Fact of the Day #50

There’s an abandoned factory in the west side of Dublith, where the Elric brothers used to play during their time training with Izumi Curtis. In the manga, this is where the chimeras met Al, leading to a long chase before finally capturing him. It was cut from both anime, instead having him go straight to the Devil’s Nest.

(Source: Chapter 26)

Whew! They barely made the only train for three days!

Onwards to Dublith! And to their mentor, who will surely murder them for committing the taboo. Here’s hoping we learn what the deal is with not needing Transmutation Circles.

I guess this will be the last time we see Winry for quite a while. But she’s got good things in her future, so I’m happy for her!

Taboo part 1 of 2

A big brother william au fic.
Sorry it took me a long time to decide to post this. I was debating on waiting until I was half way done with the second part but decided just to go ahead and post it now.
Anyways here you go!

Part 1: Grief
Warning: as the name implies, lots of angst

William took a deep breath in to enjoy the momentary peace. For Eleven years they had lived in Risembool comfortably. For Eleven years life had been good. He had lived happily with his brothers, his father, and stepmother. For eleven years he had been happy.
…But William knew that it could never last. Like with anything else in life, time brings change, and the cycle starts over again. Hohenheim had found evidence that Dante was getting close to them again. He had heard word of a woman living in Dublith with her name that was training alchemists. On top of that, he had heard even more rumors of strange people wandering around the woods, someone even reporting one tried to attack them when they got too close.
None of this sounded good to his father, and so he devised a plan to keep her off of their trail. His father was going to travel around the country for four years or so to throw her off. William was to stay behind so he could protect his new found family just in case she wasn’t fooled by this. William had agreed to this, hoping it would allwork out for the best….Unfortunately, things didn’t work out.
While Dante never attacked them, things took a turn for the worst after his father had left. It had started out small. At first the boys were just upset about their father’s disappearance. They were constantly asking William if he knew where he had gone or not, and were always dissatisfied with his answers.
“Come on!” Edward insisted, “You gotta know where he is! He tells you everything!”
William sighed as he stopped folding his laundry. “I told you already, I don’t know where he is right now!” the older boy insisted.
Edward pouted. “Come on! You have to know!” he pushed.
“Can’t you at least tell us why he was leaving?” Alphonse asked, a pleasing look in his eye.
“He’s just left for a few years for a business trip,” his brother assured.
However, this did not pacify his siblings. “You liar!” Edward snapped, “Dad doesn’t work for anyone and Mom said it was a research trip! What’s the real answer?”
William cursed under his breath. “Well if mom already told you, then why are you asking me where he went?” He questioned.
“Cause you know everything about dad,” he stated, “And mom won’t tell us anything about what’s going on. She says she doesn’t know anything.”
“Well I have nothing to say either. I don’t know where he is or what he’s up to,” William said firmly turning to them with his arms crossed. The eight year old and his older brother stared each other down for a good minute before Edward’s face fell into an angry and hurt scowl.
“So it’s true then…he’s not coming back is he?” he stated more than asked.
William was taken aback by this. “What on Earth are you talking about?” He questioned.
“Dad didn’t leave on some trip, he’s abandoning us!” Edward stated, “That’s the truth, isn’t it?”
William’s brow furrowed. “He most certainly is not!” He insisted, “Dad WILL be back! I promise.”
“How long then? How long is he gonna be gone for?” Ed asked.
William sighed. “I don’t know exactly,” he admitted, “A few years probably.” Edward huffed and Alphonse looked disappointed. “I’m telling the truth! He is going to come back. I promise he will.”
“But it’s been months!” Edward snapped, throwing his hands in the air.
William sighed. “I know, but you’re just going to have to be patient,” he said, “Trust me.” And for a while, Edward did. However, the world didn’t feel like wait for Hohenheim’s return. The following summer, Trisha fell gravely ill. This had rocked all three of the boys to their core. She was bedridden for over a month. The doctors tried to help her but they all said there was nothing any of them could do. She had apparently been suffering from a disease of the blood for over a year without letting any of them know. Hearing this had made Will’s whole body feel cold for a moment. She had been sick all this time and none of them had been the wiser…Just the thought of being so unaware of the situation made him feel sick to his stomach.
