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Really great video from excellent new site Dublin Town.

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Nothing’s a countryside for me, our capital is 2/3 of yours and it’s, like, 5 the size of any other bigger city. Our whole country is basically a village. But this broke assed country grew to my heart.

Most of my country is well countryside, though it’s a bit bigger than Croatia! Though Dublin is tiny in comparison to Zagreb (that’s the capital right?), 115km² to your 641 km². A bit of pride isn’t bad! 

About The Enemies, in which Colin’s bandmates totally ship it. (x)

+ Things about The Enemies you didn’t know about:

The Enemies are a five piece band from Drogheda, a large town near Dublin in Ireland. Formed in 2003, lead singer Ronan McQuillan and guitarist Colin O’Donoghue, adopted the name ‘The Enemies’, because of their previous history playing in rival bands in their teens. (x)

Upon a road in County Cork,
One fair, delightful day -
The folks of Ireland reached a fork,
And chose a finer way -
Through Dublin, Louth, and Carlow Town -
Upon the Galway quay -
Through Mayo, Meath, around and down,
And up the Irish Sea -
They gathered by the polling post,
And looked ahead, above -
And made a choice, from coast to coast,
To vote, as one, for love.

- Reddit user: Poem_For_Your_Sprog

London Town Part Deux!!!

Sometimes you love a place so much that hardly anything can keep you away from it. For me, that was London town. I saw just enough my first time around to say I had visited, but not enough to make me satisfied before going back to the States. Ergo, I went again! Almost a month ago (sorry!!!)!

Thursday was spent getting myself into London and situated at my hostel. Not a lot happened.

Friday was spent first checking out Hyde Park, which was right next to my hostel. It is truly a lovely place and I recommend spending some time milling about there. It is time well spent. There are all sorts of fields and trees and fountains there and I would love to spend an afternoon getting lost there. Afterwards I went over toward North Gower Street to find 221B Baker Street. Or rather 187 North Gower Street, the flat for the exterior shots in the BBC’s Sherlock. After scouting that out, I did a hop, skip, and a jump over to King’s Cross to meet up with my friend Yvonne, a fellow SPARTAN who came down from University of Hertfordshire with a friend. We had lunch at Speedy’s (the cafe at 187 North Gower Street), and to my pleasant surprise it was REALLY good! And cheap! I didn’t see more than two items on their menu below 7 Pounds! I HIGHLY recommend stopping here for food and BBC tourism! Unfortunately I didn’t have too much time with Yvonne and her friend as they had to catch an early afternoon train back to Hatfield, so I left them at King’s Cross after trying to check out St. Paul’s Cathedral with them. After that I went to the British Museum for a few hours. It was amazing looking at artifacts and relics from ALL OVER the world! Even if some of the pieces were acquired as part of Britain’s colonial holdings, it is still amazing to look at. I then sped back to my hostel to freshen up a bit before a musical nerd gathering, also known as Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, at the SSE Wembley. The first thing you should know is that when two or three nerds are gathered in one place, cool things happen. Gather a few thousand in one place and things are off the charts. Even so, I noticed that British nerds aren’t as OMG energetic as their American counterparts. They also cosplay less; I saw only a few cosplays at the concert, but the ones I saw were phenomenal, including an AWESOME Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask! After that I grabbed some McDonalds to let the Tube crowd thin out and then went to sleep.

Saturday I went to the Natural History Museum. It was wicked cool; the first thing you see as you walk in is a massive dinosaur skeleton. Somewhere within myself, six year old me was absolutely giddy. If you’re in London and even slightly the science-y type, I HIGHLY recommend going! The main focus is on paleontology and biology, but there is some bit of each scientific discipline represented here. And it’s free!!!! So GOOOOOOOO!!!!

After that I loitered about a bit before meeting up with Angeline and Victoria, two of my hostel roommates from Rome. We went to this great fish and chips place on Liverpool Street, because you can’t get much more English than that. After that we did one of the favorite things I’ve done this entire semester. We found a Tesco/other off-licence (liquor store, basically), each got a bottle of beer, and went to this place called Primrose Hill in the outskirts of Central London. This place offers a PERFECT view of the London skyline. We cracked open our beers (there were a considerable number of people doing this as well, so we weren’t doing anything particularly anti-social) after begging for a bottle opener…since we neglected to bring one. But once we got them open, we drank our beers and watched the setting sun’s rays bathe London in shades of fire. We then laid on our backs and watched the stars emerge one by one. It’s something you see in those cheesy coming of age movies, but actually doing it is indescribable. If you have the chance to do this in London, do it. I am so grateful I did.

The next day consisted of killing time before my flight in the form of seeing some smaller London landmarks. I saw an actual blue police box…oh who am I kidding, I SAW THE TARDIS!!!!!! It’s right outside the Earl’s Court Tube station, for those interested. Sadly, no Doctor or companions to be found. I then high-tailed it to St. Bart’s Hospital, backdrop for the climactic ending of Sherlock Series 2. No sign of any trouble, except for Sherlock fans writing in the dirty windows near street level. Tourists, man. After a fair bit I went back to London City Airport and flew back to Dublin.

I’m so terribly sorry for being so late on these, again. Barring any interruptions/updates/emotional posts, my next post will focus on my weeklong adventure through Ireland last week!

Stay tuned!


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What's Maynooth college like?

It’s a’ight. It has shitty landlords and it’s hard to get into the Roost on a Thursday night but I enjoyed my four years :) Saying that, I have specifically chosen not to do a PhD here, four years was fun but plenty.

It’s small and everyone knows someone who has shifted someone’s best friend in Brady’s, but it means it’s easy to make friends if you try. Its main drawback for me is the President is used to UCD capacity and keeps letting in too many students so resources are a lil tight but they’re working on that so future students should be okay. I think it depends on the course as well, any subject you were thinking of in particular?

I loved it and I’m glad I went here though! I think being sick I would have been lost in the larger Dublin colleges, and being more than a Dublin Bus from town wasn’t really an option. I know a lot of Dubliners hate the country vibe, which is definitely here and you just have to lean into. It is a college that tries pretty hard to balance education with “the craic” and I enjoy that a lot tbh.

I give out about Maynooth a lot (mostly the Chemistry department) but it is a good college. It used to be the oddball college, and it is less so now, but still a lot of fun :) It has the most talented gardeners and when it snows it feels like Hogwarts. We have a loud and proud Pride Soc and thanks to Síona, the Welfare Rep, social justice is dealt with quite well here :)

I dunno really, anyone else have anything to say about it?

Almost over 🎉

Today’s my last college exam of first year! I am so happy to be finished 😄 We’re all going out tonight and I think it’ll be such a good night!! I’m haven’t been out in so long 🕔 Then tomorrow I’m meeting Liz for brunch which will be super cute 🌸 I’ll post again tomorrow with pictures and anecdotes etc.
💋✌🏼 x

man honestly sometimes i look back on how i behave when im slaughtered drunk and im like “……. who are you…… why are you here……..”

basically i just skip a lot of places, dance rly passionately, loudly announce when im gonna vom in a bush, and also i talk rly loud in general. 

a stranger called me canadian so i spent 15 mins doing like 18 different accents and convincing him i was from montreal/dublin/connecticut/cape town/newcastle/etc./etc. ….. until i skipped down the street lmao