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I’m opening commissions! 

Other info

  • Alternate style only available for bust.
  • €5 per Character added. 
  • I will draw any fandom or OC as long as I’m given reference pictures.  
  • Things I won’t draw include; complicated Armour, mechs, furry (animal traits like ears/tails is okay tho), nsfw, romantic drawings of things I don’t ship  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  • Payment is only accepted through paypal invoices.
  • contact me through tumblr messenger on either this account or @toffeearts .
  •  You can also contact me by email me through the address toffeeholbrook@gmail.com (put commission as subject)
  • I dont really do detailed backgrounds but we can discuss it :).
  • as always feel free to contact me with questions!!

Even if you can’t afford to commission me reblogging this post really helps!! thank you <3.