spent a good portion of the day doing laundry and, instead of working on homework like i should have been, marathoning Harry Potter movies and poking at this. it’s certainly a thing. dammit Arthur’s head might still be too big, and i’m probably going to make Lewis smaller later. he’s, like, ten feet tall right now compared to Arthur and Vivi. it’s ridiculous. 


today sucked, i spent most of it being miserable and tired. tried to work and got very little done. gave up on working and sort of kicked around on the internet for awhile.

ended up sketching Lewis from the Mystery Skulls ‘Ghost’ music video. first time drawing him and it’s about the happiest i’ve been all day.

started sketching while i was waiting for stuff to cook and ended up with a page of mystery skulls doodles. the gang snoozing pre-cave incident, Vivi and Mystery dragging Arthur and Lewis off to adventure, Vivi point out their next destination sometime post-video, and some other things.