Chinese juniors whom you should definitely keep an eye out for!

Chen Xiaoqing (2001)- for her extraordinary beam and crazy heights on floor; also has a good Tkatchev into Pak- BB / FX

Luo Youjuan (2001) - for her super powerful tumbling and slaying beam like a princess - BB / FX

Wang Cenyu (2001) - for being ultra elegant and pretty on beam; potential on bars - UB / BB / FX

Li Qi (2002) - for being super duber talented in general - VT / UB / BB / FX

Du Siyu (2002) - for being the best junior bar worker in China ATM; elegant on beam - UB / BB

Liu Jieyu (2002) & Guo Fangting (2002) - for having almost the exact same difficulty and being really ambitious for their routines - VT (Jieyu) / UB (Fangting) / BB (Fangting) / FX (Jieyu)

Liu Jingxing (2001) - for having super high releases on bars, stellar beam, and good rotation speed for tumbling - UB / BB / FX

Jing Yang (2001) - for having a mighty DTT - VT / FX

Lin Yuyao (2001) - for being the protege of He Hua (Coach of Tan Sixin) and is hence graceful on beam - BB

the signs as things my girlfriend has said to me
  • Aries: "okay have fun, make good choices, don't do drugs with the other furries."
  • Taurus: "it's me, your D.va Uber. your Duber."
  • Gemini: "that's a mountain, dear."
  • Cancer: "you know who i love more than len? you. and that says a lot."
  • Leo: "SQUARE THE FUCK UP! 1V1 ME!"
  • Virgo: "you know those art styles that just scream 'i draw porn on Patreon'? that's what i strive to have."
  • Libra: "está fucking lit, mijo."
  • Scorpio: "you come into MY Arizona, and you FUCKING JAYWALK... how dare you."
  • Sagittarius: "if i can like pineapple on pizza, you can like yandere simulator. i think that's a fair trade."
  • Capricorn: "ARIN NOT THE BEES!"
  • Aquarius: "you got it, bitch."
  • Pisces: "i'm como se dice, fucking dying."
Reaction to: You giving them a present

Youngbin: He is gonna shy up on you. He would literally curl up in a ball shyly for a few seconds, then he would jump up looking like a poptart. He will have a little fangasm and then he will grab you uber tightly hug you real quick and give a really intense kiss that will leave you standing there confused. He will do this because deep down we all know he is a (huge) fanboy

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Hwiyoung: He would be surprisingly calm when you give it to him. He would scream internally but on the outside he would just smile lovingly (it would look a little bit like when he moved his ears. I’ll just put it down below) he would say “thanks Jagi” and hug. Well actually it wouldn’t really be a hug. He would just kinda hold you for awhile. You would end up going “So, do you wanna open it?” because dude i bought that for you, open it. And he would go “not just yet. I want to hold you for awhile” and you guys would sit cuddled up in silence for awhile

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(dude I need you to just stop (or continue in your lane) it is rude)

Dawon: Literal child alright. Okay, so this kid is going to stare at you for a sec and then he is going to get a childlike gleam in his eyes because he is one. He would hug you like uber duber tight and then go “can I open it?! Can I can I can I” when you say yes he will run over and literally, rip it open but not before (if there is one) gently putting the bow on his head.

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 Chani: Another calm one….well mostly. He would squeal internally and smile really hard (does that make sense). His “Thanks, Jagiya” will sound a little strained because he is trying not to fangasm right then and there. After he opens it he will excuse himself to the bathroom and have a little fit in there 

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Jaeyoon: Little brat (how much do I say this) He would be all like “Are you sure this is actually for me” Because he wants to tease you. After you give him the look he will back off and open it. Once he opens it he will actually be shocked because he expected a good present but this was perfect “T-THank Jagi”

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Inseong: This gentleman would be shocked that you actual;;; probably got him a present. not because he didn’t think you would he probably think you weren't at that stage of relationships and you would be all like “Wha? Even strangers give presents  to strangers” and he would just feel so loved that he would be stunned into silence

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Rowoon: After you told him he would go “oh, WOW I got you one too” and then run to go get his poorly wrapped present. Once back you would see it and just feel bad it looked that bad. “You know for a rapper you suck at wrapping things” You would say. “Stop being rude and open it” He would reply. He would like watching you open yours than opening his

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Zuho: He’s gon’ shy up we all know it. He wouldn’t even be able to talk he would just kinda stand there. It would be a mix of amazement, shock, and just some weird wonderful feeling. You would go “So, Do you want to open it now?” and he would just nod with his mouth open. 

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(Didn’t know what gif to use but this one is precious) 

Taeyang: HeLLO SUNSHINE! This ray of sunshine would be so sweet. With the other members it was more of scenario where you guys are hanging out and you’re like “Hey, I got you a present”, but with this one it would be you guys called and were like “Hey, you wanna hang?” at the same time and it was uber fluffy anywho, after that you both decided it would be the perfect time to give your presents. When you guys got to where you said you would meet you guys said (and yes at the same time) “I got you something” and as saying that y’all would look away blushing because that was who-taco. Silence would follow. You would have to end up saying (Maybe it might have to be Taeyang idk how shy are you?) “Want to give it at the same time?” rekationshipand whoever didn’t say it would just nod (you guys would probably have arelationshipawko-taco tbh). 