The three did everything they could for her while she was ill, anything to possibly prolong her life. The boys tried sending letters to their father and William tended to her on hand and knee. However, it all seemed for not when she finally passed.
Trisha lied in the bed, breath shallow. William had noticed this and the glaze starting to form in her eyes while giving her some water and realized what it meant: she wouldn’t be in this world much longer. There was nothing they could do now, but had called the boys in quickly so that they could say their goodbyes to their mother. The three knelt by her side as she lay on her deathbed. William felt so many emotions boiling inside of him as he watched her life slowly be extinguished. Most of all he he felt fury towards the world. Why? Why did it have to be her? Why now? She hadn’t even lived to see her boys grow up, get married, or find their way in life. She was barely older than thirty! She deserved more than this…However he dared not speak any of this. He dare not fill her last few moments on this planet with such anger and negative emotions, not with her smiling up at him like she was.
The boys were in similar states, though tears were ready to flow down their cheeks. Trisha’s unfocused eyes glided over her family as they stood before them. She smiled gently at them as she always did, but William found it hard to smile back knowing this would be the last time he saw it. His heart throbbed with pain as she spoke her last few words. “My boys…” she said, voice very frail, “it’s so good to see you all here. It makes me so happy. Look at at you all…You’ll be such handsome young men. I only wish…”
“Please mom!” Edward cried, gripping her had, “Don’t say that! You’ll be fine! Promise us that!”
“Please mom…” Alphonse echoed, “We-we don’t want you to go…”
William bit his lip and lowered his eyes. The two had taken the words right out of his mouth. Trisha’s eyes softened as they moved towards them. “Oh boys…Please don’t be sad…” she whispered, “I love you both so much….Can you smile for mama? Please?” Despite her quiet request, the two boys could do no such thing. The were frozen in despair as the tears began to roll down their faces. They couldn’t even say a word.
But William could. He needed to tell her this. He had meant to for years but he never was able to. “Trisha,” he said taking her hand and summoning up his nerves. As her gaze slowly moved towards him, he swallowed. “There’s something I need to say to you…,” he said finally, “Thank you. Thank you for all of your kindness…” His voice started to catch as he spoke. “You were…you were the closest thing to a real mother I’ve…” he said quietly, “And…just thank you…”
Her smile widened slightly. “Oh….come here…”she said. William bent his head down and she kissed his forehead. She then let go of his hand to let alphonse hold. “You’re welcome….and…can you do one thing for me?” She asked weakly, “Look after Edward and Alphonse…Please?”
William blinked, tears falling down his cheeks as he did so. He nodded sharply at her request, forcing a smile of his own.
“William?” She asked, “Why are you crying now?”
He bit his lip and chuckled quietly before speaking. “Because…” he said, half laughing, half crying, “Damn it, I don’t want to see you go either.”
She looked over all of her children who were now all in tears. “Please, Mom,” Edward pleaded.
“Don’t…Don’t…Please…” Alphonse added.
“Oh, oh it’s ok….” she tried to sooth them one last time, stroking their hands, “Don’t cry, It will be alright. Shuuush….shushhhh….shhhhhh….” After those words her head rested back into her pillow and she stopped stroking their hands. Her eyes became completely glazed over as the lids closed half way.
“Mom?” Edward called, “MOM! MOM PLEASE!” Tears streamed down their faces as the boys tried to wake her again by shaking her arm and squeezing her slowly cooling hands.
“Please wake up!” Alphonse whimpered, head lying against the sheet, “Please…” As this occurred, William was silent. As the two boys stopped trying to revive their mother, he took a step forward and placed a solemn hand over her face, closing the eyelids the entire way before he placed a single kiss on her forehead. He lingered next to her for a moment, still staring numbly down at her body. After a moment he took the boy out of the room and sat down with the on the couch, allowing them to cry on his shoulders. Although the tears had come earlier, while the boys were with him he could not bring himself to shed even one. The pain he felt was unlike anything he had experienced before. This woman, this wonderful woman he had the pleasure to call his family, was now gone like a candle light blown out of existence. Only once the boys had cried themselves to sleep and he put them to bed did his tears final come back to him.
He was so filled with despair and grief that he felt like he was going to crumble under the weight of the world. A part of his world was now gone forever. A part he cherished. He slammed a fist on the coffee table causing a crack. He hated this universe. He hated it so much. How dare it take from him when he had done nothing to deserve it. Despite this bitter anguish he felt, there was a renewed determination inside him. The world may have taken his dear stepmother from him, but he would not allow it to take his brothers.
