dublin dr. pepper

So the reviews for this gin weren’t great, but I was curious about the prickly pear and the Ashe juniper herbals, so I got it anyways. Well, my thoughts are that it could’ve been good, but I feel like they went just a bit overboard with the cedar. Granted, that’s the main herbal component of gin, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. In this case, the cedar was so strong that it combined with the prickly pear’s watermelon flavors to make it taste really. Well. Green. Mediciney even. Not really my thing. It definitely does NOT go with Dublin Dr Pepper.

Now it ain’t all bad. It actually makes a good greyhound, especially if you use Texas Rio Star grapefruit juice, and I’d bet a good orange or lemon soda would balance out its overwhelmin herbals fantastically well.

It’s also because of the very strong cedar and prickly pear scents that I think it’d make for an amazin base for a homemade lumberjack-y cologne. I am completely serious. With a bit of cedar, bald cypress, pine, sandalwood, grapefruit, and a hint of lavender, it would make for a very sexy cologne.

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As of today at 5:00, Dublin Dr Pepper will no longer be made. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group sued the Texas based Dublin Bottling Works and put them out of business, and fired their 40 employees. And as of today at 6:30 or so, as soon as I heard about this, I am now a former Dr Pepper drinker. Off to Costco to buy a few last cases of Dublin DP before they’re gone forever.


Dublin Dr Pepper
Dublin Dr Pepper was the popular name for a style of Dr Pepper soft drink made by the Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company in Dublin, Texas. Dublin Dr Pepper followed the original recipe, using cane sugar as the sweetener as opposed to newer high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). The Dublin plant formula’s use of sugar made it popular among soda fans. According to the corporate headquarters at Dr Pepper Snapple Group, this resulted in clashes with other bottlers and the parent company of Dr Pepper. On 12 January 2012, it was announced that Dublin Dr. Pepper will no longer be produced, after the Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company settled the trademark dispute instigated by Dr Pepper Snapple Group.
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