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Lio making it known that he doesn’t find filming ducks as interesting as I do.

Guys, guys, I decided to use my Crunchyroll subscription to watch Gundam W and I haven’t seen it since like 1999 and seriously I am listening to Midorikawa Hikaru and having serious high school flashbacks it’s so. damn. weird.

Fake Boyfriend (Lafayette x Fem!Reader)

Prompt: “I thought ignoring the way I feel would make me fall out of love.”

A/N: This was so hard to write because I literally had writer’s block for like 3 days, so there’s definitely room for improvement! This is my first imagine so please go easy on me and let me know what you think!!

TW: like two bad words?

W/C: 1466


You had been friends with the Hamilsquad ever since John Laurens introduced you to his best friends on the first day of freshman year of college. You were new to New York and didn’t know anyone. John just so happened to sit next to you in your English class and you two immediately hit it off. When he introduced you to his friends, you were so shocked to see such beautiful men together all the time, but as soon as you got to know them you realized they were a lot dorkier than they looked. It had now been 2 years since you first met them and now you considered them your brothers. All except Lafayette…

You had always felt drawn to the beautiful Frenchman, but how could you not? You were now roommates with all 4 guys, and you would see him everyday. His curly locks and pristine pearly white smile were enough to make any girl swoon. Of course you could never let him or anyone else know you saw him that way because if your friends knew it would only give truth to how they teased you. You two always had the best chemistry and the others would always bug you and Lafayette about it, but you just ignored it because there was no way he felt the same way and your friendship was more important than a silly attraction.

“Ugh! What am I gonna do, Laurens? My parents are coming today and I don’t have a boyfriend!” you said sitting in a booth with Hercules, Alexander, and Laurens at the diner that your friends had dubbed “your spot” after you first walked in.

“Why did you even say that you had a boyfriend, Y/N?” Alexander replied.

“You guys haven’t met my parents, so you don’t understand,” you said. Then your face lit up. “You guys haven’t met my parents!” you said excitedly.

“I don’t know what your idea is but I do not like that look on your face,” Herc replied, beginning to hide behind Alexander.

“What are we talking about, mes amies?” Lafayette said taking a seat next to you.

“Y/N’s parents are coming into town to meet her boyfriend!” Laurens chimed in.

“When did you get a boyfriend?” Lafayette asked, turning to look at you with an expression on his face you couldn’t quite place.

“That’s the problem. She doesn’t have a boyfriend, which is where you come in!” Alexander said with a devious smile.

“Me? What am I supposed to do?” Lafayette said.

“Easy! Y/N and you practically act like a couple anyway, so now all you have to do is just hold her hand and say she’s beautiful!” Alexander stated proudly.

“What do you mean we act like a couple?” You asked.

Hercules, Alexander, and John all shared a look and burst out laughing.

“Don’t listen to them,” Lafayette said and you were almost positive that his cheeks had a slightly pink tint to them. “I’d be more than willing to help, and I’m the best actor out of the four of us anyway,” he said, glaring at the other guys.

“Really? You’re actually willing to be my fake boyfriend for the night? Lafayette you’re the best!” you hugged him. “They’re coming tonight, and we are going to a restaurant so just dress up a tiny bit fancy and pick me up at 6!” you said getting up to go get ready.

“See you later, fake girlfriend,” Lafayette said blowing you a kiss on your way out.

“See you later, fake boyfriend,” you winked.


It was now 6:15, Lafayette still hadn’t picked you up. It was a good thing you had planned for this and had told him to come earlier than he was supposed to. While you were thinking up the story of how Laf asked you out, you heard a knock at the door.

“Lafayette, you’re late!” you said opening the door, only to be frozen in your tracks upon laying your eyes on the elegant and tall Frenchman that stood before you. He had really dressed the part. He had decided to wear a simple suit that fit him perfectly and complemented his features. You hadn’t realized that you were still just staring at him and checking him out when he spoke up.

“You like what you see?” he said.

You blushed and regained your composure.

“I’ve just never seen you in a suit before,” you said shrugging it off, “I didn’t know you owned anything besides t-shirts and tank tops.”

