Beautiful Final Fantasy XV Concept Art Revealed, Including First Glimpse on Cid | DualShockers

During the Active Time Report event broadcasted from PAX Prime in Seattle, Final Fantasy XV Game Director Hajime Tabata showcased some great concept artwork made for the game.

In addition to the art, that you can see at the bottom of the post, he mentioned a few interesting points:

  • The in-game model of Altissia will be on par with the pre-rendered version we saw in the original cinematic trailer.
  • While Tabata-san did not name Cid explicitly, he basically confirmed that he’s the owner of the Hammerhead garage, and he’s actually shown in the art sitting in front of the building marked “Maintenance shop”
  • Leviathan is a female in Final Fantasy XV and is connected to Altissia. All summons have their own personality.
  • The Eidolons are involved with the creation of the world.
  • More information about Luna will come at Tokyo Game Show.
  • The art depicts an outpost named Caem, close to the ocean. From Caem, Noctis will get on a boat and cross the ocean to reach Accordo.

[Screens/art under the cut]

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DualShock 4 Controller Break Down/Changes

  1. Touch-Pad: Can press down as a button “Slick and Smooth”
  2. Button Pad: Standard
  3. Analog Sticks: Indention to reduce finger slips.
  4. PS Home Button: Standard
  5. Speakers: Able to listen to gaming audio, voice chat, and music.
  6. Directional Pad: Buttons slightly turn down towards center.
  7. Options Button: Acts as “Start” Button
  8. R1 & L1 Buttons: Semi-Circle (instead of rectangle)
  9. R2 & L2 Buttons: Curves outward (more sensitive)
  10. Light Bar: Glows Blue and Red (ex: when killed)
  11. USB Port: Standard
  12. Headset Port: Supports PS4 and Normal Headsets.

The vibrations of the controller also have improved so you can feel vibrations on different parts of the controller (can simulate pouring water)