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Relationship status:Single
Favourite colour:Purple
Lipstick or Chapstick:Lipstick
Last movie i watched:The Beauty and the Beast
Top three TV Shows:Ghost Wisperer,Charmed,The Simpsons xD

I listen to:Melodic/symphonic/power Metal,Rock,Pop,80,90
Anime Soundtracks,J-Pop,K-Pop
Trance and Dub Step

Top 3 favorite characters(Girls):
Mana (Guilty Crown)
Meroko (Fullmoon wo Sagashite)
Krul (Owari no Seraph)

And Boy’s:
Allen Walker (D.Gray Man)
Yuu (Seraph of the End)
Rokuro (Sousei no Onmyouji)

Top 3 ships:
Rokuro x Benio ♡♡
Bakura x Ryou ♡

I tagg @sandrinachi ♡♡♡

Please fire me. I work in a very small office and have to sit next to my boss. Almost daily he insists on playing his music on his IPod to make the mood better. I wouldn’t mind this, but all he has on it are 2 Cascada songs and the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. There is no escape!

Overwatch heroes and the music they like
  • Lucio: Reggae, trance, dub
  • Symmetra: Math rock, vaporwave
  • Reaper: Rap metal, prog metal
  • Tracer: Hardcore punk with a positive feminist message
  • Mercy: Grindcore
  • Pharah: Only the most boring of contemporary jazz
  • Genji: Japanese speed metal
  • McCree: Alt-country, southern rock. Outspokenly hates "mainstream country"
  • D.va: Electro-swing remixes of songs from the 1920s
  • Zarya: Heavy metal covers of Russian folk songs
  • Zenyatta: Four-hour-long recordings of Tibetan chants
  • Mei: Show tunes, songs from animated movies
  • Winston: Educational children's songs
  • Torbjorn: Black metal, industrial, Regina Spektor
  • Soldier 76: Midwestern dad-rock
  • Reinhardt: German dad-rock
  • Roadhog: A 48-volume "Sounds of Nature" collection; owns no other music
  • Widowmaker: Experimental hip-hop, harsh noise; pretends to only like classical music
  • Junkrat: The trashiest possible 1980s metal
  • Hanzo: A closeted ska fan; will take this secret to his grave
  • Bastion: Birdsong; has listened to the vast majority of human-produced music by analyzing dozens of simultaneous songs at increased bitrates in its omnic processor core, and wasn't particularly impressed.

so one thing about me is that I’ve done some DJing in the past & mostly now I do it just for fun when I’m bored =) anyways so today I did a non-stop 2 hour mix of all remixed taylorswift songs called Taylor Swift: This Sick Mix =) anyways check it out Swifties & other followers and let me know what ya think also Taylor if you see this let me know what you think as well =) =)

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