“Ha ha very funny. You don’t look so bad yourself, cheri,” he winked, “Weren’t you just worried about us being late?” Lafayette said smirking because you still couldn’t keep your eyes off of him.

“Oh shit! Let’s go!” you said grabbing your bag and walking out the door.


You had arrived at the restaurant, and you stopped for a second to make sure you looked presentable, wiping invisible dust off your clothes.

“How do I look?” you asked Lafayette as he checked himself out in his car window.

“Absolument magnifique. You could not look more beautiful if you tried,” he said softly, intertwining his fingers with yours. “Shall we?”

“Let’s go,” you sighed.

“Mom, Dad!” you hugged your parents. “This is my boyfriend Marquis de Lafayette, but you can just call him Lafayette.”

“It is a pleasure to meet the both of you,” he said shaking your parents’ hands, “I have been looking forward to this. Y/N always talks about you two.”

“Really? Well, she failed to mention that her boyfriend was a Frenchman.” Your mother said giving you a knowing look.

The evening went on, and Lafayette had clearly charmed your parents. After dinner, you called a cab for your parents which left you alone with Lafayette walking along the streets under the streetlights.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for tonight, Laf. They absolutely loved you,” you said.

“Do you think they bought it?” he asked.

“I mean, yeah.” You stated. “You are a pretty good actor like you said. I almost believed you, too.” You joked nudging him with your elbow.

“Y/N… I have something to tell you…”

You looked up to Lafayette, and you could almost see all the gears spinning in his head as he tried to find the right words to say to you.

“I didn’t have to pretend to have feelings for you because the truth is… I am absolutely and unapologetically in love with you and I have been for some time now. I thought ignoring the way I feel would make me fall out of love, but that clearly didn’t work because pretending to be your boyfriend made me almost as happy as being your real boyfriend would make me, and I know that you probably don’t feel the same way because how could you? You’re beautiful, intelligent, lovely, funny, and just incredibly amazing. I just couldn’t keep it inside anymore. I wish I could stop loving you, but I fell in love with my best friend and I’m not ashamed of that. I love you I love you I love you.” He had to catch his breath from blurting it all out and he looked at you expectantly.

You didn’t know what to say. You were both in shock and realizing your feelings for him were the same. All the time you spent with him had only caused your feeling for him to deepen and you were realizing that now.

“Holy shit…” you whispered.

“I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable, mon ange. That was not my intention.” he asked carefully, searching your face for clues.

You looked up to see your best friend, the man you had had feelings for since the moment you two met. He was about to speak when you crashed your lips into his. His eyes widened in shock before he melted into the kiss, wrapping his arms around your waist. You wrapped one arm around his neck and ran one hand through his curly hair. You pulled away to get a breath of air.

“Is that the response you were looking for?” you breathed, your forehead resting against his with both your eyes closed.

“That’s better than I could have ever expected, mon cherie.”

You couldn’t shake the sense of bliss knowing that the man you were in love with loved you back.

“Now we don’t have to fake being boyfriend and girlfriend.” You said happily.

“Who said I wanted to be your boyfriend?” Laf laughed before jerking to avoid the punch that was coming towards him. “I am just kidding, belle. You are making me the happiest man on earth right now.” He said while the two of you walked through the New York streets happy as can be.

Hubble takes close-up portrait of Jupiter

On April 3, 2017, as Jupiter made its nearest approach to Earth in a year, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope viewed the solar system’s largest planet in all of its up-close glory. At a distance of 415 million miles (668 million kilometers) from Earth, Jupiter offered spectacular views of its colorful, roiling atmosphere, the legendary Great Red Spot, and it smaller companion at farther southern latitudes dubbed “Red Spot Jr.”

The giant planet is now at “opposition,” positioned directly opposite the sun from the Earth. This means that the sun, Earth and Jupiter line up, with Earth sitting between the sun and the gas giant. Opposition also marks Jupiter’s closest point to us, and the planet appears brighter in the night sky than at any other time in the year.

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Remastered: The Case of the Blackmailing Pro Soccer Player.

Old versus New.

Pt. 2



On April 3, 2017, as Jupiter made its nearest approach to Earth in a year, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope viewed the solar system’s largest planet in all of its up-close glory. At a distance of 415 million miles (668 million kilometers) from Earth, Jupiter offered spectacular views of its colorful, roiling atmosphere, the legendary Great Red Spot, and its smaller companion at farther southern latitudes dubbed “Red Spot Jr.”

