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Vegan Beauty Master Post

I decided to make this post for everyone linking you to all of your essential vegan beauty needs, and more! I’ve tried to keep it as vegan as possible, meaning that the majority of the brands listed make only vegan products.

Please feel free to add more links (I’m sure there are plenty more that can be listed), make a suggestion or let me know if you think a product/brand should not be up there. Enjoy!

Make up-

Manic Panic Dream tone foundations
Adorn foundations
Adorn concealer
Manic Panic pressed powder compacts
Adorn finishing powder
Adorn illuminisers
Adorn primer
Pacifica cc cream foundation
Pacifica mineral bb cream
Lush skin range
Elf foundations
Elf concealers
Elf powders
Elf primers
OCC skin range
Beauty Without Cruelty pressed powders
Zuzu Luxe oil free liquid foundations
Zuzu Luxe dual pressed powder and foundation

Adorn blushes
Adorn bronzers
Elf blushes
Elf bronzers

Pacifica eyes range
Adorn eyes range
Lush eyes range
Elf eyes range
OCC cosmetic color pencils
OCC eyes range
Dose of Colors false lashes
Sugarpill pressed eye shadows
Sugarpill loose eye shadows
Sugarpill neon pigments
Sugarpill false lashes

Pacifica radiant shimmer coconut
Pacifica lips range
Adorn lips range
Lush lip balms and scrubs
Lush lips range
Elf lips range
OCC lip tars
OCC cosmetic color pencils
Melt cosmetics
Pretty zombie cosmetics liquid lipsticks
Dose of Colors lipstick range
Dose of colors lip gloss range
Hurraw Balm range

Adorn brush kit
Elf studio 11 piece brush set
Elf travel brush set
OCC professional brushes
Sugarpill brushes
Emani cosmetic brushes

Adorn hydrating spritz
Elf mist make up setter

Skin care-
Face wash:
Sukin foaming facial cleanser
Sukin cream cleanser
Pacifica coconut water cleansing wipes
Pacifica sea foam face wash
A'kin facial cleansers
iRaw foaming cleanser
iRaw replenishing cleanser
iRaw lift cleanser
GAIA cream cleanser
GAIA foaming facial cleanser
GAIA face and body wash
Natural instinct foaming cleanser
Natural instinct cream cleanser
Lush cleansers

Face scrub:
Sukin facial scrub
A'kin gentle exfoliating scrub
iRaw creamed exfoliant
iRaw lite daily exfoliant
GAIA facial scrub
GAIA buff and polish scrub
Natural instinct facial scrub

Face mask:
Sukin purifying facial mask
A'kin purifying facial mask
Lush fresh face masks
Earth Science facial masks

Sukin mist toner
A'kin refreshing and soothing toner
Natural instinct clarifying toner
GAIA refreshing toner
Lush toners

Facial moisturiser:
Sukin rose hip oil range
Sukin sensitive facial moisturiser
Pacifica day and night face cream
A'kin facial moisturisers
iRaw moisturiser range
iRaw serums and oils
iRaw night cream
Natural instinct daily moisturiser
GAIA facial moisturiser
GAIA intensive facial moisturiser
Lush moisturisers

Body scrub:
Sukin purifying body scrub
Pacifica body scrub
Lush shower scrubs

Body moisturiser:
Sukin sensitive body lotion
Biologika veggie creams
Pacifica lotion wipes
Pacifica body butters
A'kin body moisturiser
iRaw body lotions
Natural instinct body lotions
GAIA body moisturisers
Lush body lotions

Soaps and body wash:
Sukin sensitive soap free body wash
Sukin botanical body wash
Pacifica body wash range
Pacifica body soap range
Biologika soap bars
A'kin body wash range
iRaw body washes
Natural instinct body wash
GAIA body washes
Lush shower gels
Lush soaps
Lush bath products

Sukin sunless bronzing gel
Eco Tan
Model Co spray tan

UV Natural sunscreen range
Azida sunscreen with hemp oil
Godess Garden organics sunscreen
Tate’s Natural Miracle sunscreen

Hands and nails-
Hand care:
Sukin hand and nail cream
Sukin cleansing hand wash
Pacifica hand cream range
A'kin hand, nail and cuticle cream
A'kin lemon myrtle hand wash
iRaw hand creams
Natural instinct hand care

Indigo Bananas
A'dor Beauty Supplies nail polish
Manic Panic nail polish
Pacifica nail polish
Adorn nail polish
OCC nail polish

Hair Care-
Giovanni shampoos
Sukin shampoos
Biologika shampoos
Alchemy shampoos
iRaw shampoos
Natural instinct shampoo
GAIA shampoo
Lush shampoos

Giovanni conditioners
Sukin conditioners
Biologika conditioners
Alchemy conditioners
iRaw conditioners
Natural instinct conditioner
GAIA conditioner
Lush conditiioners

Tints of Nature hair care products
Giovanni repair treatments
Sukin protein hair treatment
Seventh Wonders Moroccan oil
Alchemy hair treatments
Lush hair treatments

Styling products:
Giovanni styling and finishing products
De Lorenzo fine mist hairspray
Lush styling products

