dub graffiti

anyway did i ever tell y'all silent hill is my favourite “horror” movie and i live an hour away from the town the story is based of off? it’s called centralia and there are mines burning underneath the town that have actually compromised a lot of its land and roadways like there’s a section of a highway route 61 that leads you to/through the town was left to the natural elements after a partial collapse/warping and it’s been dubbed the graffiti highway because after the silent hill movie was released in 2006 people began covering the highway in graffiti when they’d go to explore the town. it’s practicially abandoned and i have no idea how the people get their goods, gas, etc. because all but ten people, nine of which are older than fifty so have presumably lived there their whole lives, have left the town, and once the last ten go the borough will technically cease to exist. i find it neat yet terrifying and sad.