Rey and Kylo were meant to be together because they represent the true duality of emo. Kylo fulfilling the more typical parts of the aesthetic (Theme Song: Bela Lugosi’s Dead and Depeche Mode’s entire discography, carrying a candelabra down a staircase, holding his mask like a Hamlet Yorick Skull, wears all black) In inverse Rey is the more subtle emo (Theme Song: The Mountain Goats Discography mashed up with a little Front Bottoms and Andrew Jackson Jihad, more angry, punk levels of machinery and fix it up aesthetic, wistfully starring into the great beyond of Jakku with a Rebellion Fighter’s helmet.) 

  • griffin on mbmbam: my name is SPRITE PEPSI, and i'm ABSTINENCE TIL I DIE.
  • griffin on monster factory: I THINK DOGS SHOULD VOTE!!!
  • griffin on the adventure zone: When someone leaves your life, those exits are not made equal. Some are beautiful and poetic and satisfying; others are abrupt and unfair; but most are unremarkable, unintentional and clumsy.
Whatever it is, stop trying to figure it out now. Let it remain unresolved a little while. Stop trying to fast-forward to the ‘answer’ scene in the movie of your life; trust the present scene of ‘no answer yet’. Allow the question itself space to breathe and be fertilized. Relax into the mysterious ground of Now.
—  Jeff Foster