So I got ideordinal for the tformersgiftexchange2014 and this is super late and hopefully squeaking in just under the deadline. Anyway, there were a whole range of choices, but doing the Aerialbots having a nice night in watching the newest As the Kitchen Sinks Christmas special would be fun.

Hope you like it!


Bunch of dubious quality doodles from my easter holiday weekend. I was bored as hell and freezing my ass off so main source of entertainment were @sueslayer tags because why the hell not be self indulgent.

so worked out headcanon is that being new to analog world quorra and tron are study in childlike stand-by/catnaps. ridiculous cat napping poses included. sam on the other hand goes to sleep when he remembers there is such a thing 

they decided that on weekends they are going exploring together. after initial fiasco of quorra being in charge of breakfast (she likes to experiment, and of course over easy eggs and nutella go together well, both are gooey!) and tron of waking sam up (”staring at someone in their sleep is creepy””you asked for 5 more minutes 17 times”) they worked out proper routine. they even try to drink coffee together since its “acquired taste” (bullshit and propaganda)

spent a good portion of the day doing laundry and, instead of working on homework like i should have been, marathoning Harry Potter movies and poking at this. it’s certainly a thing. dammit Arthur’s head might still be too big, and i’m probably going to make Lewis smaller later. he’s, like, ten feet tall right now compared to Arthur and Vivi. it’s ridiculous. 



This is my team’s Senior project! I painted all of the backgrounds and did the color selection. I’m glad I can finally post it now!