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Night - Lee Jihoon/Woozi Imagine

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Title: Night // Holiday Collection: Christmas // Part of my 25+ days of Seventeenmas

Member: Woozi / Lee Jihoon  x Reader 

Genre: Fluff 

Words: 1271

A/N: @cupcakewoozer : I was scrolling in the tags, saw your request in the feed….and I couldn’t help it. I hope you like it.   

You smiled contently as you stepped foot into the small cafe-restaurant your university had opened a couple of month ago.

It was December, and because you lived in a town where it was always hot, the sudden chill that appeared in the winter made you miss the heat, despite wishing it away during the heat waves. But now, as you walked to the sitting area of the establishment, you shrugged off your jacket and held it over your lap.

You sang under you breath, waiting for a server to come to your presence. Finally when your waiter came, you blushed and looked down at your feet.

“How many?” He asked. The blood rushed to your cheeks faster. He hadn’t meant to make fun of you had he? There was no one else besides you - you were alone, your ex had made sure of that.

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