Dualizing is up for businezz!

((Turtlez-mun here. Dualizing is finally here! Feel free to send in any picture of 2 different items (doesn’t have to be an item from in-game) and Dark Turtlez will dualize them. He doesn’t follow the conventional rules of dualizing so there are an infinite amount of combinations and it’s your job to find them! Happy dualizing!))

“I may not like the bozz and the other Turtlez but I still lovez me some dualizing! For all those first time dualizers I thought I would show an example." 

"It is common knowledge that when you dualize Hot Coffee 


 Iced Coffee

the resulting product iz 

LLoyd Irving

I think that Nights in spite of their cheerful attitude is really lonely. The visitors come and go making Nights unable to develop a stronger bond with anyone.
The only moment for them to feel closeness and emotional connection is dualizing with someone.

In fact, I think that Nights is one of the loneliest SEGA characters ever created.



And an alternate cost mechanic in the form of Dualize. Twinburst bolt countains only one number to be doubled, but Ghastly Genesis ramps it up from early game pressure to brutal finisher with multiple numbers being doubled.


NiGHTS into Dreams has one of my most memorable gaming moments ever.

You try and put your Red Ideya in Twinseeds’ Ideya Palace in order to free NiGHTS only for Wizeman to intervene and smack you a far distance away, preventing you from granting NiGHTS it’s/his/her freedom and therefore stopping Wizeman’s plans, his plan to make his entrance into the real world.

You can’t dualize with NiGHTS because it’s/he’s/she’s imprisoned. You’re simply stranded on a distant platform with no options. Or so you think.

It’s up to you and you alone to make the first step and that step is a literal leap of faith - You’re expected to garner your courage and jump. The game seems to lead you to believe that you’re done for, due for an imminent game…I mean night over as it lingers on the cityscape below for a few seconds.

…only for your player character Claris/Elliot to suddenly fly back upwards, orbited by the physical manifestation of their courage to go on and complete the entire stage without the need for dualizing.

Pure awesomesauce.