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You really shouldn’t get me started on onho. I’m a pretty big shipper if you ask my bb Jenny. > u >

haha! Jenny? Jenny… That’s so familiar like I’m so… hmm. Onho is probably the only thing I actively “ship.” Like I’m cool with other pairings but Onho is the only one I’m like “YEAH D<” and get crazy for and stuff. (although I don’t ship any f(x) pairings, I don’t know why, I just… don’t. f(x) just make me feel fluttery and happy and empowered, I don’t really make them into romantic idealisms, lol) Onho is like a cult though, because we are few and far between but super devoted and enthusiastic about it. It’s awesome. 8D

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Currently I'm in a wonderful mood.~ I can't stop smiling, but what about you? How are you, Minho?

Oh? Did something good happen, noona?

I’m fine.~ I feel a little under the weather, though. TT