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CNBLUE IQiYi Interview trans

As the only Korean artist to be invited to attend the event, CNBLUE created a commotion at the red carpet upon their arrival and as the closing act for the night, they showed off their live performance skills .Oppas who can even get high by sending a Weibo update were able to get the crowd going during their performance., allowing IQiYi event to end with a big bang in the music of Can’t Stop.

They who just completed their Asia concert tour, even though they seem slightly tired, but when the 4 of them get together, they show off their true nature. The 4 brothers exposed and make fun of each other and that is the true way of interacting with each other.

JS: Among the 4 of us, we all prefer to exercise.

JH: No it’s not like that.

Yonghwa who has been trending at the top of Weibo for the past 3 weeks truly has the ability to come up with jokes online (duan zi shou 段子手- duanzi 段子 is usually jokes that people use in Chinese crosstalk. So段子手is the master in doing that on the web) Min Hyuk exposed that Yonghwa always checks Weibo, and openly shares interesting things that happen on Weibo. Maknae Jung Shin seems to have been confused with the meaning of memeda.

JS: Doesn’t it mean cute?

YH: No. We seemed to have kissed about 300 times

JS: So we have been giving out kisses


Yonghwa who keeps mentioning that he wants to learn Mandarin well is definitely not satisfied with just learning 1 phrase memeda. CNBLUE’s new Mandarin catchphrase is ren xing 任性.

(YH & JS banter about how ren xing sounds like zhengxin 正信 (Jung Shin’s mandarin name)


YH: I’m handsome, I’m willful

(points to JS) Not handsome

MH: Not willful


Perhaps due to speaking Mandarin too much, willful Yonghwa suddenly became not fluent in Korean.

YH: There’s shows on TV (电视剧有戏 dian shi ju you xi)


In 2015, team leader Yonghwa will be releasing his first solo album and starting his solo activities. Min Hyuk who has the first listen to Yonghwa’s theme song for his solo album said that the song is pretty good.

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