“you cannot appreciate the beauty of the sky at night without these five shinning lights” -Lee Jinki (onew)

Happy Anniversary to my Shinning Flower Namja

I truly can’t believe its been 4 yrs, there’s been so much through out that time. You’ve all grown up to be very [very] handsome young men, and i feel like a mom whose watched her kid’s grow up. Onew-aah- even from day one you’ve been my man [keke] although I thought you were the maknae when you first debuted, orz forgive me. You’ve truly grown into a man I can be proud off, you’re always strong and smiling, so its ok to cry when you can, sometimes it hurts more when you just smile it all away, OPPA~ fighting, stay healthy. KIM JONGHYUN- you cocky bastard [OTL] wae must you always try to push my tokki over the edge, you muscle pabo. You’re giving me heart attacks with all your teasing, i know that under all that sexy muscle lies our cry baby jjongie,  puppy please stay safe. KEY! KEY! KEY!- our sexy diva, YOU GOT YOUR MUSICAL [-PAKSUUU-]. Why are you so beautiful. Please show us more of you aegyo [i dun care if minho doesn’t like it] Stay healthy<3. FROGGER MINHO-AH- i’ve always wanted to play video games with you D: i bet i can take you down [fighting spirt] your byuing byuing makes noona squeal, you’ve grown[not just vertically] but outwardly too, our shy aegah has become a talking frog, i look back at all the previous videos and i can’t believe thats you shaking your bum on stage, or showing of that rack of boobs [keke] continue to grow minhoahh, make noona proud [keke]. OUR FOREVER PRETTY TAEMINIIIEEE- aissh, where has that baby gone, your so manly now [its ok noona will call you manly] you’ve managed to make me squeal not in an umma way but in a yooja way keke, out little mushroom continue to grow [poor dino is getting left behind] DRINK ALL YOUR BANANA OYUU. I hope that we can stay together like this for a very long time. I’ve only met you once, and from very far away, but thats enough for me, please stay healthy [SM LET THEM SLEEP >3<] I can wait for your k-comeback, please take a rest. Let’s forever shine in our world. SHINEE FIGHTING!!!!