dubbing ronpa


Just three bros chilling on the ground 

Comic by @yu-nyx 


We did it! We dubbed the infamous scene

Iruma - @roxrezi
Kiibo - Mahou
Saihara - @dippereyes

writers for the despair arc english dub:

writer 1: alright, here’s the scene where junko meets izuru for the first time. it needs to be intense…meaningful…

writer 2: *types* and then junko says, “kamukura! kamukura! yas, queen!”

writer 1: *slams desk* GENIUS


Enjoy a rather…unique couple for our Valentine’s Day comic dub!

(What do you mean I’m four days late? Don’t be silly…)

Comic by @reddpenn



Voice acting by Ed and Mahou

Comic by @mehringguie


It’s okay Tenko, you’ll get it right one day.

Kaede - Me
Tenko - @cipherdashiepit64

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Music taken from the New Danganronpa V3 OST

Thank you for watching!

something new: naegi started calling her “kiri” in the dub and it’s the cutest thing!!

(he usually only uses the nickname when they’re talking one-on-one or he’s speaking personally to her. otherwise when they’re with the others he usually refers to her as kirigiri)


New comic dub, Kiibo and Amami share some bro time!

Comic by @mehringguie

thanks to Roo and Mahou for voicing

                                                                         (based on this video)

  • dear boy… 
  • bogus! another one?
  • shows what you know, buckaroo! 
  • so when is this class over? 
  • did you just throw a sword at me? 
  • oh, you’re fine! i didn’t hit anything important! 
  • oh, honey, we gotta do something about that get-up! 
  • you’re a butt, you know that? 
  • i still don’t get why you’re so interested in a scrub like me, anyhow. 
  • go for it, big guy. 
  • oh honey, stop. 
  • well that was a thing. 
  • honestly, your people-skills could use some work. 
  • don’t you get in my face and threaten me like i’m some basic bitch! 
  • you want the truth, do you? in that case, hold onto your ass. 
  • be a good little dog and take to the collar and leash already. 
  • i put my heart in your hands and you squashed it like an eclair! 
  • i will kill you in the name of deliciousness! 
  • you perfect cinnamon roll…! 
  • hold onto your butts! 
  • good lord you’re rank! 
  • yaaas queen! 
  • not to sound all stalker-y, but could i get a hug? 
  • you’re a god among insects! of course you’re bored, the world’s an ant farm!
  • oh darn, you’re not in a coma. 
  • the worst thing ever! you don’t even know! 
  • wow, if i were a gigantic weeb, i’d probably be impressed by you. 
  • we don’t need you anymore, garbage-tier anime! you’re dead to me! 
  • boy, i’m a hooker for innuendo at inappropriate times!
  • now to watch the butt-hurt blossom. 
  • yeah, sorry. still a dude! 
  • oh, crap. why you gotta jam? 
  • you can’t hit me with detention, like a normal teacher? 
  • if i wanted a riddle, i’d eat a fortune cookie. ❞ 
  • how pedestrian. 
  • what door could he possibly want me to choose? 
  • oh my god! you’re so squishy! 
  • this game is stupid! 
  • bitch played me like a fiddle. 
  • what the holy hell is going on? 
  • stop interrupting my villain monologue! 
  • ideals, philosophy, art, culture. they live and die by the meme, an infection. 
  • come on, hit me with something out of left field. say you love me! 
  • oh, it’s a date, big guy! 
  • i wish i could quit you. 
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah no. 
  • such terrible pr. whole organization’s tits-up. 
  • get over yourself, slut. 
  • oh… his hands were so soft… 
  • yeah, i don’t get this either. pretty sure i died. 
Mystic Messenger AU?

Partly due to the fact that the MM fandom has now consumed moi, I guess this AU/headcannon thing will exist. If you haven’t played MM please do so it is very nice. The art is gorgeous cHRIST. ~ verimin

Naegi: Naegi is a very nice to talk to, and it’s very easy to achieve his route. Complains about his sister sometimes. No one ever talks about his ahoge. Little emotional at the end.

Togami: Rich asshole. No one understands why you chose his route. 50000% down for anything money or business related. Probably the one people complain about most.

Ishimaru: Everyone (But Togami) loves this cinnamon roll. Checks up on everyone’s health constantly. Very lovable and cute. Hard to get his route. Probably will make you cry.

Owada: Great friends with Ishimaru. Jerk with a heart of gold. Everyone thinks he’s gay for Ishimaru but never admits it. Needs to stop smoking.

