Team Ireland (Bertram Allen & Romanov, Greg Patrick Broderick & Mhs Going Global, Cian O’Connor & Good Luck and Darragh Kenny & Sans Soucis Z), winner of the Dublin nations cup ~ Dublin Horse Show ~Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup [07/08/15]

© Noelle Floyd


My parents used to do some serious competing! These are close ups of the photos in my tack room c:

The top photo is my mum winning her showing class at Dublin horse show in 1979
The horse she’s jumping over the waterjump was aptly named Waterski ;)

My mum is the kind of person that can tell you the name of every horse she has ever owned, how long she had them for, what age they where when she got them, what she did with them, who she sold them too, what their breeding was, how many races they won (mum and her dad used to breed thoroughbreds) what competitions she won with them etc etc and that just make her fantastic in my eyes!

My dad is riding the chestnut in one of the photos. He never did as much as mum but he was always trying things. He wore his suit of armour on the dark bay thoroughbred mare that we still have. He also used to go hunting, and he jumped about 1mtr 30 in a side saddle on a 14'2 pony.
At least I know where I get my sense of adventure from :L
If only I had eq like my mum, then I’d be all set!!