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All We Are

A/N: Special thanks go to my darling anonymous033, who reads whatever I throw at her without complaint and is a wholly wonderful human being. Also, you can find this on ao3 if you’d prefer.

Felicity Smoak does not believe in fate. She does not believe that her future is pre-destined — that the unseen powers of the universe make decisions for her.

Maybe, once upon a time, she could have fallen for it — and maybe, once upon a time, she did. But her father walked away with another woman’s name tattooed against his shoulder blade, and her mother cried on the kitchen floor with another man’s name tattooed against hers.

People may say that it was never meant to work out — that you can’t ignore a soul mate mark. But that doesn’t change the fact that, soul mate or not, her father had built a family. He made a choice to leave, and he has made a choice every single day not to return. Even as she feels her heart splintering at the edges, Felicity refuses to let him off the hook for something as nebulous as fate.

Rumor has it that Donna Smoak cried on the day Felicity was born when she saw the name write itself out against her baby’s wrist. Felicity is kind of terrified when she hears the story, if she’s being honest. That same fear is what keeps her from looking under the ribbon that has been tied around her wrist since her first minute in this world.

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