Leon: Baseball Baseball, sports. A little hardheaded at times. Unconditional love for MC. But his sister will be 999% murderous after you and will probably stalk you so be careful.

Hagakure: Weedman, probably. Jokes always fall flat. Togami constantly roasts him. Tries to predict your future. Can’t. His route is 90% jokes and 10% kinda emotional.

Hifumi: Constantly making manga and anime jokes. Draws the MC into an adorable 4Koma. Makes sexual jokes sometimes. 

Fujisaki: Cutie cinnamon roll, must be protected. Everyone protects this child and if anything happens to them, there will be a shitstorm of everything.

Kirigiri: Cold, distant, and a constant roaster. Ultra hard to get her route. Too emotional5me. Definitely will make you cry. She sends photos of crime scenes, and the others beg her to stop. It amuses her.

Fukawa: Unobtainable, unfortunately. According to canon, she’s either A: for Togami, or B: for Naegi Komaru. Will probably try to kill MC when you go on Togami’s route. Good luck with that.

Asahina: Total sweetheart. Loves donuts, and eventually you’ll go on a date to a local cafe to buy donuts and coffee. BFFF’s with Oogami Sakura. Please don’t get her bad end. If you want it….. you monster.

Oogami: Probably not available, and if she is, she will try to make the MC a martial art’s master. Dates are training. Likes cute things.

Maizono: Has idol problems, and will send many selfies. So. Many. Selfies. She loves to be at the centre of attention. Emotionally weak, so make sure to choose the right choices otherwise you’ll really regret it.

Enoshima Junko: Will kill MC in the good end, out of despair. You’ll have to be mean to her because she will take that up. Somewhat of a himedere? Also good luck with dealing with her. “Despair route”

Ikusaba Mukuro: Cinnamon roll and very cute. Possessive of Naegi, MC, and her sis. Diehard despair, but for the most part is very neutral. “Despair Route”


Hinata: Realistic about things. Real husband material, and honestly is a very good person. Can be sassy at times. Not difficult to get. Has a slight emotional bump that may cause you to tear up.

Komaeda: Memelord. God, he’s possessive and you need to prove you have talent to him. Why?? Everyone else thinks he’s absolutely bonkers?? Also either way it’s an unhealthy relationship whether you get the good route or not. Please don’t go with Komeada.

Kuzuryuu: Smol tsun-tsun please protect him. Tries to show off how he’s this hardass mob boss, but honestly he is really great at heart. Super emotional route.

Tanaka: Cutie patootie. Treat this child right his good end is really great. Why would you even want his bad end?? You monster! Anyway, his house is covered in animal hair, and constantly shows off his “demon beasts” which are really just his dogs and cats. 

Hanamura: Sends photo’s of his food a whole bunch. A narcissistic sin, and sends selfies. Probably nosebleeds at the thought of meeting MC. Sin route.

Souda: Super emotional cinnamon roll. A bit narcissistic at times, and you’ll need to work on why his relationship with Sonia will never work. Even more emotional than Kirigiri’s. Bring tissues. Lot’s of them.

Nidai: TRAINING!!!!!! Sends selfies consist of training and workout. Really good heart. Cares about everyone’s health.

Twogami: Really a leader. A really dark route. Very nice and lovable, and really cares about MC.

Nanami: Ultimate waifu. Don’t let her cook please. Even when she only sends them, you can see how terrible she cooks. Keep that tissue box, you’ll need it here.

Tsumiki: Really cute, but oddly sexual route. Super possessive of the MC. Lots of mentions of abuse. Please take care of her.

Mioda: A wonderful waifu. A little eccentric, but a wonderfully kind person. Really cares about MC. Instead of calling MC “girlfriend” she calls you a band member. 

Saionji: Sometimes a little twat, and will roast you a lot. When she likes you, she liiiikes you. Really clingy. Has a dark past, and makes some pretty good jokes. Her route is okay.

Koizumi: A real wife. She is really harsh most of the time, but that’s because she’s worried about MC. A nice route, and will make you feel all nice and cozy.

Sonia: An eccentric princess. Sends pictures of Japanese soap operas and weird occult stuff. Sometimes scares other people with what she knows about the occult. Sinnamon roll. Hard to get her route.

Owari: Food. Fight, Food. Fight. Dark past??? Honestly she never gets much characterization other than that in SDR2 so that’s all I can say. Sorry.

Pekoyama: Love fluffy animals, but always texts about her failures with them… She doesn’t have a route, sorry.

Kamakura Izuru: Impossible, don’t even try.