This Luke may be TOO uguu. Oh well.

I was practicing in Manga Studio since i’m trying to quit SAI (the software limits became too  much for me to handle…). As you can see i kinda mussed some brushes around and im still trying to find something i like. ANYWAY this is a bday gift for imemiliswear because they were super sweet. (It was gonna be jude at first but then Luke happened because a conversation about ToA happened and..yeah)

Might make this into a sticker or something if I get enough demand..

tbh i have no idea how screentones work in digital programs so dont kill me

OKAY so here is my first week of my new project, which is to draw a different canon character as trans every week. First is Pit because oh my goddd i’ve been in love with this idea for a while and dgfkjhagkhg

So yeah he’s kind of excited because Palutena gave him a magical compression tank top. lel