dubupupu replied to your audio postOHMYGOD WHY LOL

omg why you always sound so good

Omg Heidi!!!! I havent talked to you in so long omg :(

How are you! Do you like Sherlock? 

Why is all of Shinee like 50x better looking in PERSON..? Like, with Joon, he looked like exactly the same and with Yunho and Changmin, they basically glowed and were flawless people but like all the members of Shinee were SO much better looking in person!!!

…. Weird rant over

oneia replied to your post: when i see a school related post but i can’t…

and the teenager posts….

LOL i am a teenager tho.. but i can still relate ;-;

shineecstasy replied to your postwhen i see a school related post but i can’t…

i still reblog them and i’m not at school anymore too OTL lmao

i feel weird reblogging it tbh cause i know i won’t experience it ever again :(

dubupupu replied to your postwhen i see a school related post but i can’t…

and people don’t understand how someone can miss school

i used to be one of those people but during the last months of my senior year, when i started realizing there was no turning back i was missing it already.. :( i wanna go back OTL

chipuli asked:

24, 25, 26

24 Turn on: Oh god…. Um, to name a few

  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Nice hair
  • Nice smile
  • being pushed against a wall
  • back hugs
  • neck kissing/biting
  • I should stop here

25 Turn offs: 

  • Dicky personality
  • apathy towards life
  • lack of humor
  • gross eaters
  • no manners
  • poor education
  • ignorance

26: why I joined tumblr:

- I joined when I moved to LA and tumblr was all my friend, Jade, did. I joined to see what the fuss was about XD

Omg blog rating - 


Unicorn tbh

chipuli asked:

:c like onew tho because he's funny and cute and i like him

I love Onew.

I just think I don’t care about kpop anymore. Like I’ve felt this way for a while. idk. 

It’s so fucking much drama all the fucking time.


chipuli asked:


If you snuck in my room I would:

  • [x] Go back to sleep
  • [] Kick you out
  • [] Cuddle with you
  • [x] Be like wtf?
  • [x] Let you sleepover
  • [] Beat your ass
  • [] Sexy time

If you kissed me I would:

  • [] Kiss you back
  • [x] Smile & laugh
  • [x] Be shocked
  • [] Slap you

You are:

  • [x] Cute
  • [] Adorable
  • [x] Pretty
  • [x] Beautiful
  • [] Okay
  • [] Sexy
  • [] Hotass Motherfucker
  • [] Ew

I Would:

  • [] Smash
  • [x] Pass (idk I feel a sisterly thing with you lol)