The giant planet is now at “opposition,” positioned directly opposite the Sun from the Earth. This means that the Sun, Earth, and Jupiter line up, with Earth sitting between the Sun and the gas giant. Opposition also marks Jupiter’s closest point to us, and the planet appears brighter in the night sky than at any other time in the year.

This positioning allowed a team led by Amy Simon of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, to observe Jupiter using Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3. Hubble photographed exquisite details in Jupiter’s atmosphere, as small as about 80 miles (129 kilometers) across.

With its immense and powerful storms and hundreds of smaller vortices, the atmosphere of Jupiter is divided into several distinct, colorful bands, parallel to the equator. These bands, with alternating wind motions, are created by differences in the thickness and height of the ammonia ice clouds; the lighter bands rise higher and have thicker clouds than the darker bands. The bands are separated by winds that can reach speeds of up to 400 miles (644 kilometers) per hour.

Jupiter is best known for the Great Red Spot, an anticyclone that has raged for at least 150 years. This famous storm is larger than Earth. However, the Great Red Spot is slowly shrinking – a trend seen since the late 1800s. The reason for this phenomenon is still unknown. Hubble will continue to observe Jupiter in hopes of solving this riddle.

The images are part of the Outer Planets Atmospheres Legacy program or OPAL. This program provides yearly Hubble global views of the outer planets to look for changes in their storms, winds, and clouds. It began in 2014 with Uranus, and has been studying Jupiter and Neptune since 2015. In 2018, it will begin viewing Saturn.

The team timed the Hubble observation to coincide with when NASA’s space probe Juno would be near its closest point to Jupiter, so that scientists could get concurrent observations.

IMAGE….Majestic Giant Planet is a Swirl of Colorful Clouds Named after the Roman king of the gods, the immense planet Jupiter is undoubtedly king of the solar system. Containing more mass than all the other planets combined, Jupiter’s immense gravitational field deflects wayward comets that otherwise might slam into Earth, wreaking havoc. This dazzling Hubble Space Telescope photo of Jupiter was taken when it was comparatively close to Earth, at a distance of 415 million miles. Hubble reveals the intricate, detailed beauty of Jupiter’s clouds as arranged into bands of different latitudes, known as tropical regions. These bands are produced by air flowing in different directions at various latitudes. Lighter colored areas, called zones, are high-pressure where the atmosphere rises. Darker low-pressure regions where air falls are called belts. The planet’s trademark, the Great Red Spot, is a long-lived storm roughly the diameter of Earth. Much smaller storms appear as white or brown-colored ovals. Such storms can last as little as a few hours or stretch on for centuries.

Yo I’ve been told that reblogged posts do not show up in tags so I’m making this to get the word out farther! @socialjusticesimblr and I are running a Sims 3 BC based on Pokemon gijinkas! 

That’s right! Every contestant must be a pokemon, and we’ve divided it between us! Go here for more info! 

Dub has six spots left open, I have five! We’ll take anyone with a sim for us, you don’t have to be a simblr! :D

I Just Want You For My Own

A  Joshaya Fanfic

Written by: @hoffkk

Written for: Joshaya Week (Day 3 - Josh and Maya Talk About Music)

Summary: Music sparks some fun, jealousy, and one very heated conversation between Josh and Maya.

Notes: Sorry this is late, but it is worth the wait! Promise!  Enjoy and let me know what you think! :)


Maya had just exited the school and was heading in the direction of the nearest subway station when I familiar voice called her name.

“Hey, Maya, Wait up!” Zay called out.

Maya stopped in her tracks and glanced over her shoulder to find Zay running to catch up to her. Turning completely to face him, she replied, “What’s up?”

“Not much… can I just say that you look ravishing today.” He complimented, offering her a cheesy smile.

Maya just rolled her eyes. She was wearing her usual sweater and ripped skinny jeans with  matching ankle boots.  That, along with the fact that Zay was the one complimenting  her tipped her off that something was up.

“What do you want, Zay?”  She asked, giving him a no nonsense look as she cocked her head to the side.

