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Rainbow Direction goes OTRA UK/IRELAND Meet Ups

A lot of our participants are organizing meet ups for shows along the OTRA tour and it’s no different for the concerts taking place in the UK and Ireland in September and October.

While we are leaving it to you guys to set up times, places and what to do during the get togethers, we want to help people find info about the meet ups and boost them as much as we can. Which is why we put together this list of dates.

A lot of the links will leed you to an error page as there is no meet up yet, but this allows us to update the list in realtime and for you to check on it whenever you want and need.

If you want to set up a meet up, please tag your post with either “#rainbow direction” or “#takemehomefromnarnia” - even when you @ us as mentions sometimes get lost when we get a lot of notifications. 

London, 24/09/2015              
London, 25/09/2015             
London, 26/09/2015          

London, 28/09/2015              
London, 29/09/2015             
London, 30/09/2015              

Manchester, 03/10/2015         
Manchester, 04/10/2015        

Glasgow, 07/10/2015              
Glasgow, 08/10/2015              

Birmingham, 10/10/2015         
Birmingham, 11/10/2015          
Birmingham, 12/10/2015         

Dublin, 16/10/2015               
Dublin, 17/10/2015                 
Dublin, 18/10/2015                  

Belfast 20/10/2015                   
Belfast 21/10/2015                 
Belfast 22/10/2015               

Newcastle 25/10/2015              
Newcastle 26/10/2015          
Newcastle 27/10/2015          

Sheffield, 29/10/2015               
Sheffield, 30/10/2015                
Sheffield, 31/10/2015  

Thank you to everyone for putting in so much work into arranging little events to meet up and don’t forget to send us pictures and reports of your experiences during or afterwards!