dual powder

Smashbox’s High Definiition Dual Finish Micro Powder

I got this as part of a giftset from a friend for Christmas, and I’ve been using it to set my foundation almost everyday. Absolutely love it! It has a little twisty top that opens up to a brush - and in the tube there are two different powders: Matte and Luminous. You can choose between those two; but there’s also a third option for both. I like using both :)

Here’s what it looks like without the top (Sorry mine is a little dirty looking.. O_O it’s been used a lot!):

External image

This translucent powder sets your foundation and gives you a very lightweight, flawless finish. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone seeking a really good finishing powder.

Unfortunately I don’t believe it’s available anymore at Sephora or the Smashbox website - But I did see it on Amazon for $8.00.

BUT! The next closest thing (which is what I’ll probably purchase after I run out of my dual powder) is the Smashbox Photo Set Finish Powder ($28 at Sephora), which looks like this:

External image