Honestly I think there’s a distinct lack of coffee shop aus in the Check Please fandom.

Like give me zimbits where Jack is a barista stuggling to make all the fancy drinks and his coworker Bitty has to help him out, and eventually Jack gets it but he keeps asking Bitty for help because he’s very cute and smells like PSLs all the time

I want to see a fic where Lardo works at a coffee shop to pay for rent during art school in Boston and writes her number on Shitty’s cup after he calls out some entitled sexist asshole in line during morning rush.

I need Tater being the gopher at a law firm and struggling to read the insane starbucks orders off his list to the cashier every day while barista Kent Parson is laughing his ass off in the background. Cue Tater getting all flushed and embarassed when Kent flirts with him over the counter and even after Tater gets a promotion at work he still volunteers to get the coffee.

What about the frogs working at a coffeeshop together and Dex and Nursery fighting over everything but also helping Chower flirt with the cute volleyball player who stops in to get a muffin before every morning practice.


Slayer!Lardo AU

In honor of Halloween, indulge me in this Buffy/Check Please fusion ridiculousness.

Lardo becomes the Slayer at 16, and honestly she’s not shocked by the vampires and demons so much as she’s annoyed because she had Plans that didn’t really involve loitering around graveyards at night. But her Watcher comes around and convinces her (and her parents–which is actually more impressive, tbh) that she has an important calling, so she goes along with it.  She learns how to fight and what a vampire’s weaknesses are, and if her Watcher is strict, and if hand-to-hand combat feels a little awkward to her, and if she doesn’t have time anymore for art or friends, well…saving people is still pretty cool, right?

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I spent last night making all of these drinks from the specials board made by my friend Emily, aka @tendercake (I may have helped with a couple of names). Because sometimes fanart isn’t pictures, it’s beverages.

In case you can’t read it:


  • Bless Your Heart, I’m a Basic Bitch
  • -Pumpkin Spice Latte with Brown Sugar Cinnamon
  • Canadian Adonis
  • -Maple Apple Cider (hot)
  • Sick Flow, Brah
  • -Butter Rum Café au Lait
  • Paint Water
  • -Fresca with Lavender and Raspberry
  • Best Friend Sundae
  • -Vanilla Milkshake with Tiramisu and Cheesecake
  • Goalies are Weird
  • -Kiwi-Blue Curacao Jones Blue Soda Slushie