Tag game!

tagged by the magnificent @jouissezduprintemps, thanks Leah!

Spell out your URL with song titles and tag ten people.

Ok that’s a new one on me…

C - Circles by KDrew
A - Assassin by Muse
N - Nobody by Skindred
A - All You Can Eat by Weekend (couldn’t find a youtube vid…)
D - Down With the Sickness by Disturbed (c’mon, you knew they would show)
I - Informative Broadcast by Klaypex
A - Are You Gonna be my Girl by Jet
N - No Bullets Fly by Sabaton
G - Give it All by Rise Against
O - Ooh Aah (My Life be Like) by Grits
L - Lose Yourself by Eminem
D - Dubwoofer Substep by Omnitica

Your turn @saxinpjs @perhaps-mr-collins-has-a-cousin (oh man yours wouldn’t work, lol) @goat-s0n @thedeepseaprisoner @snow-wolf13… that’s all i got this time sorry