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Here is a little fanart of your main character, his character design is really cute ~
Hope you like it and keep up with the good work ^^


WE TOTALLY LOVED IT~! ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

Thank you very much, Kira! Aya and I are big fans of your work, and we are super duber happy and grateful with your fanart! Satoru looks really cute~

I was planning on doing a crossover of the mcs of Pocket Mirror and b/f, so when I finish it, I’ll send it to your PM tumblr, too.
Again, thank you for the gift, and we’ll be looking forward for you guys’ game! (ˊ͈ ॢ◡ ॢˋ͈)❤

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Omgggg, your icons are so amazing and cute ;-; I'm using Namjoon's in my Twitter account, I hope this is okay ^~^ Annnnd, happy holidaaays <3

Of course it’s ok!!!!! And ty a lot!! ;<; ;<; Happy holydays too!!!!

Anonyme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :Tu es littéralement la première ARMY français que je crois sur Tumblr.. j'adore ton blog au fait !! C'est chou au possible tes dessins ☺️

AHHH vraiment???? Merci beaucoup ;<; ;<; ♥♥♥♥ En faite y a pas mal de francais mais on se cache eheheheh

Anonyme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :your art never fails to make me smile, happy holidays sweetheart! <3

AWWWW IM GLAD TO HEAR THAT TY!!!! And happy holydays too♥♥

Anonyme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :Yoongi’s ear :’(

I KNOOOOOWWWWW ;<; ;<; ;<; Since he did the Vlive I guess he’s feeling a lil bit better!! I want him to rest a lot!!

@ladybepug a dit à ask-bts-stuff :Ok first I LOVE YOUR ART IT’S HILARIOUS AND PER-FECT. bUT noW I want to check something because Nekfeu et french quotes on tshirt….. es-tu française ??!!! si oui, fierté nationale. ce blog est géniaaale 💖 if not, then ur blog is still amazing.

Et oui je suis française ehehhe :^DDD ET MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!!!!!! J’adore les tshirt de Nekfeu et voila :^DD ♥♥♥

Anonyme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :Jungkook with that manbun👏👏 And eyebrows 👏👏 I want thousand👏👏

ehehehehhehe you’re welcome ;^DDDDDDDDD and tbh I find man with manbun/ponytails very attarctive idk why //////

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Yes I am ♥♥

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AHHH TY!!! Im glad u liked it!!!!! Ans yes ofc u can use it!! As long as you credit me u can use anything I really don’t mind ♥♥

Anonyme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :hello ugly anon here who is apparently beautiful anon now ? I guess lol thanks for the kind words and such XD Im ugly anon because Im ugly af yes-ugly anon 


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im coming too

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You deserve all those followers Senpaiiiiiiii!!!!! Thanks for being so super duber awesome!!!!!! We loooooooove you!!!!!! (>w<) happiness intensifies!!!!!!!

thank ya so much everyone ;;w

Love Birds- Nate Maloley Imagine

Okay this one is for Maggie, and this has been in my inbox forever, I’m sorry, but I hope you like it! If you want one just request and I promise that I’ll have it out!

Request: Hey, my name’s Maggie and I was wondering if you could do me an imagine with Nate, where we’re dating for couple of months and one of the boys tweet picture of us with capture like ‘look at these lovebirds’, fans will be crazy about it with lovely tweets but with hate too and I’m really insecure so it won’t really help and he’ll try to make me feel better and at the end of the day we will comfirt our relationship and we will cuddle and the rest of the squad will be there too?Thanks, love ya!

“Nate stop!” You said laughing as he nearly tickled you to death. “You guys are goals.” Sammy said looking at you guys. You both looked at him and laughed before Nate turned back and continued to tickling you.

Later that day, you realized that Sammy had posted a picture on Twitter saying “Look at these lovebirds.” Of course there were the lovely tweets about you guys being goals and otp, but then there were the hate comments.

The hate comments were never a walk in the park, they were always really hurtful, and you always took them personal. All your life you had grown up insecure, you had always struggled with your weight in high school and middle school. When people would talk about it, it would make you upset.

“How the hell is he tickling her, if she was to move she would crush him.”

“What the hell, she is like two times bigger than he is.”

The comments continued and tears began to form in your eyes. For so long you had to keep in how you were feeling, but not anymore, you just let it all go. You cried and cried and cried. “Hey lil ma-” Nate said while coming into the room. “Baby what’s wrong.” He said coming over and sitting with you.

You continued to sob until Nate realized you laptop open. He pulled it away from you and looked at the comments. “They’re just jealous. Maggie you’re an amazing and beautiful girl. You can’t let this bring you down.” He said lightly rubbing your back. It didn’t matter you buried your face in a pillow and kept crying. Nate didn’t say anything just sat there and rubbing your back up and down.

Eventually, you fell asleep and Nate left the room. About an hour and a half later you woke up and you could hear Nate talking in the other room. It was only the two of you in the house, so you decided to go and see.

“Hey guys. I know you all know that I have a girlfriend, Maggie. And sometimes I see things that I don’t like to see on Twitter, Instagram, everything. Sometimes those comments can bring her down, I understand, the things that some people say, anyone would be upset. But please guys, I know that you guys always want me to be happy, and Maggie makes me happy, I just want you to know that.”

By the end of what he is saying you were leaning up against the doorway. Nate looked up at you and back down at the camera, you knew he was doing a YouNow. “I just love her, okay?”

He closed his laptop and came over giving you a big hug.