Everything changed after that day. The house felt hollow and empty. For the first few days leading up to the funeral and afterwards, Ed and Al seemed to have lost whatever drive in life they had. They were silent, barely ate, and barely touched the alchemy books they so loved. William had try to encourage them with a lesson, but neither seemed interested. William became worried for his brothers even though he fully understood what they were going through. Trisha’s death had dealt a serious blow to his motivation aswell. Any task he did was performed listlessly as he clung to his promise to take care of the boys now. They were his world now. He had to make sure to keep them as safe and as happy as possible. If they were both of those things, he could rest easy in contentment.
So when the pair came home from visiting the cemetery one day with a renewed fire in their eyes and an interest in restarting their alchemy lessons, their older brother was thrilled. They hit the books harder than ever before, pushing themselves to their limits. William became slightly concerned by this, but chalked it up to a coping mechanism. Many people throw themselves into their passions to cope with their losses, so he thought nothing of it. That is…Until he found out about their secret project.
William was returning home from the farmer’s market early one sunday morning. Due to the heat, few people had been there. Although the heat did bother him, being a homunculus prevented him from being too affected by it. So he was able to buy what he needed without having to deal with too many lines and made it home with in an hour.
“Guys! I’m home!” He called as he opened the door. Not a moment after he had done so did he hear a thump from upstairs and some conspiratory muttering followed by silence. William’s brow furrowed before he walked into the home. “Boys?” he called as he set the groceries down and headed upstairs. He heard some shuffling and frowned before getting an idea. “I’m going to start making lunch ok?” He said before stepping down the stairs. He then shapeshifted into a snake and carefully slithered up the steps, careful not to make a noise. Once he reached the top he quickly flung the door open.
“William!” they both cried in surprise as the quickly tried to hide what they were working on.
“Hah! Got you weasels!” he sneered, “Now what are you two up too?”
Edward pushed something behind him under the bed. “Nothing…” he said.
“Nothing?” he said raising an eyebrow suspiciously, “Well count me in! I love a good game of nothing.” He then tried to reach around Edward to grab whatever it was he was hiding.
“No!”his little brother cried, “Don’t!” He tried to push him away with his feet.
William became more frustrated as he fought against his brother. “Come on ya little runt! Show me what you’re hiding!”he pressed, trying to get around him.
“I’m not a runt!” Edward shouted, kicking him back. He hit his brother’s stomach and sent him sprawling onto his backside. William huffed as he sat up in annoyance.
“It’s not that big of a deal brother, how about-” Alphonse started but was cut off by his eldest brother.
“No, now I know I NEED to see it!” He said half annoyed, half mischievously.
“Wait!” Alphonse cried, trying to stop him. However, as he reached to grab him, he quickly transformed into a gecko and scuttled under the bed, too fast for either boy to stop him. They both shared a look before audibly swallowing. This was not going to be fun…
William reemerged as a snake, dragging the book out into the light. Once he had he immediately recoiled as he recognized it. He stumbled back as he reverted to his human form. “What the….” he breathed, standing up. “What the hell is this!” he demanded, pointing at it, “What the hell are you doing with a book on human transmutation?! How did you even-” he stopped himself as he picked it up and got better look at it. His eyes widened as realization dawned on him. He flipped through the pages to confirm his suspicion. “This is DAD’s book! Are you telling me you broke into his private study? You know you aren’t allowed in there!” He snapped before something stuffed under the desk caught his eye. “And what is this?!”he cried, pulling the papers full of notes out.
“William! Don’t!” Alphonse cried, but it was too late. His brother’s eyes were already scanning them and were filling with more and more anger as he did. These were calculations for performing human transmutation. His grip became tighter, starting to rip the papers.
“Will stop it!” Edward demanded, reaching for the papers in his brother’s hands.
His older brother glared down at him and held the papers . “You were going to use this, weren’t you?” He accused, “You were going to try and resurrect Trisha! Is this why you’ve been begging for harder alchemy lessons?! Is this why you’ve been constantly practicing?!” William had never felt so betrayed before. His own brothers had used him to help them figure out how to do human transmutation.
