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Upcoming Watchalong Dates

OKAY. I’m going to try to start doing this ahead of time again, since my next couple months are going to be busy, and I’ve been getting requests on movies. So this is just a way I am keeping track of all of those. 


MARCH 2017

  • March 25: Desolation of Smaug Extended / Star Trek Into Darkness

APRIL 2017

  • April 1: Battle of Five Armies Extended / Star Trek Beyond
  • April 8: NO SHOWS due to 221b Con - Please let me know if you will be hosting your own show and I will post it here.
  • April 15: Yuri on Ice!! English Dub Marathon (all 12 Episodes)
  • April 22: Lord of the Rings Extended / The Two Towers Extended
  • April 29: Return of the King Extended / Howl’s Moving Castle

MAY 2017 (Miyazaki Month)

  • May 6 (Oldies but Goodies): My Neighbour Totoro / Nausicaa / Porco Rosso
  • May 12: NO SHOWS due to OCC. - Please let me know if you will be hosting your own show and I will post it here.
  • May 20 (Magical May!): Spirited Away / Ponyo / Tales from Earthsea
  • May 27 (Girls Rule!): Princess Mononoke / Kiki’s Delivery Service / Arrietty

JUNE 2017

Thinking of a Super Summer themed month, like super hero movies, or possibly recent new releases, OR a Harry Potter month, ending with Fantastic Beasts.

  • June 3: TBA (suggestions welcome)
  • June 10: TBA
  • June 17: TBA
  • June 24: TBA

To those who can only come to earlier shows, please let me know if you’d rather I flip some of the movies to earlier times if you would rather see it first. The only ones that cannot be changed are the three Miyazaki “first” shows, as they were requested and confirmed already to play as show one.

FFXV-2 Ardyn Story

Ardyn Part 1

Ardyn’s journey won’t be solo. His companions could consist of all the guys that potentially betrayed him and were tying him up (as seen in the official Artbook).

I wonder if those black hoods have any connection to the one you find in Pitioss Ruins. Ardyn’s era is after Solheim. But their technology should still be around and reinvented. Just like how Ardyn introduced Magitek Troopers to Niflhiem once he joins them.

  • I based Ardyn’s story mostly on what was available from the timeline released in the Ultimania. 

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Who I think should do the English Spriggan voices - Bradman: Travis Willingham, Wahl Icht: Justin Cook, Dimaria: Laura Bailey, Neinhart: Ian Sinclair, Larcade: Troy Baker, God Serena: Jason Liebrecht, Brandish: Natalie Hoover, Irene: (Don’t know maybe they’ll reuse Colleen), Ajeel: Aaron Roberts, Jacob: Andrew Love, Invel: Taliesin Jaffe , August: Kent Williams
     – submitted by @thegreatrhapsode

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What is Miraculous Ladybug and where can I watch it?

HOKAY, SO: I’m going to take this moment to lay down some context as to why my tumblr has abruptly plunged into Miraculous Ladybug Hell.

The premise: Two teen superheroes, Ladybug and Chat Noir, defend modern-day Paris from “supervillains”, who are ordinary citizens given powers and manipulated into wreaking havoc by a mysterious man. Oblivious to one another’s secret identities, our heroes have to juggle ninth-grade life, superhero duties, and growing feelings for one another that threaten their hero and civilian identities.

The execution: This show is animated in 3D, which has its upsides and downsides. They utilize a lot of stretch-and-squash, which helps, and the villain designs/concepts are neat and interesting. The fight scenes are well-choreographed, and while the small-scale ones are interesting, they also maximize the use of 3D in the large-scale fights, which tend to knock it out of the park. 

The episodes: At least three seasons will be produced, and we’re drawing close to the end of Season One right now (kind of.) Each story is supposed to be self-contained and watchable in any order. (More about that here.) Currently, episodes are airing in French and Korean in their respective companies, and being dubbed in English prior to airing in America.

Where can you watch it? Nickelodeon(.com) with valid cable TV service. If you don’t have a TV provider, the English dub is currently available on iTunes and Amazon Prime, and I really recommend spending the $15-$20 for a season pass/license/what have you. Honestly, I like the French voices better, but I shelled out for English because a) that way I can easily rewatch while working, and b) this show is kind of a risk for American audiences. It’s important to show that I, a money-making American, am willing to spend money to access this show. And since I’ve effectively prepaid for the entire season, I don’t feel bad about catching the subtitled French episodes on YouTube, etc. 

