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unholygift  asked:

What would S, M and T bros do if they saw their s/o rolling around their room and laughing like a little child?

Depends on what you are laughing about.


Shu - Though he thinks you are adorable you are too loud and would like for you to be more quiet about it.

Reiji - “Would you stop acting like a child.” Finds your antics rather unamusing. You are too to be doing that.

Ayato - Would probably be laughing with you even though he doesn’t know what you two are laughing about.

Kanato - “You’re too noisy… stop it.” He’s the only cute one around here so get in line.

Laito - Laito finds your antics adorable and could watch you go on for hours even after you become annoying.

Subaru - He’d shake his head and walk away with a smirk, you’re such a dork… but you’re his dork.


Ruki - “Livestock do I need to remind you that you are not a child?” That question is scarier than you think.

Kou - He’d record it for social media because of how utterly adorable you are.

Yuma - He’d watch you go on for a while mumbling about how much of a dork you were and go back to the garden.

Azusa - He’d lay in the floor with you just to watch your laughing face as he felt butterflies in his stomach every time a giggle left you.


Carla - He’d observe you while you were in this state… humans were weird creatures all right. But he did like hearing you laugh.

Shin - He’d be laughing with you to, even if he doesn’t know what it is. If you ask him he’ll say of course he does, but that’s just a cover up.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a scenario where the boys find out that their S/O was in love with their teacher. While she never said anything about it and never planned to act on it the boys could just tell her feelings were just for him.

I kind of had trouble understanding this one so I just went with it, if it’s not what you’re going for then shoot me another ask when the askbox opens back up! But basically these boys are scary jealous boys.


Shu - “What a lewd woman, lusting over your teacher like that. Don’t you know you’re mine?” Is very much jealous.

Reiji - “That behavior is deplorable and you will straighten up immediately.” Reiji does not care that you would never act out your feelings, all he knows is that your feelings can get you and others in trouble.

Ayato - “Hey, don’t you know you’re supposed to have only feelings for me Pancake?” Is pissed and jealous.

Kanato - “WHAT DOES HE HAVE THAT I DON’T!?” Don’t tell him, just don’t, save that teacher’s life.

Laito - “Oh has my Little Bitch found someone else? We can’t have that can we?” Laito may joke around but he is actually extremely jealous and even angry.

Subaru - “Tch, fine go after him see if I care!” Subaru is hurt that you feel something for another and it just proves he was right, even if you wouldn’t react to your feelings.


Ruki - “What a troublesome livestock you are lusting after other men.” Ruki is not pleased.

Kou - He never confronted you about it. All you know is what you saw when the teacher was being escorted out of the school by police on charges of messing with other students… oddly enough, Kou’s biggest fans.

Yuma - “Listen here Sow you get any closer to him and I’ll snap his neck, teacher or not. You’re mine and I’d be damned if I lose my Sow to an old man.” Don’t test his threats because he will go through with them.

Azusa - Is heartbroken that you feel that way for someone else besides him and may have to have special class time with your teacher. 


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Hey, I'd like to know you you have any good movies or preferably series in german to practice listening? That would be awesome, thank you!

I’m not sure about specific titles as far as movies go – most movies I find on TV here are just dubbed in German, so if you’ve got the option to switch languages on DVDs you already have, that’d already be a good start.

My last German teacher was weirdly obsessed with Til Schweiger, though. Maybe you could find a film of his? Or  Matthias Schweighöfer, I see his face a lot. 

If you’ve got Netflix, you should be able to switch the language/subtitles. I’m able to change mine to German, but I’m not sure if it’s because I currently live in Germany or if that’s an option available to everyone, everywhere. 

I don’t watch a whole lot of TV in German, truth be told, but when I do, it’s usually children’s shows. They’re easier to understand :P Simsala Grimm is a favorite because I love fairy tales and magic, Der kleine Ritter Trenk, Der kleine Prinz (though the original story is French, there’s a TV series here in German), etc. 

Here’s a bigger list of kid’s shows in Germany. (Obviously not all are originally German)

Lio making it known that he doesn’t find filming ducks as interesting as I do.


A very important and kawaii sleepover!

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