Highway Driving Rant

People need to learn how to highway drive.

It really needs to be something that is covered in the Ls, Ps and black license test. Driving etiquette is not talked about in any of the four tests that you have to complete to gain your full license.

If someone is overtaking you, don’t take that as a reminder to speed up. You are defeating the purpose of someone over taking you.

Don’t overtake someone, and then slow down to 10km+ lower than what you were doing before and sit in front of them.

Don’t sit on someone’s arse. Are you stupid? You’re driving at 110km/hr. Imagine if a kangaroo ran onto the road and the person in front of you had to slam on their brakes. Not only are you putting the person in front of you in danger by slamming into the back of them, but putting yourself at risk too.

Don’t sit in the right lane if you are doing the speed limit and are not overtaking or not turning right at any time soon.

Don’t sit in the right lane especially if you are doing under the speed limit.

You know what happens? You create blocks. The person in the left lane is doing the speed limit, you are sitting next to them doing the speed limit, and on a dual carriageway no one can get past. IDIOT.

I only drove to Taree yesterday and back home today. That’s only four hours of driving, yet I saw all of these things done not only once, but several times.

So much speeding up and then slowing down of cars for no apparent reason. I understand that you might not have cruise control - I definitely don’t - but I am perfectly capable of consistently keeping the same speed.

There are so many full on retards in the world.