Fact of the Day #50

There’s an abandoned factory in the west side of Dublith, where the Elric brothers used to play during their time training with Izumi Curtis. In the manga, this is where the chimeras met Al, leading to a long chase before finally capturing him. It was cut from both anime, instead having him go straight to the Devil’s Nest.

(Source: Chapter 26)


Dublith was as good a place as any to hide, all things considered. Anything was better than Central, in Eden’s mind at least. She had hooked a ride on a train, almost got kicked off but managed to hide quick enough that no one caught her. She got off on the first stop she could, not risking getting caught and shipped back to a lab somewhere. Flipping up the hood of her tattered hoodie which by now had more patches and holes than the original material, the thin-framed blonde girl went into Dublith, hiding in shadows and stealing leftovers from garbage cans when she could. The girl didn’t want to steal - that could get her caught and getting caught was worse than death at this point.

She made her home in a small alcove of a dead end near one of the bars, ‘The Devil’s Nest’ the sign read, but she couldn’t really read it. Having been taken to the lab at such a young age, she didn’t really know how to read.

It wouldn’t have mattered, at the current moment it was pouring buckets and she couldn’t see through her unkempt bangs anyway, they kept falling in her eyes. The rain - which had come with a cruel wind from the north that chilled her to the bones - had brought a nasty cold to the girl, proven by the wet cough she gave, her teeth chattering together as she curled up in her little alcove, though it gave her no protection from the rain. She almost didn’t hear the footsteps until they were right by her, and her immediate reaction was to press herself further back in the alcove, trying to get away despite being cornered. Upon that not working, she lashed out, having heard them say something but being too scared to really register the words. 

When Riza said she joined the military because there was someone she needed to protect she never meant Roy. Everyone just assumed she meant Roy but instead she meant Greed. Despite knowing he was a Homunculus she wanted to protect him after they fell in love when she went to Dublith once. Roy promised to help Riza protect Greed and neither knew about his death until a long while after.

Character of the Week: Martel

Japanese name: マーテル (Maateru)
Age: Unknown; Implied in the 2003 anime to be in her 30s or early 40s, but her age is never mentioned in the manga or Brotherhood
Occupation: Former soldier, one of Greed’s gang members
First appearance: Chapter 26 (manga), episode 13 (Brotherhood), episode 21 (2003 anime)

Martel is one of the original Greed’s friends/minions from Dublith, one of few women in the group and very loyal to Greed and the others. She is a chimera combined with a snake and possesses the ability to stretch and contort her body, or at least her limbs. She was killed while inside Al’s armor after a futile attempt to strangle Bradley. Some facts about Martel:

  • Like most of the Devil’s Nest characters, Martel was named after something you might find at a bar: Martell, a manufacturer of cognac brandy. In the 2003 anime dub, however, her name is changed to Marta, a variation of the name Martha.
  • She outlives her comrades by several minutes, making her the longest surviving member of the group.
  • In the manga, she appeared for only a brief four chapters, being introduced in chapter 26 and killed at the end of chapter 30.
  • Martel fought in the ongoing border war with Aerugo, to the south of Amestris, where she was critically wounded after getting caught in a land mine explosion. She was then experimented on by the military, and ultimately combined with a snake as a chimera.She fights with a knife, which she keeps in a leather sheath attached to the left side of a harness when not in use.
  • In the 2003 anime, she apparently has a motorcycle. It’s unknown where she got the motorcycle, or whether she actually owned it or obtained it through illegal means.
  • In the 2003 anime, Marta was a special ops soldier for the Amestrian military, and (possibly somewhat unintentionally/unknowingly) had a hand in starting the Ishvalan War. Shortly afterward, she and her comrades were taken to Lab 5 to be experimented on, which is how she became a chimera. They were kept locked up in the lab for 14 years until escaping with Greed. 
  • When Marta recounted this story to the Elric brothers, she told half of it while inside Al’s armor (Despite his protests), claiming it was for visual emphasis.
  • When Martel was killed inside Al’s armor in the manga and Brotherhood, he lost consciousness within a few seconds, and didn’t wake up until after Ed and Armstrong had removed her body. In the 2003 anime, however, Al was conscious the entire time. Ed wasn’t with him at the time, and it’s likely he disposed of her body and cleaned his armor himself.
  • In the 2003 anime, Marta’s tattoo was red, and her eyes were green. In Brotherhood, Martel’s tattoo was green and her eyes were blue. She was never shown in full color in the manga

13 and 12 years old Edward and Alphonse walked into the office one day and stumbled upon Jean Havoc and a fling of his in a rather compromising position. Since granny Pinako was back in Resembool and the Curtises in Dublith, it was Roy’s task to have the talk with the boys.

The boys couldn’t look into Roy’s eyes for two weeks and work performance suffered for an additional month.
To prevent this from ever happening again (and as kind of revenge) Roy started stealing Jean’s dates.

