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At Idina Menzel's Concert in Dublin (20/6/15)
  • Male audience member: We love you, Idina!
  • Female audience member: We love you!
  • Male audience member: I said it first!
  • Idina: Thank you! But how come no one says "I want to sleep with you?"
  • Audience: [laughs]
  • Idina: Oh, it's probably because all the guys here tonight are gay.
  • Audience: [laughs and applauds]
  • Idina: I know my demographic.

clearly Edith and Sybil were the two sisters that swapped clothes in the Crawley family

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DCI 2016 Schedule of Events

-DCI Tour Premiere. Thursday June 23. Indianapolis, IN

-MidCal Champions Showcase. Friday June 24. Fresno, CA

-DCI West. Saturday June 25. Stanford, CA

-Innovations in Brass-Massillon. Saturday June 25. Massillon, OH

-The Whitewater Classic. Saturday June 25. Whitewater, WI

-Moonlight Classic. Sunday June 26. Sacramento, CA

-Pageant of Drums. Sunday June 26. Michigan City, IN

-Summer Music Games in Cincinnati. Monday June 27. Hamilton, OH

- Emerald City Music Games. Tuesday June 28. Dublin, OH

- Innovations in Brass - Pittsburgh. Tuesday June 28. Pittsburgh, PA

- DCI on the SoCal Coast. Wednesday June 29. Oxnard, CA

- Drums on the Ohio. Wednesday June 29. Evansville, IN

- Beat of the Rogue. Thursday June 30. Medford, OR

- Drum Corps: An American Tradition. Thursday June 30. Allentown, PA

- Seattle Summer Music Games. Friday July 1. Renton, WA

- Corps at the Crest San Diego. Friday July 1. Oceanside, CA

- DCI Central Indiana. Friday July 1. Muncie, IN

- Drum Corps: An American Tradition. Friday July 1. Clifton, NJ

- Cavalcade of Brass. Saturday July 2. Lisle, IL

- Corps at the Crest Los Angeles. Saturday July 2. Pasadena, CA

- Drums of Fire. Saturday July 2. McMinnville, OR

- East Coast Classic. Saturday July 2. Foxboro, MA

- Rotary Music Festival. Sunday July 3. Cedarburg, WI

- The Beanpot Invitational. Sunday July 3. Lynn, MA

- Western Corps Connection. Sunday July 3. Riverside, CA

- Drums Across the Desert. Tuesday July 5. Mesa, AZ

- Drums Along the Columbia. Tuesday July 5. Tri Cities, WA

- River City Rhapsody - La Crosse. Tuesday July 5. La Crosse, WI

- Summer Music Preview. Tuesday July 5. Cranston, RI

- Drums Along the Rockies - Boise Edition. Wednesday July 6. Boise, ID

- The Thunder of Drums. Wednesday July 6. Mankato, MN

- Corps Encore. Thursday July 7. Ogden, UT

- DCI Central Oklahoma. Thursday July 7. Central OK

- CrownBEAT. Friday July 8. Central South Carolina

- Drums Along the Rockies - Casper Edition. Friday July 8. Casper, WY

- Loudest Show on Earth. Friday July 8. Pleasant Hill, CA

- DCI Capital Classic Corps Show. Saturday July 9. Sacramento, CA

- DCI Central Florida. Saturday July 9. TBA, FL

- Drums Along the Rockies. Saturday July 9. Denver, CO

- Show of Shows. Saturday July 9. Rockford, IL

- Drums on Parade. Sunday July 10. Madison, WI

- DCI South Florida. Monday July 11. TBA, FL

- DCI St. Louis. Monday July 11. Lebanon, IL

- Drums Across Nebraska. Monday July 11. Omaha, NE

- Brass Impact. Tuesday July 12. Overland Parks, KS

- DCI North Florida. Tuesday July 12. TBA, FL

- DCI Sioux City. Wednesday July 13. Sioux City, IA

- Show of Shows - Metamora. Wednesday July 13. Metamora, IL

- Music On The March. Thursday July 14. Dubuque, IA

- River City Rhapsody - Wausau. Thursday July 14. Wausau, WI

- DCI North Alabama. Friday July 15. Huntsville, AL

- Resound. Friday July 15. Bakersfield, CA

- River City Rhapsody - Rochester. Friday July 15. Rochester, MN

- DCI Kentucky. Saturday July 16. TBA, KY

- DCI Minnesota. Saturday July 16. TBA, MN

- Gold Showcase at the Ranch. Saturday July 16. San Marcos, CA

- Celebration in Brass. Sunday July 17. Waukee, IA

- So Cal Classic Open Classic Championship. Sunday July 17. Bellflower, CA

- Tour of Champions - North Illinois. Sunday July 17. DeKalb, IL

- Drums Across Kansas. Monday July 18. Wichita, KS

- Tour of Champions - Central Missouri. Monday July 18. Warrensburg, MO