“Maybe…” Edward admitted, “But is it so wrong to want her back in our lives? We miss her! It’s not fair that she’s gone!”
“Of course you miss her! Who wouldn’t miss their mother?” William responded in exasperation, “But you can’t go committing human transmutation! It’s a taboo for a reason!” And William knew that reason all too well. It never worked. Not truly. He was proof of that, and there was always some terrible repercussion. His father was lucky he had used what research they had done into the philosopher’s stone to create him, otherwise he could have died in the process. There was no way in hell he was going to let his brothers get mixed up in that.
“Why can’t we? Dad did it with you!” Edward retorted, narrowing his eyes at his brother.
William growled in response. He just had to go there, didn’t he? “You don’t understand Edward, what you make, that’s not going to be Trisha! It just won’t! And the price you’ll pay for what you’ve done is too steep!” he tried to explain.
“Why? you’re still our brother even though you’re a homunculus!” Edward responded.
“You are our brother, right Will?” Al asked.
William bit his lip. They had all avoided talking about the complexities of his situation to the boys, as they didn’t need to know. However, now it was coming back to bite him. “Yes, but I’m not the son he lost! I’m not, and I never will be!“He said, causing the boys to give confused looks. He then pointed at the book of human transmutation. "And THAT! Whatever you bring to life with that is sure as hell not going to be your mother!” He stated firmly before sighing, “I’m sorry, but there is no way in hell I’ll let you go through this. You have give it up and accept that she’s gone.”
Both brothers looked taken aback by his words. “Give it up? Give it up?!” Edward cried in fury, “We can’t just give it up! She’s our mother! We need her!”
“It’ll be hard, but You’ll learn to move-” William started but was cut off by Edward.
“WHAT DO YOU KNOW, HUH?!” Edward shouted, “SHE WAS OUR MOTHER! NOT YOURS!” Every one’s eyes widened in horror at Edward’s words including himself. Alphonse brought a hand to his mouth and stared at his brother in disbelief. The child felt absolutely horrible the minute they came out of his mouth. William stood there, cold and motionless, feeling as if someone had just stabbed him through the heart. However, his shock quickly turned to hurt and rage. “You don’t think I didn’t love her or care for her as you did? That my heart wasn’t torn to shreds when she past away?” He growled quietly, “As far as I’m concerned, Trisha was the closest thing I had to a mother in my life! And now she’s gone! Do you really think I’m not affected by this?”
“I-I’m so sorry Will, that’s not what I…I was just angry and I,” Edward started, feeling absolutely terrible, “I didn’t really mean it…I know you loved her and she loved you…”
However, William didn’t let him finish. “Well you’re wrong! I did care for her. I cared for her so much that I felt my world was in shambles when she died!” He shouted at the boy, “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t find myself missing her, but this isn’t the answer!” He shook the papers in his hand for emphasis. With that immediately began to scoop up all the theorems and Equations on human transmutation, even taking their normal Alchemy books in the process. “Hey! What are you doing?” Edward snapped, “Those are our text books!” As he brushed past Ed he pulled the book on human transmutation off the floor before heading out the room.
“Will?” Al asked worriedly, “Will, where are you going?” The two followed after him down the stairs. He marched over to the basement and threw everything inside. It all tumbled down the stairs and into the darkness. He glared at it before closing and locking the door behind him. He then turned to his brothers who were looking up at him expectantly.
“No more Alchemy,” he stated firmly, “Not for a few good weeks. And you can expect not to get any lessons from my for longer after that. That is your punishment for trying to commit human transmutation. Now go to you your room.” The boys stared at him, mouths open wide, but they dared not to say anything. They knew they deserved it, if not for what they were planning, but for what Edward had said to their brother. The two shuffled off upstairs.
William walked passed them into the kitchen and slumped into the chair. Those idiots! What the hell were they thinking? Were they insane? The could have gotten themselves killed! And the chilling thing was, if he hadn’t gotten home early today, there could have been a good chance that he wouldn’t have found out until it was too late. Hell, he would have still been unconsciously aiding them! With the alchemy lessons he had been giving them, he has bringing them closer and closer to their goal without him realizing. The thought terrified him. He sighed as he held his hed in his hands. He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t raise his siblings on his own. Not while they were all still recovering from Trisha’s death. The boys needed someone else in their life, one of their real parents….
…Like his father.

