dublin town


Really great video from excellent new site Dublin Town.

honestly tho sometimes i do hate living in ireland because we never get things at the same time as the rest of the world like i was watching orphan black on rubbish links online because the only channel that had it was BBC but it was n e v e r on it honestly if i said the name kate mckinnon or tatiana maslany to anyone casually in town they wouldn’t have a bloody notion who i was on about 

flusteredporcupine  asked:

Niche Weekend Question: what do you think are Richard's, Jared's, and Bighead's top 5 bucket list travel destinations?

omg my two passions in life, sv and traveling!! 

richards travel bucket list:
- bath, UK 
- beijing, china
- iceland
- dublin, ireland
- cape town, south africa

- is it too on the nose to say germany? probably berlin
- durbuy, belgium (its the smallest town in the world! how neat!)
- paris
- st petersburg, russia
- portland, oregon

- tokyo, japan
- new zealand
- chile 
- barcelona, spain 
- chicago (…for the pizza probably)