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That One Pastel Place - 360 Video

by Craig Blackmoore


Finally got to take my camera out to my first event thanks to Focus OC! This isn’t my first event, but with a camera it was. Found out Mija was going to be playing in town and I’ve always wanted to see her so I figure I take some shots. Here’s my short experience on this night! It’s pretty tough shooting in this kind of environment.. especially because of the ocean of hands i’d have to maneuver around just to get a perfect window to squeeze in a picture. I really wish I could have gotten more angles, but getting around the crowd was near impossible, so I worked with what I had especially since I didn’t have a back-stage pass! Most importantly though, i’m satisfied with my photos and I enjoyed the new experience. I don’t think i’ve ever had this much fun shooting someone or someone djing haha. The eye contact with Mija, the random smiles, the candid poses and photos, those were genuinely my favorite things about shooting an actual person for the first time. Definitely will be doing this again! Oh yeah and Mija, you slayed Orange County tuesday night. Thanks for throwing a killer show.. Till next time! @mijaofficial ♡ ♡

Source: Phil