Lindsey Stirling in Seattle. Super glad I was able to snag front row tickets early this summer, because they were worth every penny.

She is an absolutely amazing violinist, dancer, and composer. Incredibly inspiring, and the stories behind some of her music is both tragic and heartwarming. 

Turns out she is apparently the most popular female star on Youtube and was placed in the top 30 musicians under 30 by Forbes. Only six years ago she was rejected from America’s Got Talent for “sounding like a drowning animal” and told that “she would never fill a theater in Vegas”

She also gave an amazing speech on loss and even cyber bullying. She’s now easily my favorite musician.


The two siblings wandered through the streets, still wearing their uniforms. They had just finished their work for the day, so they decided to go out for a walk just so they could spend some time together.

Nether of them were bothered by the rumors of several corpses being found, as they were both always armed and ready to fight if it came to it. Evelyn was looking at the stars, while Valentine looked more for any threats.

MERGE: A Davepetasprite^2 Installation
  • MERGE: A Davepetasprite^2 Installation
  • kouta+polysaw

IT’S FINALLY DONE!!! After a month and a half of toiling away we finally finished our submission for LOFAM4! This is the first piece I’ve ever written with poly, who happens to be one of my favorite producers of all time.

Davepetasprite^2 is one of the most layered and complex characters in Homestuck, and definitely one of the hardest to do justice. A lot of love went into creating this track, so as usual, please wear headphones for the best experience!

written and composed: kouta | polysaw
creative direction: kouta
produced by: polysaw
art: circlejourneyart

The Chainsmokers and Illenium? You’ve got to be kidding me! But these fellas don’t joke around, as we all know, and an Illenium remix of The Chainsmokers’ Don’t Let Me Down is sure to tickle your ears plentifully with its mellifluous melodic dubstep brilliance. Lest you forgot, fast rising pop talent Daya turns in the riveting vocals on the song (and I just heard her while shopping at the mall the other day, always a mark of sure success). Daya and The Chainsmokers take on a new coat of majestic stateliness on the Denver based producer’s breathtaking remix.

Amor, paz y mucha buena vibra les deceo en este nuevo año que viene a todos y cada uno de sustedes que siguen este blog!! ✌


If you guys haven’t seen it already, this is a video Laura Dix and I made YEARS ago that I can finally make public again! It’s one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITES! Laura’s on top form and teaches me a few CLASSIC dance techniques! Always remember, the key to a successful dubstep dance off is SAFETY FIRST.