T. Mills - Scandalous @ Dublin 25/01/2012


The Vamps Singing Another World, 3 Arena Dublin, 22/04/2015

Freshers Week extras

I forgot to mention

Kenna and I FINALLY have our Jack Gleesen siting

He is a major character on Game of Thrones who discontinued acting after his character not-so-gracefully exited the show.

But he’s a cutie

and looks so much better without his bleached hair

not going to lie, i didn’t recognize him at first, i was a little distracted by the booty.

But anyway, HE GOES TO TCD and I know he’s been lurking around but I finally saw him,

In a tight, spandex biking uniform. 

I have no picture, but i do have my reaction snap chat

Also, in case you’re wondering, Kenna did an artistic rendering which i will reblog after this post. 

artsy pic of my shoes because why not;