dubai water

hoseok: “yallah yoongi what are we drinking i wanna throw up but the water seller is in front of us”

yoongi: “i don’t -haram word- know habibi but anything for the sake of looking ethnic”


Dubai may soon be home to luxurious floating apartments.

Known for a while now as the part of the world where just about anything seems possible with the right injection of cash, it seems the residents of Dubai may soon be able to purchase floating apartments that come complete with underwater rooms. I would say this idea seems completely mad, but if anyone can pull it off it’s the Emirates. 

Hope to see the real thing soon. Anything can happen, right?

Images courtesy of Architecture & Design Magazine


Enjoying the colour of the sky, and four amazing women ensembled in a certain type of way.
pictured are models Kendall Jenner, Josephine Skriver, Gigi Hadid, and Devon Windsor