Dating, Start!

There wasn’t enough content of my ot3, so I made some

I imagine after they reach the surface, both sans’s relationship with toriel and grillby develop at the same time, until he realizes he’s sorta kinda dating both of them now whoops???  But grillby and toriel get along really well anyways, so they’re happy to hang out all the time and go on dates together and take up all the room on the bed so sans is trapped in an inescapable but very comfortable fire/skeleton/goat sandwich.  It’s all very good and sometimes in small moments like this sans can hardly believe these two amazing people even want to be part of his life.

Bonus sort of process pic at the bottom?  I tried shading in monochrome then overlaying color on top of it, rather than taking the time to individually select all my colors.  I wouldn’t say it saved me time but it did make my colors look more unified.



Mercy - @deadjosey

Genji, Sassy Zenyatta, Soldier 76 - Me

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Kevin MacLeod - Enter The Party

Kevin MacLeod - Rollin At 5

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Comic by the talented @sarcasticasides

Papa Shimada is voiced by none other then our fav @seigiva

Shimada no Dinner- //smacks. STFU

The Perfect Gift

For @coffeewithcaptainswan the Perry White to my Clark Kent.

Based on this post, consider this my own Glee-style mash-up mega mix of ‘things are going terribly’ Christmas AUs.

There’s a little sprinkle of smut glitter, not much, but as close as I write. Unbeta’d

Fuck. Emma threw her phone across the room and tried not to cry. She shouldn’t be this upset about a delayed parcel. But this particular delayed parcel meant that Killian Jones was not going to get a gift from her on Christmas Day.

It was stupid, really, but he was the best best friend anyone could hope for. He was endlessly supportive and patient with her bullshit. Always ready to come to her rescue whether that meant pretending to be her boyfriend to deter the most enthusiastic of sleazes or defending her to friends, family and random strangers. And his dry wit often had her snorting with laughter. Yep, he was a keeper. As a friend.

And she knew that his childhood and even young adulthood had been on a par with hers in the crappy stakes. He deserved a good fucking Christmas and his own best friend wasn’t going to give him a gift.

She’d bought one of course. It was a perfect miniature of the Jewel of the Realm, the finest ship in the seven seas, and his own personal obsession. It was nestled inside the distinctive bottle of his favourite brand of rum, and said bottle was engraved with the inscription “Property of Captain Jones”. It was a crazy expensive gift she’d had specially commissioned months ago just to suit her adorably nerdy, pirate-obsessed friend. It was currently stuck halfway across the country and no amount of begging, angry threats or hefty bribes was going to change that. She’d tried.

She thought desperately if there was anything that she could re-gift to him. But the only thing she’d had so far was peppermint lube from Ruby. And from what he’d told her he loved oral au naturelle so she couldn’t imagine he’d appreciate it.

Fists clenching, she took a deep breath, she could totally brave shopping on Christmas Eve for Killian, he was worth it.

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Just finished this week’s dubbed episode. For this line they actually use the phrase “stay close to me” in reference to Victor’s routine (and a closer translation to the original Japanese as I understand it). In doing a little bit of research, it actually seems like the dub might be adhering to more of the nuance than the Crunchyroll subs. It may just be the difference in reading it versus hearing it. Either way, as a fan who watches both, I really appreciate all the work that’s gone into making a simuldub with such a quick turnaround happen and be so awesome. Good job everyone at @funimation making this dub happen. 

English Trailers for Ultraman Ginga S: The Movie and Ultraman X: The Movie!

Now, not so thrilled these are dubbed and the dub work sounds… adequate but I am still so psyched to see these in the theater and an English dub is something that needs to happen to reach a wider audience and appeal to families.  I saw some VERY disappointed kids at Shin Godzilla when they realized it was a subtitled film.

can i just say i love what they did with the dub in episode 7. in the sub, after victor explains how kissing yuuri was the only thing he could think of to surprise him more, yuuri simple says, “is that so?” but in the dub, yuuri says, “well, it worked.” and i love that so much.