Zay fiddled with a crumpled sheet of paper in his hands and answered simply, “I need a favor…wait,”  He cut himself off as another thought occurred to him.  "Where is Riley?“

"Cheer practice.” She responded.  "What’s the favor?“ Maya added hastily, growing impatient.

"All right, so, the thing is, I’m performing at Open Mic Night this Friday at Topanga’s.” Zay started to explain.

“Of course you are.”  She nodded in understanding.  Every Friday, the gang hung out at Topanga’s, and every Friday, Zay sang a song for Open Mic Night.  It was a tradition they started at the beginning of senior year.  Zay was actually a pretty good singer.  Sometimes he even played the guitar or piano.  Maya suddenly found herself intrigued.  Where was he going with this mysterious favor?

“Well, I really wanna do this one song, but I need some help with the vocals, so I was wondering if you could help a guy out?” Zay trailed off nervously.

“Wait a minute,” Maya started, holding a hand up to signal him not to talk.  "Are you asking me to do a duet with you?“

"No…okay, yes.” Zay replied, shaking his head for emphasis.

“I- I don’t know. Singing isn’t really my thing.” She reasoned.

“Come on,” Zay goaded.  "I’ve heard you sing hundreds of times.  Your voice is great.“

"Singing to the radio isn’t the same as singing on stage, Zay.”  Maya explained.  "Why don’t you ask Riley?  She has a good voice too , and she loves helping out a friend in need.“

"Well, you see…that was my original idea, but I figured she would probably say no to my song choice.”  Zay answered. “And if by some chance she did say yes, Lucas would probably kill us, and by us, I mean me.”  He added.

“What song did you pick exactly?” She wondered aloud.

Zay just smiled tentatively and handed over the paper he had been holding.

After unfolding it and smoothing it out a bit, Maya noticed it was a lyric sheet.  Her eyes fixed on a few lines in the middle of the sheet and that was all it took to figure out what song it was.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” She remarked dryly.

“I know what you’re thinking…”  Zay began, trying to explain himself.

“That you’re a perv?”  She retorted.

“I was gonna say that the song is a bit risque…”  Zay continued.

“Just a tad.” Maya said sarcastically.

“And yes, maybe it is,”  He relented. “but it’s also an awesome song with a good beat and killer harmonies.”

Zay wasn’t wrong.” She thought to herself.  The song was actually one of her favorites for all the reasons he said and more.  She even knew the lyrics by heart, but that didn’t mean she was going to belt them out in front of her friends and family.

“Come on, Maya, pleeeeeeease!”  Zay begged, folding his hands together for dramatic effect.  "I’ll be your best friend!“

Maya smirked and shook her head playfully, commenting, "You already are.”

Everyone who knows Maya, knows that her best friend is Riley Matthews.  However, what might not be as obvious is that Isaiah Babineaux was a close second.  They just got each other in a way the others didn’t and bonded over their love for making wise cracks at their friends’ expenses, all in good fun of course. They were always coming up with new made up games to play, making dirty jokes, and seeing who could come up with the best cheesy pick-up lines.  They definitely made quite the pair, and the best part?  They didn’t have to worry about feelings getting in the way and making things awkward because they were totally and completely platonic.  It was kind of funny, even though they have only known each other a few years, Maya felt like she has known him her whole life. She didn’t know what she would do without him.

“Even more reason for you to help me.” Zay retorted, nudging Maya’s arm.

Maya let out a long breath and conceded, “All right, I’ll do it.”

“Sweet!”  He cheered, making a small “cha-ching” gesture with both of his arms.

“But you owe me.” She said sternly, point a finger at him.

“Deal.”  He agreed, his smiling doubling in size as he threw his arms around her.

“We’ll meet up tomorrow and practice, while the rest of the group are busy with their extracurricular activities.  It’ll be our little secret.”

“Whatever you say.”  Maya replied, adjusting her backpack on her shoulder.

They proceeded to bid their farewells and then Maya made her way to the subway station, hoping the whole way home that, come Friday, she wouldn’t live to regret the decision she had just made.


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And now, the thrilling conclusion! This is…

Television: Some ups, some downs, but calm overall.