Hair dye:
Tints of Nature permanent
Tints of Nature semi-permanent
Tints of Nature highlighting kits
Surya Brasil henna
Manic Panic
Lush henna

Mieco bamboo hair brushes

Natrualene bug rid
GAIA head lice lotion
GAIA head lice spray

Dental care-
Ridells Creek toothpastes
Red Seal herbal toothpaste
Red Seal natural toothpaste
Grants toothpaste
Toms toothpaste
Dr Organic toothpaste
Phytoshield herbal toothpaste
Lush toothy tabs
iRaw tooth powders
Eco-Dent tooth powders

Eco-Dent vegan floss
Radius vegan floss

Mouth wash:
Ridells Creek mouth freshener
Ridells Creek mouth wash
Eco-Dent mouth rinses

The environmental toothbrush
Preserve toothbrushes

Biologika mist sprays
Sukin spray deodorant
Uniquely Natural spray deodorant
Lush dirty body spray

Roll on:
Fresca Natural deodorants
Alba Botanica deodorants
Biologika deodorants
Refreshed lemon myrtle deodorant
Thursday Plantation tea tree deodorant
Thursday Plantation original deodorant
Lush deodorants

Pacifica spray perfumes
Pacifica solid perfumes
Pacifica roll on perfumes
Lush roll on and liquid perfumes
Sara Wen perfumes

Hair removal-
Preserve Razors

Shaving creams/gels:
Sliquid smooth range
Earthly body hemp seed shave cream
Earthly Body miracle oil
Biologika shaving gels
iRaw shaving oil
GAIA shave gel
GAIA shave cream

Hygiene Products-
Tampons, pads and liners:
GladRags cloth pads
Maxim pad range
Natracare pad range
Organyc pad range
Maxim tampons
Organyc tampons
Natracare tampons
Maxim liners
Natracare liners
Organyc liners

Menstrual cups:
Lunette cups

Personal care:
Sliquid Splash feminine wash
Natracare intimate wipes
Organyc intimate care

Intimacy products-
Glyde ultra latex condoms
Glyde non-latex condoms
Glyde Femidom condoms
Condomi condoms
Sir Richard’s natural condoms
Durex Avanti Ultima non-latex condoms
RFSU condoms
Kimono condoms

Lubricants and gels:
Sylk personal lubricant
Encounter lubricants various flavors
Encounter personal lubricant
Sliquid Naturals lubricant range
Sliquid Organics lubricant range
Hathor Aphrodisia lubricant lickeurs
Hathor Aphrodsia lubricant pure
Good Clean Love personal lubricant range
Blossom Organics moisturizing lubricant
Blossom Organics warm sensation lubricant
Blossom Organics pure pleasure gel
Encounter gel range

Sliquid Balance Collection massage oil
Sliquid Balance Collection sample pack
Earthly Body hemp edible massage oil
Earthly Body massage and body oil
Good Clean Love love oils
Blossom Organics warm sensation massage oil
Elysian massage oil candle
Hathor Aphrodsia exotic oil
Hathor Aphrodsia sensual lotion
Earthly Body edible hemp candle
Earthly Body 3 in 1 hemp candle
A Scent of Scandal soy candles
Good Clean Love body candies
Glyde touch gloves
Sheer Glyde dams


Makeup powders are getting a makeover.

It started years ago with Bobbi Brown’s now-iconic Shimmer Brick. A beautiful ombré palette of sparkly colors, it was makeup’s first statement piece. Suddenly, gone were the flat, single blocks of color. Cosmetic powders evolved into scientific wonders that utilize “slurry technology”—suspending ingredients in water for velvety textures and incredible skin-enhancing effects. And with three-dimensional surfaces; intricate, laser-cut designs; multiple shades; and mixes of mattes and shimmers, powders suddenly became covetable items with which to adorn your vanity. Now that they’re mini works of art, we collect them. KATE HELFRICH, SENIOR PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR OF SEPHORA COLLECTION

NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow: The rolling wave pattern reminds us of an oasis on the horizon.

SEPHORA COLLECTION The Beauty of Giving Back Blush Palette: The ombré blush and bronzer plates in the center of this palette are the first of their kind.

Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Powder: Etched into detailed blocks, this creamy bronzer is actually made of a unique baked gel.

Clinique Cheek Pop: The flower design here is so lifelike you’d think it’s been plucked straight from a garden.


Smashbox’s High Definiition Dual Finish Micro Powder

I got this as part of a giftset from a friend for Christmas, and I’ve been using it to set my foundation almost everyday. Absolutely love it! It has a little twisty top that opens up to a brush - and in the tube there are two different powders: Matte and Luminous. You can choose between those two; but there’s also a third option for both. I like using both :)

Here’s what it looks like without the top (Sorry mine is a little dirty looking.. O_O it’s been used a lot!):

External image

This translucent powder sets your foundation and gives you a very lightweight, flawless finish. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone seeking a really good finishing powder.

Unfortunately I don’t believe it’s available anymore at Sephora or the Smashbox website - But I did see it on Amazon for $8.00.

BUT! The next closest thing (which is what I’ll probably purchase after I run out of my dual powder) is the Smashbox Photo Set Finish Powder ($28 at Sephora), which looks like this:

External image