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volleyball nerds and their taste in music

because I feel like we don’t talk enough about this

  • Suga’s the one who’s really into retro songs (mostly from the 80′ and 90′) especially love songs, songs in french and musical sountracks - and it’s 100% sure he’ll make a dramatical choreography for each of them
  • Tsukki is indie af. He adores Lana Del Rey and Halsey but he’s also a little bit of an emo so he listens to FOB too. And Hollywood Undead.
  • Oikawa is the biggest mainstream music lover you’ve ever seen - he knows every single pop song what has ever been listed on the Billboard list. His favourite is Marina and the Diamonds - he listens to the Electra Heart album all the time
  • Iwaizumi usually listens to alternative rock/”soft rock” and his favourite bands are mostly the ones with female leads like Halestorm or The Pretty Reckless
  • while Kuroo is more into hard rock/metal and if he’s in an asshole mood he changes Kenma’s wake up ringtone to a Rammstein or a Sklipnot song and waits so he can take a picture of his frightened friend.
  • Bokuto loves to sing meme songs with Kuroo but while Kuroo is doing it bc of pure irony Bokuto doesn’t. He truly loves songs like “Never gonna give you up” or “Mmm whatcha’ say” but his other love is vaporwave. He loves to blast it but the others are usually creeped out by it so he has to stop and listen to it through earphones
  • Akaashi is more of an instrumental person because he’s very picky when it comes to singers. But it depends on his mood what kind of instrumental he listens to. Upbeat - Lindsey Stirling, Dark - Apocalyptica, Confident - Epic movie soundtracks and etc etc
  • Kenma literally listens to everything - if it’s the 8 bit version of the song. He also listens to nature sounds like the sound of the sea or the wind blowing the leaves because it calms him down

Inspired by Garnet from Steven Universe - 20 poppin’ tracks

Chess – Willow Beats // Feral Love - Chelsea Wolfe // The Same – Estelle //  Atom Bomb Fluke // Q.U.E.E.N. – Janelle Monae ft. Erykah Badu // Interloper – Dullatron // Love Charms – Buffy Saint Marie // Wood and Wine – Wankelmut // Voules-Vous? – Arlington and Cameron // Dark Doo Wop – MS MR // Wicked Game – Bossasonic // Inside Earth – Saanasessions // Fallout Zone – Dullatron // Diss Go – Pheral Cat // Make her – Estelle // Club Wolf – Disasterpeace // Incantation –  Willow Beats // Fire – Austra // Stranger Lover – Ibeyi // The Girl With The Sun In Her Head – Orbital

((I’m working on finding a place to host the playlist that actually has all the tracks. If anyone has any tips they would be much appreciated!!))


* You see a drawing and a CD case on the floor.
* You pick both up.
* This is a… mixtape?


kisskissdropthebass / Astro_Kid ☆ Overtime / Cash Cash ☆ Counting Stars (Longarms Dubstep Remix) / OneRepublic ☆ OK / Madeon ☆ MEGALOVANGARANG / psycosis91 ☆ By Your Side / Ray Volpe ☆ My Songs Know How to Ragga Bomb [Fall Out Boy x Skrillex & Zomboy x Gravity Falls] / psycosis91 ☆ Meet the President / Saint Row ☆ Hopes and Dreams / Save the World - Metal Cover / RichaadEB

this is just a dumb playlist with dubstep songs, Asriel trying to be Edgy and Chara just sighing quielty in the corner (but being secretely into it as well). each song has a lil annotation for Immersion purposes. don’t look at me i was forced to do it


“Best Chillstep Dubstep Mix Ever”

See for yourself eh?


Fracture Design - A Winter’s Tale
Scullious – Meant To Be (Ft. JDR, Tiff Lacey & Internos)
Deadmau5 – Aural Psynapse (Mr FijiWiji Remix)
School of Seven Bells – Reappear (jOBOT Remix)
Xavion – The Truth
Holly Drummond – Like a fool (Benzla Remix)
Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Alto Remix)
Sigur Rus – Saeglopur (Enigma Remix)
MitiS – Brings Renewal
Andy Duguid ft. Leah – Wasted (Affecting Noise Remix)
Kleerup ft. Lykke Li – Until We Bleed (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix)
The Ambassadors - Unconsolable
William Fitzsimmons – I don’t feel it anymore (JacM Remix)

Dubstep Playlist No. 1

Ain’t Nobody (Breakage’s Suck It Up MIx) - Clare Maguire

Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) - Kid Sister

Animale (Datsik Remix) - Don Diablo

Star (Doctor P No Rap Remix) - Blame

The Sound of Violence (Tha Trickaz Remix) - Cassius

Kickstarts (BAR9 Remix) - Example

Internet Connection (Flux Pavilion Remix) - M.I.A.

Daniel (Mt Eden Remix) - Bat For Lashes

Lassitude (Jakwob Remix) - DJ Fresh & Sigma

Choose Me (Dubstep Mix) - Xilent 

Timestretch (West Coast Lo Fi Remix) - Bassnectar

rurouni (listen here)

A playlist for adventures through the mind, for self-seeking journeys, when you desire to find out that missing piece of your life that has plagued your troubled thoughts. Step out onto the pathway, let the day and the night guide your journey and let the wind and sky blow past and constantly remind you that you are not alone.

メ I. Takeda no Komoriuta – {Akai Tori}
メ II. Saika – {Rabpit}
メ III. Hiten – {Naoki Satou}
メ IV. Guren’s Theme – {Yasuharu Takanashi}
メ V. Her Most Beautiful Smile – {Taro Iwashiro}
メ VI. A Mother’s Love – {Chikayo Fukuda} 
メ VII. Grief and Sorrow – {Toshiro Masuda} 
メ VIII. Theme of SSS – {Maeda Jun} 
メ IX. Icarus – {Ivan Torrent feat. Julie Elven} 
メ X. To Glory – {Two Steps from Hell}
メ XI. Enfin Apparu – {Shiro Sagisu}
メ XII. Itsumo Nando Demo – {Kate Covington (Cover)}
メ XIII. Sairai – {Shinichi Kobayashi}

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Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Dual Dubstep Remix) (by TimeForDubSex)