- Music on the Move. Tuesday July 19. Bentonville, AR

- Drums of Summer. Wednesday July 20. Broken Arrow, OK

- DCI Central Texas. Thursday July 21. Belton, TX

- DCI Denton. Thursday July 21. Denton, TX

- Tour of Champions - Texas. Friday July 22. Houston, TX

- DCI Southwestern Championship. Saturday July 23. San Antonio, TX

- Fiesta De Musica. Saturday July 23. Manchester, NH

- DCI Boston. Sunday July 24. Boston Area, MA

- DCI Dallas. Monday July 25. Dallas, TX

- Drums Across Cajun Field. Monday July 25. Lafayette, LA

- DCI in the Heartland. Tuesday July 26. Mustang, OK

- Mississippi Sound Spectacular. Tuesday July 26. Gulfport, MS

- DCI Arkansas. Wednesday July 27. Little Rock, AR

- DCI Southern Mississippi. Wednesday July 27. Hattiesburg, MS

- Drum Corps Mid-America. Wednesday July 27. St. Louis, MO

- DCI Birmingham. Thursday July 28. Birmingham, AL

- Alabama Sounds of Summer. Friday July 29. Opelika, AL

- Music on the Mountain. Friday July 29. Sheffield, PA

- The Masters of the Summer Music Games. Friday July 29. Nashville, TN

- Tournament Of Drums. Friday July 29. Cedar Rapids, IA

- DCI Atlanta Southeastern Championship. Saturday July 30. Atlanta, GA

- Legends Drum Corps Invitational. Saturday July 30. Troy, MI

- Legends Drum Corps Open. Sunday July 31. Kalamazoo, MI

- NightBEAT Tour of Champions. Sunday July 31. Winston Salem, NC

- Show of Shows Waukesha. Sunday July 31. Waukesha, WI

- Drums Across the Tri-State. Monday August 1. Charleston, WV

- WDBJ-7 Summer Music Games of Southwest Virginia. Monday August 1. Salem, VA

- DCI Ft. Wayne. Tuesday August 2. Ft. Wayne, IN

- DCI Western Illinois. Tuesday August 2. Macomb, IL

- Drum Corps: An American Tradition. Tuesday August 2. Annapolis, MD

- Soaring Sounds 37. Tuesday August 2. Centerville, OH

- DCI Pittsburgh. Wednesday August 3. Pittsburgh, PA

- Petunia City Brass. Wednesday August 3. Dixon, IL

- CYO Nationals Tribute. Thursday August 4. Quincy, MA

- Tour of Champions, PPL Park. Thursday August 4. Chester, PA

- A Blast in the Burg. Friday August 5. Johnsonburg, PA

- DCI Eastern Classic. Friday August 5. Allentown, PA

- North Iowa Festival of Brass. Friday August 5. Forest City, IA

- DCI Eastern Classic. Saturday August 6. Allentown, PA

- Shadow Showcase. Saturday August 6. Oregon, WI

- Shoremen Brass Classic. Saturday August 6. Avon Lake, OH

- Drums Along the Mohawk. Sunday August 7. Rome, NY

- Tour of Champions - Buffalo. Sunday August 7. Buffalo, NY

- DCI Open Class World Championships Prelims. Monday August 8. Michigan City, IN

- DCI Tour of Champions. Monday August 8. Massillon, OH

- Lake Erie Fanfare. Monday August 8. Erie, PA

- DCI Open Class World Championships Finals. Tuesday August 9. Michigan City, IN

- DCI Performers Showcase. Wednesday August 10. Indianapolis, IN

- DCI World Championship Prelims. Thursday August 11. Indianapolis, IN

- DCI World Championship Semifinals. Friday August 12. Indianapolis, IN

- DCI World Championships Finals. Saturday August 13. Indianapolis, IN

On the third of July, Chris is woken up by the quiet whispers of ‘Hey’ into his ear. Opening his eyes, he sees Darren’s body leaning over him, Darren already starting to suck a hickey on the left side of his neck.

‘Morning,’ Chris mumbles, forcing his eyes open to take a look at Darren properly. There’s something round his neck, he notices. A piece of blue and red striped fabric- somehow familiar.

‘What’s that?’ Chris asks, pulling at the fabric.

Darren sits up, showing him.

‘My warbler tie,’ Darren smiles, kissing Chris in a quick peck. ‘You remember the date, right?’

‘t’s July, third…’ Chris frowns, thinkinng. ‘Oh! My dublin kiss.’

‘Your Dublin kiss,’ Darren nods. ‘Back when I had a crush on you and was quite possibly the worst person at hiding it in the world.’

‘Well you did show the whole world,’ Chris giggles.

‘It was my pleasure. Now shut up and let me recreate the moment.’

They do a rubbish job at recreating it. There’s too much tongue, too much hands. And they’re both pretty sure that three years ago, the kiss didn’t end with Darren’s cock in Chris’s ass.