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Arashi No Yoru Ni 01

From 2008 through 2010, a group of fans, with permission from Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), dubbed “Arashi no Yoru ni” (One Stormy Night) in English in its entirety for Youtube. While never released physically, it is widely considered the “Official” English dub.


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Robot learns to follow orders like Alexa

Despite what you might see in movies, today’s robots are still very limited in what they can do. They can be great for many repetitive tasks, but their inability to understand the nuances of human language makes them mostly useless for more complicated requests.

For example, if you put a specific tool in a toolbox and ask a robot to “pick it up,” it would be completely lost. Picking it up means being able to see and identify objects, understand commands, recognize that the “it” in question is the tool you put down, go back in time to remember the moment when you put down the tool, and distinguish the tool you put down from other ones of similar shapes and sizes.

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anonymous asked:

Okay so after making sure no one is allergic to anything that could kill them, hunk plans to make a special meal for... year or two in space... Hunk has lance taste text everything (to make sure it's safe for humans lol) and it's all fine! Coran even said some of the ingredients were delicacys on Altea! So he makes this incredible meal and a fantastic dessert and everyone eats it and they have a party! Then, shortly after they eat, Keith starts to feel really sick. (1/?)

Everyone assumes that it’s just because he’s lactose intolerant and Hunk forgot to warn Keith about the dairy in the dessert, but when they go and check on him he’s shaking like crazy and is unresponsive. When they stick him in a healing pod, they find out that he’s deathly allergic to multiple ingredients because of his galra heritage, and that part of his immune system dubbed his human part as a virus, and began fighting both the food and his body. (2/?

Hunk blames himself for this, not wanting to prepare for the worstーthe fact that Keith might dieーhe constantly works to recreate his culinary masterpiece to take it apart again to find out how to make a special ‘epipen’ for Keith to help. The only problem is that the ingredients Keith’s allergic to is the only thing keeping his galra immune system at bay, and if Hunk does succeed, Keith would either be killed by his own biology, or be forced to turn full galra (3/?) (pseudo-science is fun lol!)

At this point, the pod is doing nothing, so they take him out to rest. Everyone takes turns tending to Keith, but Hunk is always too busy finding the 'cure’ to do so, until Keith asks to see him. He’s getting weaker by the day, but Hunk is so close to finding it, and even has Pidge working full time. Keith asks why he’s so busy and Hunk explains everything to him, down to the side effect of the cure. Reluctantly, Keith says he’d try it, and that’s when Pidge bursts in saying it’s done. (4/?)

Slowly but surely, Keith gets better, and he’s able to go on missions like normal. Then he suddenly gets worse, and Hunk cannot stop apologising, saying he knew this was going to happen, but Keith says it’s okay, you’re here. And he’s there for him when the pain of the change gets so bad that he can’t help his tears, and he’s there when Keith is temporarily blinded due to how bright everything is, and he’s there when aliens prosecute him for his race. He’s there for evening naps. He’s there 5/5

LMFAO pseudo-science is super fun!  :D  But dude, galra genes kicking in and causing an autoimmune response is the SHIT.

This would be so good as a fic UGH i would read 10k words of this.


Villainous OFFICIAL English Dub #2 House Security System

queenofhearts1138  asked:

Just read your design thingy for villainous (thats how its spelled right?) And I was wondering if you knew where I could watch the show :T your explaining really sold me to watch it so (Also have something else to ask but I feel it isn't worth asking without giving you something in return (and I have nothing to give besides maybe a drawing made for you))

Here’s all the shorts in Spanish, subtitled in English!:

And I believe all of the shorts dubbed in English have been uploaded now as well! I’ll link them too, but not as embeds otherwise this post will be huge ahaha;;;

Anti-Gravity Device (English Dub)

House Security System (English Dub)

Black Hat Board (English Dub)

Medusa Device (English Dub)

Music Battle (English Dub)

Doppelgangers (English Dub)

Growing/Shrinking Ray (English Dub)

Black Hat’s Bizarre Adventure (English Dub) that’s probably not the real title of the short but that’s what the uploader called it and I approve of the name anyway

What else did you wanna ask? Whatever it is I’ll try to help out as best I can! ;u; And if you wanna draw me something too that’s totally awesome, I’d love that! <3


Derrick Harriott - Slave