⬆ The Pretty Little Liars (No. 1) know who A is. Unless it’s all another lie!

American Horror Story returns after a dip in Lady Gaga’s blood-red pool.

Movies: Disney cast an enchantment over 14 of 20 spots this week. From D23:

☆ Chris Evans is Ulysses S. Grant in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War (No. 1), we’re assuming.

☆ Emma Watson talked Beauty and the Beast (No. 9).

☆ Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson introduced Moana (No. 5).

☆ Official renderings for new Star Wars (No. 3)  parks—Disney promises it’s not a trap.

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Music: The top three is back to normal: 5SOS, 1D, and T. Swift.

Lana Del Ray (No. 7) got High on the Beach, swaying and twirling up seven spots.

Melanie Martinez is the Cry Baby who debuted at No. 10.

⬇︎ No news from the Meek beef,  Drake tumbles eight to No. 11.

Celebrities: A birthday, a memorial, and nine names that weren’t there before.

☆ Even on Fandometrics, Donald Trump (No. 10) is polling higher than his GOP rivals.

Robin Williams (No. 11) still greatly missed.

Sebastian Stan (No. 4) lifted himself up seven spots with his bionic arm.

⬇︎ Kim Kardashian (No. 14) drops another five spots—10 in two weeks. Sister Kylie still No. 1.

Video games: Up-up-down-down-… Those are the only directions Fandometrics goes.

Pokemon battled its way back to No. 1.

Big Hero 6 confirmed for Kingdom Hearts (No. 6), which jumped nine spots on the news.

⬇︎ Super Smash Bros. got knocked off the edge, losing six spots to end the week at No. 14.

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Web stuff: Zero movement in the top five, but no shortage of shake-ups further down.

RWBY becomes the first American anime to get a Japanese dub, jumps eight spots to No. 7.

⬇︎TronnorTroye Sivan (No. 15) and Connor Franta (No. 17)—drop out of the top 10 together. So cute!


『レゴ®ムービー』 The Lego Movie Official Trailer (Japanese Dub)


a longer clip of the HxH dub for those who haven’t seen!! i really like all their voices!

5SOS Preference #25 :: Cuddling

M I K E Y 

“Michael, you’ve been playing that game for over three hours straight.” You groaned, setting down your phone and sitting on the couch next to him. “Come on,” you complained, resting your chin on his shoulder. “Just… a few more levels, okay?” Michael asked, his tongue sticking slightly out of his mouth. You groaned, burying your head in his chest. You wrapped your arms around his waist and shifted so you were partially on his lap. You could feel his laughter rumble in his chest, and he reached over to set his controller down. “Fine, fine,” he murmured, pulling you closer to him. “It’s only because I love you, though.” You nodded, smiling into his chest as he pulled a blanket around the two of you.

C A L 

You were terrified. You and Calum had just watched multiple scary movies, and you couldn’t sleep at all. Calum was soundly asleep on the couch, and you didn’t want to wake him, so you were upstairs, all alone. It was close to four in the morning, and you were exhausted, but you didn’t want to sleep. You tip-toed downstairs to the couch, where you saw Calum’s black hair peeking out from under a blanket. “Cal?” You whispered, and he stirred under the covers. “Calum? I can’t sleep,” You pouted, sitting on the end of the couch. He wordlessly opened his arms, and you slipped under the covers next to him. “We’re never watching scary movies again.” You mumbled, and he chuckled. Pulling you closer to him, he kissed your hair. “It gives me an excuse to cuddle you,” he yawned.


“Good morning,” Ashton mumbled groggily from beside you. You grinned, holding your pillow tightly. “You look beautiful in the mornings,” he whispered. You giggled as he pressed a kiss to your collarbone and made a trail all the way up to your cheek. “Ashton Irwin, what has gotten into you?” You asked, unable to contain your smile. “I just love you a lot.” he giggled, wrapping his arms around your waist. “Hmm, I just love you a lot, too.” You mumbled, intertwining your fingers with his. “Can we just stay here for the day? I never want to move.” Ashton asked you, burying his head in your neck. You closed your eyes in response, snuggling even closer to his body.