@fidelevoleur​ from (x)

“Lara.” She corrected him before she went to the matter at hand, “…wait….Heathcliff…????” She tilted her head before grinning, “HEEEY~~!!!!!! I thought you died like the rest of them!!”

“And I left before the war even started, I’ve been in Dublith ever since~!” She explained to him, her smile gone and replaced with a frown, “Where’ve you been…??”

          Ah. How clumsy of him to mistake the name of a fellow, the one he’s know well for long, even. He nods at the correction, noting it mentally so he doesn’t mistake her name again.

          “Hey,” he responds lamely, lowering his hand to reveal the somewhat awkward smile. “it’s me.

          “Oh, thank goodness..” Hearing what has the other been up to, his smile rises, full of gratitude. “I’m really glad.. you didn’t get to witness the.. the slaughter.” He puts an emphasis to make a point. “I was there.”

AU's I Desperately Need

-An AU where Greed gives up his immortality in exchange for the Truth reviving him, and he goes to Xing, reunites with Ling, and they have lots of queer adventures.

-An AU where Greed survives the raid on the Devil’s Nest and joins up with Ed & Al to find immortality, then meets Ling in Rush Valley, and they end up reenacting the course of the series and fall for each other whilst being incredibly sarcastic and dorky.

-An AU for the 2003 anime where Ling is banished from Xing to Amestris at about the time Greed gets freed from his imprisonment, and he ends up in Dublith and stumbles upon the Devil’s Nest, where Greed gives him a job and they end up growing very attached to each other.

-A cheesy high school AU where they’re dumb boyfriends that go on crappy dates to diners and watch stupid horror movies together while cuddling and kissing.


Can we just talk about these scene for a second? It’s in the anime, but I love Ed’s expression here so I’m using the manga.
Here is Ed’s farewell to Winry, the last time they see each other before the Promised Day. In the scene, Ed tells Winry to bake an apple pie. In the anime he says “Keep an apple pie waiting for us, okay?”

I’ve seen some commentary saying that this is somewhat sexist, that this scene is Ed brushing Winry off, telling her she can’t fight.
But I’m not seeing that. If you remember waaay back when Ed, Al and Win are on the train making their way to Rush Valley (and eventually Dublith) when Winry pulls out Gracia Hughes’ apple pie and, after Ed declares it delicious, Al exclaims that’s he’s definitely added that to the list of things he’ll eat once he gets his body back. Winry then promises to make it for him that day.

It’s also mentioned other times, Winry’s apple pie, but my point is, Ed’s not telling her to go back to the kitchen. He’s telling her, in his own kind of passive aggressive Edward Elric way, that when they return from the Promised Day, he and Al are going to be in their original bodies. They’ll come back in one piece. (which in the previous pages, confessed to be unsure of, but here he is reassuring her)

Man I love this scene.