Anyway, that “support the show” pitch aside, there are 12 episodes dubbed in English and available for purchase. From there on, you’ll want to rely on handy-dandy blogs like @mlsubbing@miraculousubs , and @official-ladyblog to get you up to speed.


- You’re nostalgic for Sailor Moon season 1

- You’re down for fluffy, awkward teens who swing wildly between zero chill and  Co-Captains of the U.S.S. Sass-barge.

- You aren’t necessarily looking for a monster/moral of the day, but will tolerate it with a hefty spoonful of Episode Subplot

- You aren’t looking for angst or heavy issues. They’re there, but they’re fairly subtle. 



- The male lead’s issues are never taken out on anyone else, nor are they bottled up to maintain a “stoic” front. If anything, his characterization systematically deconstructs a lot of toxic tropes in angsty male leads.

- The female lead has a life and dreams and talents outside of her superhero work and apart from her love interest, and several subplots revolve around those dreams/talents. She is also physically just as scrappy as the male lead, but uses her head and her muscle to improvise the. most. batshit. plans to neutralize villains at the drop of a hat. Seriously, McGuyver just looks like a lightweight in comparison.

- While the male half of the superhero team is very openly flirty with/attracted to the female half, it never impedes their teamwork or comes off as objectifying or disrespectful, and more importantly, there is zero pressure on her to reciprocate. If anything, it’s treated like a running inside joke between them. (And since the flirty lines are usually AWFUL PUNS, it kind of is a running joke.)

OVERALL it may not be your cup of sunshine tea. But I, a grown-ass adult, am a puddle over two fictional ass-kicking cinnamon roll children who just need to hold hands and be happy, goddammit. 

I hope that answers your questions, Anon. ;)

The Beat (or The English Beat) “Save It For Later” b/w “What’s Your Best Thing? (Dub Style)” 1982, 12″ single on Go Feet Records. “Save It For Later” appeared on Special Beat Service and became one of their biggest US hits with a sound far less ska-influenced than their previous singles, instead it focused on an awesomely infectious jangly hook and an upbeat, memorable, double entendre-ladened chorus.

Singer/guitarist Dave Wakeling said about “Save It For Later,” "I wrote it when I was a teenager. I wrote it before The Beat started. And it was about turning from a teenager to someone in their 20s, and realizing that the effortless promise for your teenage years was not necessarily going to show that life was so simple as you started to grow up. So it was about being lost, about not really knowing your role in the world, trying to find your place in the world. So, you couldn’t find your own way in the world, and you’d have all sorts of people telling you this, that, and the other, and advising you, and it didn’t actually seem like they knew any better. So it was like keep your advice to yourself. Save it - for later.” Also, “The actual hook line itself was just a dirty joke, I just thought it was hilarious that you could get in a song: ‘save it – comma – for later – F-E-double L-A-T-O-R.’ So I thought it’d be really neat to get that in a song and everybody would be singing it. I didn’t know it was going to be a joke that lasted for 30 years.“ 

The dub of episode 12 was wonderful, but one line really stood out to me, as a summary of the unique format of the Yuri on Ice story and how it plays with the usual happy ending cliches. (It was in the sub as well, and it caught my eye there as well but something about hearing it made it a lot more interesting.)

“No tale is more compelling, than one that never ends.”

In context, it’s about JJ and Seung Gil Lee, two skaters who are in the prime of their career and whose subtle interactions with each other will continue long past the Grand Prix Final. After all, the Grand Prix is just the start of the skating season. There is so much left to do, and so many stories to be told on the sidelines of the greater Victor/Yuri arc. 

And the thing about skating is that it never stops. Individual skaters work through their careers, but then they coach or choreograph or inspire other younger skaters, who step into their places and continue refining the art. It’s a neverending story, one that only gets greater over time. There’s so much love for the immortality of the ice- the infinite and eternal possibility of greater things in the future- in the writing. No ends, no neatly tied up resolutions. Everything keeps going, and that perpetual motion is beautiful. 

