So here are my weekend plans everyone just in case you wanna toss some gum in my hair or enjoy my company over a few jamie on the rocks. Whatever the case if you are into some great Trap, Juke, Dubstep, Glitch,Deep House and the list goes on come by and catch the 2nd installment of the San Jose Gigantes. They will be sure not to disappoint on this mini tour.

I am really looking forward to watching my boyfriend and friends tear it up this weekend. Along with finishing up my thigh tattoo with young toby torres. :) Come out everyone

Peep Dubstantials New Mix from PLSTK

In your mix for PLSTK you focused more on the Chicago genre of Juke. Juke music has thus gone global but is still a “new” sound to most listeners. Do you feel you had a responsibility to spread it’s influence to the people?

Dubstantial: Yes, I definitely do. To my knowledge, I don’t know that many places that would play juke. San Francisco is probably the only city that I personally know of, that have venues that would play juke. And since I’ve stumbled upon Juke, as a sound, it has gone a long way from its “Ghetto House” and footwork battle music roots. Because of this, it’s helped the genre grow and reach a wider audience. Not only do I feel the need to influence people on the genre as a dj, but also as a producer. Eventually the goal is to be recognized for pushing the sound (whether it’d be juke or a juke influenced sound or style).

Watch on valerienikole.tumblr.com

Check out Dubstantial  mixing live for the DLLD Radio station last night. My boyfriend too precious <3