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Me and Gillian making our posters for the 29th!! We are unfortunately terrible at art so don’t expect anything great! taylorswift we’re excited for you to be back in Dublin soon!! (I hope you’re excited too)

We’re gonna be in general standing (entrance one) so you probably won’t see us (and if you do we’ll probably be squashed in a group of people😂)

We’ll be outside queuing pretty early (from about 9/9:30 #dedicated (I really hope it doesn’t rain)) I would be cool if some Taylor nation people could come say hi as we won’t be able to get to the booth when we go in 😂

ANYWAYS… We are super excited to see you, you haven’t been here in a million years (slight exaggeration) and we couldn’t get speak now tickets (ughhhhh) So it’s gonna be our first time seeing you live and we’re super excited!!

We love you and we can’t wait to see you on the 29th!! 💕

fic: Five years

A/N: I have no excuses. Idk here’s this thing. Happy Dublin-versary <3

Five seems like such a small number. Just the number of fingers on Chris’s hand. The number of toes on one foot. The number of coffee mugs from the set of eight that have still escaped Brian’s tantrums or Cooper’s swishing tail.  The number of flowers on the orchid plant in his windowsill he’s somehow managed not to kill.

Five years feels small at first, but he looks at pictures of himself from back then, he looks up the top 40 Billboard chart from then and he remembers the boy (the man? it feels strange to call what he was then a man even if he wasn’t a boy either) whose eyes across a tour bus lit something deep in his stomach.  Five years was so long ago.

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