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Arashi No Yoru Ni 01

From 2008 through 2010, a group of fans, with permission from Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), dubbed “Arashi no Yoru ni” (One Stormy Night) in English in its entirety for Youtube. While never released physically, it is widely considered the “Official” English dub.


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queenofhearts1138  asked:

Just read your design thingy for villainous (thats how its spelled right?) And I was wondering if you knew where I could watch the show :T your explaining really sold me to watch it so (Also have something else to ask but I feel it isn't worth asking without giving you something in return (and I have nothing to give besides maybe a drawing made for you))

Here’s all the shorts in Spanish, subtitled in English!:

And I believe all of the shorts dubbed in English have been uploaded now as well! I’ll link them too, but not as embeds otherwise this post will be huge ahaha;;;

Anti-Gravity Device (English Dub)

House Security System (English Dub)

Black Hat Board (English Dub)

Medusa Device (English Dub)

Music Battle (English Dub)

Doppelgangers (English Dub)

Growing/Shrinking Ray (English Dub)

Black Hat’s Bizarre Adventure (English Dub) that’s probably not the real title of the short but that’s what the uploader called it and I approve of the name anyway

What else did you wanna ask? Whatever it is I’ll try to help out as best I can! ;u; And if you wanna draw me something too that’s totally awesome, I’d love that! <3

A Personal Critique of GUILTY GEAR XRD -SIGN-’s English Voice Work

We all know the deal with Blazblue and Guilty Gear’s removal of english voices. Some may not feel the same way, but it sucks that it had to happen. I appreciated Guilty Gear’s dub, though, of course, that doesn’t mean to say that I think it’s perfect (Blazblue’s near perfect in that regard). Here are some of my thoughts on that (Do take note that I mostly refer to in-battle voices. Story performances were pretty much okay to me.). Okay, here we go:

Sol: Generally okay, but needs a little more moxie to his delivery. I mean, sure, I guess Sol is the type who half-asses everything, but a little power to delivery goes a long way.

Ky: Almost the same deal with Sol. Needs a little force in delivery to show his conviction and resolve.

May: Needs a bit of emotion. Sometimes I feel the way she speaks sounds…flat? I dunno.

Millia: Though I liked her voice, she needs less moxie, this time. Millia’s voice was always softer and more subdued. It always made me laugh when she taunts with a near-shouting “DON’T HOLD BACK”.

Zato-1: I’m actually perfectly fine with how he turned out. His aimless, jaded delivery meshes well with Eddie’s supportive snark.


Potemkin: Already fine. I like that Kirk’s delivery highlights his being an intellectual.

Axl: Also perfectly fine. Some people say he doesn’t sound accurately British, though? I dunno. Personally, he’s one of my favorite voices here (though I always thought they should’ve given him a more nasal cockney voice).

Faust: Generally fine, though his voice needs to be a little louder so I can hear. Also, MORE HAM.

Venom: Voice needs a lower register and a cooler, more suave (pun unintended) delivery.

Slayer: Perfect already. Absolutely no qualms here. Sean Connery Slayer is a true gem.

I-No: Needs to sound more naturally seductive/sinister.

Bedman: Also already perfect. Give Yuri Lowenthal a glass of water, cuz talking that fast must’ve been rough.

Ramlethal: Generally fine. Some say she sounds too emotionless, but isn’t that the point of her character in the first place? (in Sign, anyway). Maybe she needs to sound more threatening? 

Leo: Perfect, but needs to be louder. Sometime’s you can’t hear his voice over the rock music and hit sounds.

Sin: Also already fine. His voice reeks of youthful fervor.

Elphelt: Perfect. One of my absolute favorites.


Johnny: I’d really like to see more of Liam O’Brien’s performance on this. More of that Texan drawl.

Jack-O: She’d need a real talented voice actress who can alternate between cacophony and contralto at the drop of a hat. Maybe Monica Rial or Cindy Robinson?

Jam: Cacophonic and bad at the local language? This is ought to be fun. PLEASE make it fun.

Haehyun: Needs an imposing and raspy voice for Jeon Reok (Michael McConnohie’s Kano from MKX comes to mind, without the accent of course). As for Haehyun herself, it could be anyone, preferably mature sounding.

Raven: If Jamieson Price reprises his role, he ought to do this crazy, masochistic pervert some justice.

Dizzy: Soft-spoken and pacifistic. This shouldn’t be very hard to find, right?

Baiken: Now THIS voice actress needs to be contralto AND raspy. I feel sorry for the throat who’ll handle this (and the one already handling it. get yourself a glass of water, lady.) (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn comes to mind, but maybe that’s too much of a fantasy.)

Answer: if anything, I hope whoever handles him gives a well-meaning yet snarky servile voice akin to fellow ninja secretary, Hibiki Kohaku.

To cap this off, let me just say that I really still do hope a dub for Rev 2 and Central Fiction becomes a thing. Maybe if we knew and pointed out what needed to be improved upon, the devs would know more of what we’d like to see from them, and maybe, just maybe, they’d act on it.


Més de 5 hores de música reggae, ska, dub i dancehall pa’ que lo bailes i lo goses! Ademés, tindrem una horeta i pico per a fer peticions i micro obert! Ens podeu passar els temes que vos molaría sentir durant la Barra Lliure de Reggae per les nostres xarxes socials (Twitter, Facebook i Tumblr) abans de que arribe el día, pero si voleu alguna cosa més especial per a donar-li el toc a la nit.

Vos esperem el día 17 de Juny, a les 20:00 en el Coffee de Xàtiva!

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¡Os esperamos el día 17 de Junio, a las 20:00 en el Coffee de Xàtiva!


Villainous OFFICIAL English Dub #2 House Security System

dr-hoops-mcswagger  asked:

ACP for Feli!! Feli/Boy/Protector. Favourite colour is Forest green. He's dubbed "Mom" of the system so that'll be hilarious if you find anything for that. Practical things, flowers, tea, he's very into nature now that I think about it oh wow, and astronomy. Budget is up to $20 again. Our clothing size is Sm if you find any clothes.

Working on it right now!