only 3/4s through this sketch did i realize that if I went by PMMM standards ShK should have been the magical girl and IS would be the witch

maybe i could just break IS down into being a witch when he loses his shit and goes nuts due to dark el IDK i just wanted to draw IS in a skirt

OC Project Challenge DAY THREE
Age: 28
Birthday: July25th (Leo)
Weight: 200lbs Height: 5’ 9"
Gender: Male

Acier was originally a gijinka for a Scizor (kinda obvious amirite). Since then he kinda developed on his own and became a character in this story in my head about three bodyguards/servants that go on adventure to save their young master. On the way they run into adversaries and new friends alike.

Acier in personality is best described as “obnoxious loud flirt with an iron stomach”. He will eat almost everything you give him, and he is a sucker for a pretty girl (or boy). His is arrogant almost to the point where he is an utter pest, and he rarely knows when to keep his mouth shut. He is a tease, and he loves to poke fun at people. He is also a sucker for a good spar or two.

((I am really addicted to this marker style so I may or may not do it for the remainder of the project)OC Project Challenge DAY FIVE
Ethan Arc-En-Ciel
Age: 23
Birthday: April 6th (Aries)
Weight: 185lbs Height: 5’ 9"
Gender: Male

Ethan is a crossdresser out of childhood habit, wearing effeminate clothes and accessories despite his otherwise masculine appearance. He and his older brother are on a journey across the country to find their sister by blood whom neither of them have ever met before.

Ethan as a character is promiscuous and flirty, and has a short temper. He often gets pouty or argumentative with his brother and some of the other people he knows, and he has a hard time getting along with people when he’s not in bed with them. He claims to dislike men, but will not hesitate to tease them (usually followed by a laugh).

In combat, he uses his legs for the most part. He practices kickboxing and the style of capoeria, as he quite fancies dance. Usually though, he wears grieves over his boots to protect his shins from any damage, as well as dealing vicious blows to opponents. He also made a contract with his late girlfriend (a ghost channeler) that allows him to re-animate the dead (though he usually doesn’t use this ability).

OC Project Challenge DAY TWO
Gavin Morris
Age: 15
Birthday: Oct 16th (Libra)
Weight: 120lbs (54 kg) Height: 4’ 11" (150 cm)
Gender: Male
Co-Ownership with the awesome Morgan, who created the character. I contributed to design.

Gavin is best described as a very angry child. Striving to become an adequate police officer, he volunteers for the police station in his precinct. His higher up/mentor is Jet Niles, and his best friend is Zed Daniels.

His father went missing when he was younger. His mission upon joining the force was to find him, swearing to use the resources provided to his advantage. His best friend Zed, was training to become a private investigator and was a prodigy for his age. He swore to help Gavin find his father.

He sees his mentor as sort of a father figure, though he would never (ever) show it. He can be prone to violence when provoked or teased, and sometimes takes out his anger on Jet for no reason at all. Jet doesn’t seem to mind however, as he cares for Gavin very much.

Gavin has quite a proficiency for guns, and owns many. He favors his two machine guns above the others. Jet is not entirely sure how safe it is for his partner to be shooting guns at his age, but Gavin knows his way around them, and in confidence has never hurt an innocent with them (and he doesn’t plan to)

He and Jet are assigned to capture Karasu Tsukimono, an ex-mafia murderer, and his oddball gang of criminals.

actually stayed streaming for the full two hours basically wow!

anyway here are some of the things i drew for the stream. First one was requested by Colbalt

Second was just me fooling around

and the third one was requested by Saya

thanks for showing up guys!