Look at the story we get told with Yuri on Ice. It starts with two skaters in a standstill, trying to figure out how to move forward with their lives. Their victory is not winning a gold medal or getting married and having babies, it’s continuing with their careers, continuing to contribute to the eternal story. They don’t get to settle down, they get to be immortal.

Even if we get a season two, I don’t think we’ll ever get a cut and dried ending, where everyone waltzes into the sunset. That would be a betrayal of the story they’re trying to tell. It isn’t about finding happiness, it’s about progress, about inspiring each other to be better skaters and attaining happiness in the process. 

Maybe one of the main characters will retire, but certainly not permanently. There will always be the next generation in the wings to be tutored, a surprise comeback to be made. One more competition, one more year, one more medal or routine, all the way into forever. 

Not only is that sort of open ended storytelling uniquely poignant, it’s also perfect for a show that endeavors not just to tell a love story but to tell the story of an entire sport. Nothing ever stops, there is no final goal to reach, only an ever evolving conglomerate of beauty that every athlete contributes to. A happy ending for Yuri on Ice is an anti-ending, one forever that promises a more glorious future just around the corner. 

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Can you do a marichat fic with Chat taking care of Marinette and something happens to make him suspect her if being ladybug? Thanx *-*

I’ve never written these two before and, to be honest, I’ve only watched about 12 episodes dubbed so my portrayal might not be all that accurate. I hope you like it anyway. ^^

;Bye Bye Butterfly

The way the sunlight gleamed off Marinette’s ponytails reminded Adrien, or Chat, as she addressed him now, of the way Ladybug’s hair would bounce so elegantly during the throes of a passionate battle. Thoughts of the girl he loved never seemed to escape him, like ghosts destined to roam every dark crevice of his mind, haunting him, beckoning with their soft, inviting warmth. He’d welcome possession if it meant staying by her side.

Truth be told, Chat Noir had been heading back from his recent mission with Ladybug when he’d happened upon Marinette leaving the same building. With time to spare before his transformation wore off, albeit not much, he’d taken a moment to see how she was faring. It was an important part of heroics to comfort the damsels in distress, after all. Not that Marinette was a damsel in distress. In fact, Adrien admired Marinette’s strength more than words could say. She always tried to make the best of a bad situation. He respected that. 

He’d lost count of how many times he and Marinette had been involved with the evil-doings of Akumatised citizens. There were times when, in the midst of chaos, Adrien had thought he might miss his chance to assist Ladybug in restoring peace to Paris. In the end, though, time had a way of ensuring Chat Noir’s fated entrance.

“Aw, look at the butterfly,” Marinette said, pointing to the black spotted wings of a butterfly that perched on a patch of nearby flowers. 

“If the wings were red it would look a little like Ladybug, don’tcha think?”

Marinette laughed at that. “You think Ladybug is like a butterfly?”

Adrien scratched the back of his head. Thoughts of Ladybug swirled through his mind, warming his cheeks enough that he had to take a moment to rub at them self-consciously. “She’s my partner, so I see sides to Ladybug that a lot of people don’t.”

Marinette’s eyes turned on his face, embarrassing him further. “Is that so?”

 “Well, yeah, ya know. A lot of people see Ladybug with her wings up to ward off predators, but, ah, I’ve seen her relaxed too. To me, Ladybug is the most beautiful butterfly in existence. A rare creature that should always be allowed to fly free.”

“Well, well, you’re quite the catanova, huh?” Marinette teased.

With a simple shrug, Adrien glanced away for fear of exposing his embarrassment to her. He wanted Marinette to think of Chat Noir as the cool, collected hero of Paris, not as a love-struck puppy. Besides, cats hated puppies. “You know, you remind me of Ladybug sometimes, too.”

Marinette choked on a laugh, pounding her fist against her chest as she not-so-gracefully scared the butterfly from one petal to the next with a serious of hacking coughs. “What, little old me? Don’t be silly. There’s no way I could be Ladybug.”

“That’s not what I meant,” he explained. “You’re strong-willed and hard working. I can see just by looking in your eyes that you have a strong desire to protect your friends. You and Ladybug have that in common, your selflessness.” 

