Got a prompt for Archie to be biting Maxie’s neck in my main blog’s askbox. hell yeah.

I also have a NSFW prompt i’ll be posting on my NSFW art blog later. But yeah I decided to make it a speedpaint because i need to get back into drawing and organic shapes makes it easier for me to relax my hands.

My entry for the Ara el doodle contest

i’ll do a bit of touching up before i submit it to the contest thread, but here it is in all its glory! Was totally going for an Okami type feel so..yeah i hope that works out alright…

btw thats her name in the top right (thank u elwiki)

tbh i have no idea how screentones work in digital programs so dont kill me

OKAY so here is my first week of my new project, which is to draw a different canon character as trans every week. First is Pit because oh my goddd i’ve been in love with this idea for a while and dgfkjhagkhg

So yeah he’s kind of excited because Palutena gave him a magical compression tank top. lel



I am currently selling buttons to raise money for my rent coming up this month! I’ve still been getting short hours at work because of my injury and just because there hasn’t been many baseball games lately!

PRE MADE BUTTONS - $5/button
CUSTOM ORDERS - $8/button

Custom order or no, its your choice! For a list of all buttons i’m selling send me an ask OR email at dubsliderink@gmail.com ! If I dont have it you’re free to order it custom. It’ll be a bit more expensive but hey it’ll be one of a kind!

Every order will also come with a free thank you note with a doodle! :D

AND FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY Any order of three or more buttons will be $2 dollars off (with free shipping to the US!) if you order before the end of August 31st!!

Hello everyone! I’m kinda hoping that despite having 22 followers that I can catch some wind on this because i’m in pretty big trouble and I could possibly come out of this homeless OR with my substance abusive parent. Neither of those things are what I want. 

I injured myself on the way to work on 7/14 and i havent been able to work since. Its possible that I may miss a few more days as well, as im not supposed to walk or stand for extended periods of time. Because of this, i’m taking emergency commissions.

▲Original Characters
▲(Most) Fandom Characters
▲ Fandom x OC
▲ Humans
▲ Furries
▲ LGBT Friendly Works
▲ Couples Art
▲ NFSW (offsite only, costs extra)

▼ Images containing discriminative imagery or language
▼ Gore, scat, or excessive blood
▼ Feral animals (I dont feel comfortable with my skill level yet)
▼ Complex mecha, weapons, or armor

Order By:
1. By sending an ask for a quote or
2. By sending an email (dubsliderink@gmail.com
PLEASE don’t comment in the journal or my profile with your order information. I use notes and emails as a means of keeping records. If you comment your order, I will not accept it! In your note/email, please provide the following information

- Email (for providing you with full res images above 1000px x 1000px)
- Type of order
- and any references or extra notes
- Progress Reports (Y/N)
- Deadline (if any, a minimum of 4 days in advance must be made)

I accept Paypal as payment (mizutorrent@live.com), and I expect at least half of your payment before I begin my work. All prices are in USD. If you are paying in foreign currency it is your job to convert the prices. Additionally you are responsible for paying the extra fees incurred for products and services. I’m sorry, I just can’t afford to pay them for myself right now…

If you choose to submit half of your payment first, send the remaining half when you receive your image. If you do not pay in entirety you WILL be added to a blacklist, and I will not draw for you ever again. Tips are more than welcome, for those of you who are feeling more generous.

I’m accepting FOUR commissions for now. Each drawing counts as a commission (so if youre 1 person ordering 2 drawings you take 2 slots). First come first served.

PLEASE consider it or signal boost. I’ve worked so so hard with my disabilities to make my independent life succeed thus far. I’ve spent YEARS getting this far and I really don’t want to fail now! 

Thanks for reading!