Fact of the Day #50

There’s an abandoned factory in the west side of Dublith, where the Elric brothers used to play during their time training with Izumi Curtis. In the manga, this is where the chimeras met Al, leading to a long chase before finally capturing him. It was cut from both anime, instead having him go straight to the Devil’s Nest.

(Source: Chapter 26)

“What I’ve always wanted…are friends like these.”

Can we just talk about these scene for a second? It’s in the anime, but I love Ed’s expression here so I’m using the manga.
Here is Ed’s farewell to Winry, the last time they see each other before the Promised Day. In the scene, Ed tells Winry to bake an apple pie. In the anime he says “Keep an apple pie waiting for us, okay?”

I’ve seen some commentary saying that this is somewhat sexist, that this scene is Ed brushing Winry off, telling her she can’t fight.
But I’m not seeing that. If you remember waaay back when Ed, Al and Win are on the train making their way to Rush Valley (and eventually Dublith) when Winry pulls out Gracia Hughes’ apple pie and, after Ed declares it delicious, Al exclaims that’s he’s definitely added that to the list of things he’ll eat once he gets his body back. Winry then promises to make it for him that day.

It’s also mentioned other times, Winry’s apple pie, but my point is, Ed’s not telling her to go back to the kitchen. He’s telling her, in his own kind of passive aggressive Edward Elric way, that when they return from the Promised Day, he and Al are going to be in their original bodies. They’ll come back in one piece. (which in the previous pages, confessed to be unsure of, but here he is reassuring her)

Man I love this scene.


Dublith was as good a place as any to hide, all things considered. Anything was better than Central, in Eden’s mind at least. She had hooked a ride on a train, almost got kicked off but managed to hide quick enough that no one caught her. She got off on the first stop she could, not risking getting caught and shipped back to a lab somewhere. Flipping up the hood of her tattered hoodie which by now had more patches and holes than the original material, the thin-framed blonde girl went into Dublith, hiding in shadows and stealing leftovers from garbage cans when she could. The girl didn’t want to steal - that could get her caught and getting caught was worse than death at this point.

She made her home in a small alcove of a dead end near one of the bars, ‘The Devil’s Nest’ the sign read, but she couldn’t really read it. Having been taken to the lab at such a young age, she didn’t really know how to read.

It wouldn’t have mattered, at the current moment it was pouring buckets and she couldn’t see through her unkempt bangs anyway, they kept falling in her eyes. The rain - which had come with a cruel wind from the north that chilled her to the bones - had brought a nasty cold to the girl, proven by the wet cough she gave, her teeth chattering together as she curled up in her little alcove, though it gave her no protection from the rain. She almost didn’t hear the footsteps until they were right by her, and her immediate reaction was to press herself further back in the alcove, trying to get away despite being cornered. Upon that not working, she lashed out, having heard them say something but being too scared to really register the words. 


Fullmetal Alchemist Rewatch - 13: Beasts of Dublith


Useful?! Awesome?! You don’t know anything, and yet you’re spewing all this bullshit?! How to transmute a soul?! You’re not getting a ounce of it from me!!! If you’re a villain, I’ll beat you up, smack you, punch the information out of you and snatch it!! In other words, I get all and you get nothing! There’s no need for equivalent exchange when dealing with a villain!!!

When Riza said she joined the military because there was someone she needed to protect she never meant Roy. Everyone just assumed she meant Roy but instead she meant Greed. Despite knowing he was a Homunculus she wanted to protect him after they fell in love when she went to Dublith once. Roy promised to help Riza protect Greed and neither knew about his death until a long while after.

13 and 12 years old Edward and Alphonse walked into the office one day and stumbled upon Jean Havoc and a fling of his in a rather compromising position. Since granny Pinako was back in Resembool and the Curtises in Dublith, it was Roy’s task to have the talk with the boys.

The boys couldn’t look into Roy’s eyes for two weeks and work performance suffered for an additional month.
To prevent this from ever happening again (and as kind of revenge) Roy started stealing Jean’s dates.

AU's I Desperately Need

-An AU where Greed gives up his immortality in exchange for the Truth reviving him, and he goes to Xing, reunites with Ling, and they have lots of queer adventures.

-An AU where Greed survives the raid on the Devil’s Nest and joins up with Ed & Al to find immortality, then meets Ling in Rush Valley, and they end up reenacting the course of the series and fall for each other whilst being incredibly sarcastic and dorky.

-An AU for the 2003 anime where Ling is banished from Xing to Amestris at about the time Greed gets freed from his imprisonment, and he ends up in Dublith and stumbles upon the Devil’s Nest, where Greed gives him a job and they end up growing very attached to each other.

-A cheesy high school AU where they’re dumb boyfriends that go on crappy dates to diners and watch stupid horror movies together while cuddling and kissing.



In the alleys of Dublith sat the large beast, resting to catch her breath. She wasn’t one for entering towns, mainly because she stuck out like a swore thumb. Making it easy for her pursuers to spot the 8 feet tall Kirin. 

Primrose let out a sigh. There was nothing to do but to move forward now. At least her predicament wasnt too bad. She was out of sight for the most part and if she kept to the back paths she could possibly sneak her way out without too much trouble. Problem is….which way was the towns exit from here? 

“ one problem at a time…“