“I can be selfish too, sometimes,” Marinette confessed, rocking back on her heels to lend more sunlight to the butterfly perched before her. A tint of red gathered on Marinette’s cheeks when she looked at him, lighting up her big, blue eyes. “I didn’t know you were such a romantic, Chat Noir.”

Adrien laughed. “Well, you know…”

He glanced away as Marinette struggled to flatten the ends of her skirt when a gust of wind danced its way through the park. He kept his eyes focused on the sky, and on the black-spotted butterfly that suddenly blinked across his vision.

“There it goes,” she commented, climbing to her full height to stretch her arms above her head. “Bye bye little butterfly.” 

Adrien’s skin prickled with the remnants of Ladybug’s voice. The familiarity of it burned its way through his veins, through the veins of a hero and the veins of a boy smitten beyond reprieve. In that moment, gazing at the side of Marinette’s face, he thought he saw a flicker of Ladybug in her eyes. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Adrien brushed it off as a sign of exhaustion. There was no way Marinette and Ladybug were the same person…


It’s almost December so here is the prompt list for Kylux Kinkmas!! Prompt list by event runners @currentlykyluxtrash and @its-pixiesthings

Each set of kink prompts comes with one holiday prompt. Your goal is to combine the holiday prompt with the kink prompt in some way to make the season kinky! Each set concludes with a FREE KINK DAY for you to use any kink you want with the holiday theme. We’ll be tracking the tag #KyluxKinkmas and reblogging your work here!

Set 1: COLD
Day 1: Wax/Candle play
Day 2: Temperature play
Day 3: Foot Worship

Day 5: Needle play
Day 6: Costumes/Roleplay
Day 7: Transformation/Body Horror

Day 9: Public play
Day 10: Bondage
Day 11: Non/dub-con

Day 13: Slave AUs
Day 14: Toys/Fucking Machines
Day 15: Oviposition

Day 17: Priest/Religion kink
Day 18: Punishment
Day 19: Pet/Pony play

Set 6: FEAST
Day 21: WAM/Sloshing
Day 22: Chubby/Feeding kink
Day 23: Drugging

Set 7: LOVE
Day 25: Multiple Partners
Day 24: Vivisection
Day 25: Play piercing/body mod

These are the days to create a cheesy Lifetime Movie style Holiday Special Feature. An homage to the infamously bad Star Wars Holiday Special film, and all other terribly corny feelgood features that come out around this time, this is the time to create kinky holiday traditions and fictional holidays. These are ANY KINKS GO days for you to spice up the season.

Canonverse: Set in the Star Wars Canon world means you can either use Life Day (from the aforementioned Holiday Special) or invent your own holiday for the Star Wars universe!
Modern AU: This is to explore real world holidays, any holiday you like or celebrate, setting the story in our world.
Anything Goes: Got a fantasy realm AU? A crossover AU? This is for any setting, any fictional holiday you want!

Hope to see what you come up with!


I was searching something like “family movie with a happy end and good old sence of humor” for this weekend, and I picked up this one.

Un monstre à Paris, a film by Bibo Bergeron, with Luc Besson as producer, starring Vanessa Paradis as Lucille and Matthieu Chedid as Francœur (Sean Lennon as Francœur in English dub). Release: 10/12/2011 (France)

Love this movie! It’s touching story, with great visual background, and humor, and full of music. Well, it’s so much French! And as an icing on the cake, it’s very close to The Phantom of the Opera story.

It’s set in 1910 (and we know this date very well, haha). Lucille is a star in local cabaret, her stage costume includes an angelic wings. Her childhood friend’s name is Raoul, and he’s now on his way to catch the monster. Francœur wears full white mask, he’s musical genius and he’s got yellow eyes, gleaming in darkness!

La Seine everyone!

amber-rose-neko-san  asked:

Oh, I asked that question a few days ago and I finished Episode 9 and 10 last night (dying waiting for 11 and 12's dubs since I can't watch subs) so I now understand why you all hate him so much..

To be honest, I don’t hate JJ. I dot hate any of the characters. I just give him shit, just like I give Chris shit about being a slut. Lol
~Mod Star