AU's I Desperately Need

-An AU where Greed gives up his immortality in exchange for the Truth reviving him, and he goes to Xing, reunites with Ling, and they have lots of queer adventures.

-An AU where Greed survives the raid on the Devil’s Nest and joins up with Ed & Al to find immortality, then meets Ling in Rush Valley, and they end up reenacting the course of the series and fall for each other whilst being incredibly sarcastic and dorky.

-An AU for the 2003 anime where Ling is banished from Xing to Amestris at about the time Greed gets freed from his imprisonment, and he ends up in Dublith and stumbles upon the Devil’s Nest, where Greed gives him a job and they end up growing very attached to each other.

-A cheesy high school AU where they’re dumb boyfriends that go on crappy dates to diners and watch stupid horror movies together while cuddling and kissing.


anonymous asked:

Hi- I have a question about FMA 2003. So in episode 21, at about 5:50, after Greed unlocks all the chimeras from Lab 5, it shows Martel, Roa, and Dolcetto in a jail cell. However there's another person with them but I can't tell who it is? It's not Bido or Ulchi- is it just a random dude?

i had a look at the episode and yeah i see who you mean

it’s been a very long time since i watched the Dublith arc of ‘03 so i don’t remember this guy’s importance or if he even has a name

if any of my followers have more insight then let me know?

Life As We Know it AU- Part 4


Song is ‘Shounen yo, shinjiru nakama yo’ from Roy’s Hagaren Song File.   Thought I’d post a quick update as I can’t write more until next week.    Ed based off this lovely artwork that has stuck with me forever.

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The train ride to Dublith was the first time since the funeral that they had to sit and do nothing.   Elicia slept, rocked to sleep by the train, and they sat looking out the window trying to think of anything that wasn’t about their dead friends.  Finally Roy spoke, after he realized he forgot to get a camera and take pictures because that was what Hughes would have done.  That thought alone made his throat tighten.   “Mrs. Bradley is very excited to start babysitting.”

“I can’t believe you pulled that off.”  Riza said and recalled the many times Maes had tried to tell her how Mustang could pull strings and make things happen.  How he always came through for him.   That there was more to his reputation than there appeared to be.   She hoped that his connections would make life a little easier for Elicia.

“I really can’t take much credit for that.”  Roy said and leaned back in the seat to take a good look at her.   Maes had tried time and time again to set them up.   He could never be truly honest with his best friend about his reasons for shying away from any kind of committed relationship, and it was just easier to say she wasn’t his type.   However she made a simple brown skirt suit look amazing and the reality was that he was looking at living with this woman for the next 18 years, that was pretty committed.  However a relationship was still out of the question, he was a disaster waiting to happen and casualty would be Elicia.   “She volunteered and was actually begging for the job.   I am glad you agreed to let her do it, I would hate to see what happens when I make Mrs. Bradley cry.”

Silence fell over them once again and Riza kept crossing and uncrossing her legs trying to get comfortable.   She was nervous and wished she could get to know Roy better before they were put on the spot and scrutinized about their ability to accept this new role.   One thing they had both learned rather quickly is that everyone wanted to give them advice and insist they knew the only way to raise a child.   It was already old.

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From the notes of Shaw Tucker
Dublith, 1915

I have made an interesting discovery today.

In order to prevent the degeneration of the philosopher’s stone shard embedded in Rin’s heart, I have forbidden my creation from the practice of alchemy altogether.

However, today I witnessed with my own eyes that he was able to perform basic pyrokinesis and aerokinesis – without the aid of a circle – when feeling threatened. While he swears that he has never studied alchemy, there is no doubt that that is exactly what it was.

I have concluded that the memories are residual. Ingrained knowledge possibly, as a side effect of the shard being synthesized with countless souls.

In addition, further testing has shown that Rin’s blood is saturated with the essence. This naturally synthesized material is as potent as unrefined red water, continuously self-regenerating in his circulatory system. This seems to act as a buffer against deterioration of the shard, providing a limited amount of alchemical “fuel” for its user take advantage of, without suffering from rebound.

However, I am not all too clear as to the capacity of this his ability. Therefore, I am encouraging him to exercise caution and to avoid overexerting himself, otherwise the shard may become consumed as reserve power automatically, thereby terminating his life.

I also believe that this, in fact, is the very thing that gives his eyes that particular red hue (when they should instead have been blue).

In essence, it seems I have unintentionally created a chimera whose body is a factory that is capable of generating what is possibly a near-infinite amount of an organic strain of red water!!!

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Honestly, seeing his face was surprising, to say the least. 

“Kimbley? The hell’re you doin’ in a place like this?” He’d figured the guy would be somewhere more–well more remote than a bar in the back alley’s of Dublith. Regardless of what Edward thought, Kimbley was here, and Edward–taken aback. 

Edward would be lying if he said he hadn’t considered leaving upon sighting the man, but the look upon the alchemist’s face told Edward he wasn’t here to cause trouble – too much, anyways. 

“Don’t tell me ‘yer just here to get a drink.”