dubbin it


  • Never stops talking
  • Is a wonderful person to always be around
  • Teaches u how to play guitar
  • Enjoys having anime marathons w u
  • Makes v good snacks
  • Loves going on bike rides w u
  • Spends time in the toy section of stores
  • Gives u his jacket when ur cold
  • Gives u his shoes when ur feet hurt
  • Doesn’t mind when u put makeup on him
  • Plays video games w u
  • Is constantly indecisive of whether or not he should hold ur hand or put his arm around ur waist
  • Writes u long love letters ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Takes pictures of himself on ur phone
  • Puts stickers on ur face
  • Sings in the bathroom while ur showering (bc he thinks u should have music while ur scrub-a-dubbin)
  • Wants chicken for dinner every night
  • Loves being extra (ex.: his fkn pin drop he loves doing)
  • Gives u a trail of neck kisses
  • Goes on beach trips w u
  • Tells u to yell/scream when ur at the beach to release ur stress of whatever has been happening 
  • Yells w u
  • Will wrap both of u in a blanket like a burrito*
  • *Laughs when both of u can’t get out of the blanket
  • **Gives up on squirming and lays there w u for a while; tracing ur face gently w his finger

These are songs that Jisoo has taught u how to play and he enjoys it when u sing and perform for him; he ends up singing along and playing w u and is v proud of u and happy that you’ve grasped what he taught u!! (BONUS: both of u end up showing the rest of svt and they’re like wowza!!! and are v pleased w this adorable couple heh)

  1. Radio - Lana Del Rey
  2. House of The Rising Sun - The Animals
  3. Badfish - Sublime
  4. The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson
  5. Fast Car - Tracy Chapman


Jin (BTS)


Suga (BTS)

Jimin (BTS)

Wonwoo (SVT)

Dokyeom/DK (SVT)

Vernon (SVT)

Hoshi (SVT)


The Colbert Report’s now-poetic “Best Writing in a Variety, Music or Comedy Series” reel from the 2009 Emmys.

Featuring: Tom Purcell*, Barry Julien*, Michael Brumm*, Meredith Scardino, Glenn Eichler*, Rob Dubbin*, Jay Katsir*, Allison Silverman, Peter Gwinn, Opus Moreschi*, Peter Grosz, Frank Lesser (being held by Max Werner), and… Stephen Colbert*.

*Colbert Report writers who now - 6 years later - are at The Late Show.