“It’s beautiful out here,” you sighed, sitting down on a bench. “Yeah,” Luke agreed, sitting down next to you. You had gone for a walk that day, and come across a little park, with a pond and multiple benches overlooking it. It was completely beautiful, and Luke immediately dubbed it your couple spot. Luke stretched an arm over your shoulders, pulling you closer to him. “We should make a habit of coming out here.” He said as you wrapped one arm around him. You nodded in agreement, resting your head in the crook of his neck. You sat in silence as the wind blew slowly, him tracing circles on your arm, you holding him tightly, neither one of you wanting the moment to end.

new-recipe  asked:

How do you think Kacchan would react to finding a box of abandoned kittens? Would he try to do something about it or leave them? If he takes them, would mama Bakugou freak out or be okay with it?

I think Kacchan would be indifferent about them at first and continue walking past them, however their constant mewling pulls him back. There’s four little kittens sitting in the box. One is black with white paws, another is an orange tabby, there’s also a white one with a black spot on its forehead, the last one is the one he thinks looks the coolest it’s black with orange tips on its ears (like his mask).

“Will you all shut up?” he asks crouching down in front of the box. “Hey c'mon stop crying it’s not that bad.” He reaches out to pet the tabby, but orange tips jumps to its defense, hissing at Kacchan. “You little shit I was just trying to be friendly!”

The tabby nudges Kacchan’s hand with its head. He scratches it behind the ears and it begins to purr. “So you like that, huh?” The other two kittens he dubbed Spot and Socks joined in. Explodo, orange tips, wasn’t having any of it. The cat glared at him and he glared back.

It was getting late so he quickly picked up the box and headed home. Now he just needed to figure out how to sneak them into his room without his mom catching on. He was pretty sure she wasn’t a cat person, but now wasn’t the time to find out.

“Where have you been?” his mother asked when he entered the house.

“Out.” he replied, walking past his mother and father towards his bedroom.

“What’s that you’ve got son?” his father asked from the dinner table.

“A package I ordered.” he lied

“I swear if that’s more porn magazines-” his mother started

“IT’S NOT! MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS WILL YOU!” he stamped off to his room.

“Honey, I don’t think we should jump to conclusions. But he is growing up after all so it’s only natural-”


A groan and a door slamming was heard before Katsuki re-entered the dining room. He sat down and ate his dinner while his father talked about work and current events. “Did you hear? All Might’s going to be teaching at UA!”

His mother nodded. “All Might saved his life didn’t he? He’ll teach how to be a real hero! How to save himself!”

Katsuki twirled his chopsticks in his ramen. All Might, huh? It was true that All Might had saved him and he didn’t really get a chance to thank him, he sped off so fast. Maybe he should thank him.

A faint meowing interrupted his thoughts. ‘Crap!’ He quickly excused himself before bolting to his room. The kittens were getting into everything. “Hey! Stop that you little shits!” Explodo was climbing his curtains and Socks knocked over the trash can. Spot tumbled out. “You damn cats!” he harshly whispered. Claws dug into the back of his leg. “YOWW!” It was a good thing he was wearing pants.

His mom shouted for him to be quiet that she and his father were trying to watch TV.

Katsuki reached around and plucked the little orange tabby from his leg. He glared at it. “Don’t ever do that again!” Cheeto looked at him confused. He sighed and put the cat down. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do with them. Maybe he should let them outside again? Watching the cats roll around on the floor with each other erased that thought from his mind. They were all, dare he admit, cute.

He sat down crosslegged and began playing with the kittens. He wasn’t entirely sure how he was going to take care of them all, but he’d try his damndest to figure it out. Maybe someone at UA was good with cats?

World Building Week: Graves

If a person comes back as a ghost, instead of being restrained to their place of death, they have similar things to cold spots. These locations have been dubbed haunt spots. Haunt spots have higher connections to the Ghost Zone than any other location on Earth. As a result, more natural portals appear in that area. However, without a constant ecto-source or another ghost in the area, eventually the haunt spot will go back to normal and a lower number of natural portals will appear. If a ghost moves into that area, the haunt spot will be reactivated and ghosts will start appearing again. 

