor Who - Impossible Girl Cosplay
  2. Morrigan from DA2 - Undead Pixels
  3. Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon - EvieEvangelion
  4. Catwoman from DC Comics - Elle Cosplay
  5. Venosaur Gijinka from Pokemon - Lady Di Cosplay
  6. Erwin and Levi from SnK - Socksyy and marcosbutt
  7. Psylocke from Marvel - Vudu Juju
  8. Bubblehead Nurse from Silent Hill - Kazmataz
  9. Magnet Luka from Vocaloid - ducesa
  10. Elizabeth from Bioshock - Honeysaliva

It was really hard to choose my favourites and there are tons more I’d like to include but these are mainly my convention photos of 2013! Please enjoy the photos and the great cosplayers in them!

Umineko Cosplay: Ask Beatrice and Battler: When Shit Goes CRAY
We were excited to upload this one. This isn’t really a Q&A session, so much as us going back and forth, drunk Beato, screwups.  The first two I don’t think can compare to this one. It’s definitely the best IMO. I hope you guys enjoy it.  Also, Look for cameos of traumaticcandy and ducesa-photography as Chick!Bea and Bato.  ((I really hope you guys like this one. I had a big pain making it ^^;)