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Nia Long, Garcelle Beauvais, Tina Knowles Lawson & More At 13TH Annual Sunshine Beyond Summer Celebration

Girlfriends Getaway star Garcelle Beauva was looking sexy in her animal-print coverup.

Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie “Floacist” Stewart provided entertainment for the evening, singing a selection of her hits.

Tisha Campbell Martin and her hubby Dwyane got our vote for best looking couple.

Newlyweds Richard and Tina Knowles Lawson posed with Robi.  And check out Tina’s outfit!  We want to be as “chic” as she is when we grow up.

“Uncle Buck” star Nia Long joined Garcelle for a photo.

As we mentioned earlier, Robi also honored a few of the celebs with the 2015 Sunshine Award for their work in promoting health care and awareness to the community. In addition to AJ Johnson, other receipients were Boris and Nicole Kodjoe, Brandee Evans, Daphne Wayans, Dolvett Quince, Dondre Whitfield, Salli Richardson Whitfield, Eva Marcille, Gwendolyn Smith, John Salley, Michael Blanks, and Wesley Jonathan.

Fun times!

friends and fam: Georgia Martin/Larissa Duan

let’s take a minute to consider the most powerful lesbian couple ever

  • they meet at one of Jack’s games and hit it off talking how difficult it can be managing a team of unruly hockey boys
  • like they swap manager stories and it’s hilarious and horrifying
  • also Lardo studied abroad in Kenya and hey what if George is part Kenyan?
  • so anyways they bond really well over all of that but somehow they both think the other is straight
  • until George goes to one of Lardo’s art shows as a surprise (Lardo hadn’t told her about it, Jack had)
  • and there are like giant paintings of naked and semi-naked women (and maybe a few of george too idk)
  • and she’s like Larissa? Why didn’t you tell me? We should have been dating this whole time

anyways this is like my new favorite ship. Their ship name is either large or geordo (pronounced like Jord-oh)

Zombie Apocalypse AU (oh god why)

- So Ransom and Holster are the protagonists. Ransom is looking for a cure while Holster is, like, his best friend/ bodyguard/ searches for romcom DVDs in abandoned malls in the name of cultural preservation

(- in their shitty lab/ lair they have a busted-up old flatscreen and a huuuge alphabetised DVD collection)

- Some days Ransom just wants to give up on it all and curls up in the corner, or Holster has to stop him from just smashing up his lovingly salvaged equipment in frustration, and then Holster pulls a tattered blanket around them and they just sit there and talk about their families and favourite foods and actors from 30 rock and make all the old in-jokes they used to make before the world collapsed around them.  

- Both of them use their own bood/ tissue for samples regularly, even though it’s dangerous because they have to re-use instruments and could get infected. Holster utterly trusts Ransom, and neither of them have much to lose. 

- Maybe they’re living on the ruins of the Samwell campus - their camp is on top of Faber because it has views from miles around and they’d be able to see any attack coming well in advance - oh god Ngozi has described that campus in loving detail I don’t want to subject it to apocalypse it’ll kill me

- But this is where the others come in, because like, one day then this kid turns up, and he’s skinny as hell but alive, somehow, and holding a blood-spattered rolling pin with a paring knife tucked into his belt. He introduces himself as Bitty, doesn’t give a first or a last name

- And he speaks with a fast light Southern twang and god they don’t even want to know how he got from Georgia to Massachusetts alive

-But he’s with this other guy - he’s as tall as Ransom, he has wolf eyes and dark stubble and a huge collection of ammo but also a terrifying-looking hockey stick (plus maybe a golf club, Jack loves golf) - and he follows Bitty like he’s his fucking shadow. He looks at him like the sun and they fight like they’re one person. 

- And the two of them are never further apart than a few metres and it kind of reminds Ransom and Hoslter of themselves. And they’ve been on the road for a while but someone told them that Ransom and Holster were working on a cure and they want to help.   

- So they kind of reluctantly take them in, it’s been so long since they had anyone else around. But it’s all fine because 

-Bitty has this ability to just magically find food anywhere, and before long they love him so fiercely and protectively that it almost takes them by surprise

-Jack seems to need about two hours of sleep to be functional and he improves all their defences by about 5x 

- ‘they used dykes like this in the Civil War, old-fashioned but it works’ 

(- he also has a freakin’ polaroid camera and takes pictures of things like wildflowers growing through the cracks in the concrete at Faber, and Bitty paring the end of his rolling pin into a lethal spike as late afternoon sunlight shines through his hair) 

- and suddenly fighting off zombies doesn’t feel like a lost cause. sometimes they’re working together as a team and it feels violent but also seamless and good. Sometimes they even laugh. 

- Holster: ‘I’ll kill you a zombie for your birthday’ 
Ransom: ‘Bro’

- And they go on raids out into a hospital on the outskirts of Boston to get more supplies for Ransom and although they’ll have nightmares for the rest of their lives, they fucking nail it  

- It’s about a month later that Shitty and Lardo appear. Both of them are a little crazy, but Lardo has better aim than anyone they’ve ever seen and never wastes a fucking bullet, and if they had been feeling a spark of tentative happiness before Shitty arrived, he was the one to fan it into a defiant flame. Suddenly they’re a team, they’re fighting well, Ransom’s work is progressing faster than ever

- And Dex and Nursey show up, and they’ve had a kill count contest going on for two years, and they seem to fight each other more than they fight zombies but they’re both kind and fierce and care a whole lot about Chowder, who’s too good for this rotten world and the only thing which seems to have stopped them from actually murdering one another with machetes for the last year and a half

- Bitty and Jack basically adopt the new kids, and Ransom thinks that he’s close to a breakthrough, and - 

- this is when General Georgia ‘George’ Martin appears with a battalion of soldiers. She’s looking for the brilliant scientist and his band on followers who are rumoured to live in the university ruins, because what remains of the government is prepared to give them protection for a chance of obtaining a cure. 

- But the team don’t know who she is, and because they’re afraid she’s hostile (and they’ve had trouble with militias before). So they set snares and catch them all, and then Ransom, flanked by Bitty and Holster appears in front of them and asks them icily who they are and what they’re doing here. Lardo is tossing a ping-pong ball from hand to hand in a truly terrifying manner and Shitty’s moustache has reached majestic proportions and Bitty recently perfected a short-range zombie kill using nothing but a spatula and lots of leverage. 

-And for the first time in years Georgia is truly flabbergasted. Because these are a bunch of kids and they took her down? But by the end of their interrogation, she’s smiling. Because she can tell from one look that their hearts are in the right places, and that they will do whatever it takes to save what’s left of the world. 

Black Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of Valentine’s Day I’m going to post some black celebrity couples to showcase all the black love out there. For some of us it’s not our time yet but for those of you that are lucky enough to experience it, I wish you love and happiness. 

Viola Davis and her husband Julius Tennon

Trai Byers and Grace Gealey

Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance

Steph and Ayesha Curry

Meagan Good and Devon Franklin

Tia Mowry Hardrict and Cory Hardrict

Barack and Michelle Obama

David and Tamela Mann

Beyonce and Jay Z

Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell-Martin

Rev Run and Justine Simmons

Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert

Omar and Keisha Epps

Iman Shumpert and Teyonah Taylor


Real Husbands Of Hollywood

Kevin Hart dropped a preview of his upcoming comedy based reality show Real Husbands Of Hollywood that is set to premiere on BET. In the preview of the upcoming 10 episode season, you will see Robin Thicke, JB Smoove, Faizon Love, Duane Martin, Boris Kodjoe. The show is set for a Spring 2013 release.