Amity Park is a big hot spot for ghost activity for many reasons. One, two people technically have died and became ghosts (Poindexter and Danny), so there are two haunt spots. Two, the permanent portal is both an ecto-source and a haunt spot, so as long as it’s on, natural portals will keep appearing around Amity Park. And three, despite being a halfa, Danny still has an extremely strong ecto-signature, so he has enough ecto-energy to power both sources, making even more natural portals appear. 

Ghosts sometimes get territorial over their haunt spots, but some would like to just leave them alone, due to bad memories. It is more common for a ghost to not want to be restrained to their haunt spot and seek a more stable refuge in the Ghost Zone in their Lair. 

Old Tracks

I hadn’t been able to leave the Mini-Farm for several weeks. I didn’t realize how terribly the lack of adventure affected me until we were finally on the road again, both dogs piled into the back of the pickup with all our camping gear and a day’s worth of food. 

Our destination was new territory - a trail which wasn’t even a real ‘trail’ at all, but rather, an abandoned section of railroad cutting through the heart of Salmonberry wilderness in the Oregon Coast mountain range just outside the tiny community of Timber. 

My partner and I chose to hike five miles in and five miles out - which isn’t ambitious by and means, but with all our gear and two dogs to look after, we had our work cut out for us. I was cramping badly with menstrual pains, my brand new pack wouldn’t properly adjust, and an unfortunate bear mace leakage at the beginning of the hike left my nose and eyes burning terribly for the duration. 

It seemed that everything that could go wrong did go wrong. But I really didn’t mind. I was pleased to be out in the forest again, just me, my partner, and my two dogbeasts, in an area where seeing another hiker was actually something of a shock and surprise, given the remote nature of the trail. 

We passed through old tunnels, crossed over intricate trestle bridges, and set up camp for the night beside the Salmonberry river at a spot we dubbed “Elk Swamp” - so-named because the skeletal remains of an old elk were prominently displayed in the dark, earthy waters of a marsh nearby. Cabal and Jude, my canine companions, made good use of the bones as play-things while my partner and I set up our tent. 

Despite the days’ rocky start, nothing compared to the struggle we encountered in trying to start a fire. Days of on-and-off rainfall had soaked all the wood in the region, and it took several tries before we finally got enough substantial coals to cook our evening meal. 

I fed the dogs and tied them to their posts outside the tent - Cabal at far sentry, Jude at close guard - before calling it a night. Despite being wintertime in the cold, wet mountains of the Pacific Northwest, my sleeping bag and my partner’s body heat kept me warm and comfortable, at least long enough to catch a few hours of sleep. I woke intermittently throughout the night, feeling the bear mace burning my skin -  but found it surprisingly easy to fall back asleep again each time after waking. 

At 3:30 AM, Cabal sounded the alarm. I poked my head out of the tent with a flashlight in hand, but saw nothing worth fretting over. I gave my pup the command for silence and once more surrendered to the gravity of slumber. 

As the sun rose, my partner awoke to take the dogs on a jaunt of his own while I slept in. The trio returned an hour later with a collection of quartz and agate to show for their journey. 

We had a brief breakfast - no fire, this time - and packed up the camp, then headed back up the trail, traversing landslides, treacherous sections of washed-out track, and downed trees, knocked over in a recent violent windstorm. 

By the time we reached our starting point, all four of us were completely exhausted. Cabal and Jude leapt eagerly into the truck bed as my partner and I stashed away our packs, happy to be rid of them, and drove back out of the woods to rejoin civilization. 

Despite the hardships of what should have been a simple and uneventful adventure, I’m incredibly pleased that we made the journey. This was one of the last trips I planned to take with just Cabal and Jude - soon, we’ll add the new puppy to our pack, and things won’t be the same. Spending time with my boys - Danny included - was wholly worth the aches and pains. And in a way, they made it even better. 

Walt Disney World has given one of its monorails the wrapper treatment, this time promoting the upcoming Disney-Pixar film “Monsters University.”

The so-called “Monsterail,” as Disney fans on social media were quick to dub it, was spotted on the Magic Kingdom Park and Resorts. It features Mike, Sulley and other students from Monsters University appearing in the windows of Monorail Teal, some holding banners and pennants showing support for such monstrous fraternities and sororities as “Oozma Kappa,” The rear of the monorail sports a blue “MU” college letter-style logo.