duality tarot

WTNV Tarot


can symbolize both love and the synthesis of opposing concepts, but also the danger of temptation and desire.”

There seriously needs to be more art of the Whispering Forest.  Or all the scenery, for that matter.

Once again I wanted to get more than the common pop-culture meanings from the Tarot card, in a similar manner to Death.  Funnily enough, Lovers plays a sort of duality with another Tarot card, The Devil.  Both have themes in the danger of temptation, especially in the connotation of lust.  But while Devil is more of sinful temptation, Lovers is much more innocent.  In the episode the Whispering Forest is never explicitly referred to as malicious.  Dangerous yes, but also sort of innocent.

I wanted to reflect that by depicting the Whispering forest as more bucolic.  I decided on a palette of warm colors and soft organic shapes (especially in contrast to The Devil which will be posted later).  Plus the deck was sorely lacking in nice warm colors outside of The Sun.

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