My second trip to Dubrovnik happened in March, 2016, half a year after the first one. Dubrovnik really got me - it’s beautiful, full of culture, history and activities, and its people are just so incredibly friendly!

After I went back to Singapore where I lived back then, I kept dreaming of Croatia, especially Dubrovnik. I literally got flashbacks when I closed my eyes! Clearly, getting flashbacks was not normal, and it continued months after months… And since it wasn’t normal, of course I needed to go to Dubrovnik again to figure out why this was happening :)

So here I was. Imagine the immense feeling of relief when I saw these beautiful landscapes from the plane window. I was saved… Yey!

Trip Advisor - ドゥブロヴニクの旅行ガイド




What the Dubrovnik old town attracts me is, 

not only his is an ancient city, but also an “living” ancient city.

People work, eat, play, talk, and sleep there, so leisurely and easy…

Daily life in an old town on Flickr.

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So if you flick back a little in my blog you’ll come across some wedding photos of Chris & Gina in Dubrovnik Old Town, Croatia from September 2010. I decided to book a weeks holiday around the wedding to take a little time off. This was the view from our apartment in the heart of the old town, and man, what a holiday it was. Croatia is a breathtakingly beautiful country, if you get the chance to go you really should. I mean it.