Character of the Week: Martel

Japanese name: マーテル (Maateru)
Age: Unknown; Implied in the 2003 anime to be in her 30s or early 40s, but her age is never mentioned in the manga or Brotherhood
Occupation: Former soldier, one of Greed’s gang members
First appearance: Chapter 26 (manga), episode 13 (Brotherhood), episode 21 (2003 anime)

Martel is one of the original Greed’s friends/minions from Dublith, one of few women in the group and very loyal to Greed and the others. She is a chimera combined with a snake and possesses the ability to stretch and contort her body, or at least her limbs. She was killed while inside Al’s armor after a futile attempt to strangle Bradley. Some facts about Martel:

  • Like most of the Devil’s Nest characters, Martel was named after something you might find at a bar: Martell, a manufacturer of cognac brandy. In the 2003 anime dub, however, her name is changed to Marta, a variation of the name Martha.
  • She outlives her comrades by several minutes, making her the longest surviving member of the group.
  • In the manga, she appeared for only a brief four chapters, being introduced in chapter 26 and killed at the end of chapter 30.
  • Martel fought in the ongoing border war with Aerugo, to the south of Amestris, where she was critically wounded after getting caught in a land mine explosion. She was then experimented on by the military, and ultimately combined with a snake as a chimera.She fights with a knife, which she keeps in a leather sheath attached to the left side of a harness when not in use.
  • In the 2003 anime, she apparently has a motorcycle. It’s unknown where she got the motorcycle, or whether she actually owned it or obtained it through illegal means.
  • In the 2003 anime, Marta was a special ops soldier for the Amestrian military, and (possibly somewhat unintentionally/unknowingly) had a hand in starting the Ishvalan War. Shortly afterward, she and her comrades were taken to Lab 5 to be experimented on, which is how she became a chimera. They were kept locked up in the lab for 14 years until escaping with Greed. 
  • When Marta recounted this story to the Elric brothers, she told half of it while inside Al’s armor (Despite his protests), claiming it was for visual emphasis.
  • When Martel was killed inside Al’s armor in the manga and Brotherhood, he lost consciousness within a few seconds, and didn’t wake up until after Ed and Armstrong had removed her body. In the 2003 anime, however, Al was conscious the entire time. Ed wasn’t with him at the time, and it’s likely he disposed of her body and cleaned his armor himself.
  • In the 2003 anime, Marta’s tattoo was red, and her eyes were green. In Brotherhood, Martel’s tattoo was green and her eyes were blue. She was never shown in full color in the manga

When Riza said she joined the military because there was someone she needed to protect she never meant Roy. Everyone just assumed she meant Roy but instead she meant Greed. Despite knowing he was a Homunculus she wanted to protect him after they fell in love when she went to Dublith once. Roy promised to help Riza protect Greed and neither knew about his death until a long while after.


Dublith was as good a place as any to hide, all things considered. Anything was better than Central, in Eden’s mind at least. She had hooked a ride on a train, almost got kicked off but managed to hide quick enough that no one caught her. She got off on the first stop she could, not risking getting caught and shipped back to a lab somewhere. Flipping up the hood of her tattered hoodie which by now had more patches and holes than the original material, the thin-framed blonde girl went into Dublith, hiding in shadows and stealing leftovers from garbage cans when she could. The girl didn’t want to steal - that could get her caught and getting caught was worse than death at this point.

She made her home in a small alcove of a dead end near one of the bars, ‘The Devil’s Nest’ the sign read, but she couldn’t really read it. Having been taken to the lab at such a young age, she didn’t really know how to read.

It wouldn’t have mattered, at the current moment it was pouring buckets and she couldn’t see through her unkempt bangs anyway, they kept falling in her eyes. The rain - which had come with a cruel wind from the north that chilled her to the bones - had brought a nasty cold to the girl, proven by the wet cough she gave, her teeth chattering together as she curled up in her little alcove, though it gave her no protection from the rain. She almost didn’t hear the footsteps until they were right by her, and her immediate reaction was to press herself further back in the alcove, trying to get away despite being cornered. Upon that not working, she lashed out, having heard them say something but being too scared to really register the words.