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Borussia Dortmund und Mittelfeldspieler Nuri Sahin haben sich auf eine vorzeitige Vertragsverlängerung bis zum 30. Juni 2019 geeinigt. Der türkische Nationalspieler, in Lüdenscheid geboren und in Meinerzhagen aufgewachsen, trägt – abgesehen von zwei kurzen Unterbrechungen – seit 16 Jahren das schwarzgelbe Trikot.

„Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Nuri bei uns bleibt. Er ist ein Kind der Region, ein richtig guter Typ, und im Verein Borussia Dortmund tief verwurzelt“, erklärte BVB-Chef Hans-Joachim Watzke.

Der 28 Jahre alte Sahin, der seit 2011 auch die deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft besitzt, schloss sich im Sommer 2001 dem Nachwuchs von Borussia Dortmund an. Im Alter von 16 Jahren und 355 Tagen debütierte er als jüngster Spieler in der Bundesliga, dessen jüngster Torschütze er zugleich ist. Seit dem Debüt im Jahr 2005 folgten bisher 203 weitere Einsätze (insgesamt 19 Tore) für den BVB. In der Meister-Spielzeit 2010/11 war Sahin eine zentrale Figur und wurde von den Bundesliga-Profis zum besten Spieler der Saison gewählt. Anschließend erfüllte er sich seinen Traum von einem Wechsel zu Real Madrid, kehrte aber nach anderthalb Jahren (über die Zwischenstation FC Liverpool) zu seinen Wurzeln zurück.

„Jeder weiß, wie wohl ich mich in Dortmund fühle – in der Stadt, in diesem Stadion mit unseren außergewöhnlichen Fans. Der BVB ist der Klub meines Herzens“, sagte der Mittelfeldspieler, der seine zwölfte Profisaison spielt.

„Auch wenn Nuri in den vergangenen beiden Jahren Pech mit Verletzungen hatte, hat er doch immer wieder gezeigt, dass er zurückkommen und einen sehr wichtigen Part in unserer jungen Mannschaft ausfüllen kann“, betonte Sportdirektor Michael Zorc, der Sahin nach seinem im Spiel bei Borussia Mönchengladbach erlittenen Teilriss des Außenbandes im Sprunggelenk eine schnelle Genesung wünscht. Hans-Joachim Watzke und Michael Zorc betonen unisono: „Wir hoffen, dass Nuri auf der Saison-Zielgeraden noch einmal eingreifen kann. Seine hohe sportliche und menschliche Qualität würde uns zweifellos dabei helfen, unser Saisonziel zu erreichen!“


BVB.de 25.04.17

Borussia Dortmund and midfielder Nuri Sahin have prematurely signed a contract extension until 30 June 2019. The Turkey international, who was born in Lüdenscheid and grew up in Meinerzhagen, has – with the exception of two brief spells away from the club – been a Black and Yellow for 16 years.

“We’re all delighted Nuri’s staying with us. He grew up in the region, he’s a really good guy and Borussia Dortmund is deeply ingrained in him,” explained BVB Chief Executive Officer Hans-Joachim Watzke.

The 28-year-old, who has had dual German and Turkish nationality since 2011, joined the Borussia Dortmund youth academy in the summer of 2001. Aged 16 years and 355 days he became the youngest player to ever play in the Bundesliga, and is the top-flight’s youngest-ever goalscorer too. Since making his debut in 2005, he has played for the club 203 times, scoring 19 goals. Sahin was a central figure in the title-winning season of 2010/11 and was selected for the Bundesliga Team of the Season by his fellow professionals. In the summer of 2011 he fulfilled his dream of moving to Real Madrid, but returned to his roots a year and a half later following a brief loan spell at English club Liverpool.

“Everyone knows how comfortable I feel in Dortmund – both in the city and in this stadium with our extraordinary fans. BVB is the club that belongs to my heart,” said the midfielder, who is now in his 12th season as a professional.

“Even though Nuri has had some bad luck with injuries in the past couple of years, he has still repeatedly shown that he can come back and fulfil a very important role in our young team,” emphasised Sporting Director Michael Zorc, who wished Sahin a speedy recovery after the player sustained a partial tear of the lateral collateral ligament in his ankle in the match with Borussia Mönchengladbach. Hans-Joachim Watzke and Michael Zorc both said: “We hope that Nuri can still make a comeback in the final weeks of the season. The high quality he offers in sporting and personal terms will undoubtedly help us to achieve our season objectives!”

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name: sabine
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fave season: spring!
fave quote: god i have so many, so i’m going with favourite tolkien quotes: “So come snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.” “If this is victory, our hands are too small to hold it.” “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” “I hear nothing but the night-speech of plant and stone.” and on LotR, “Here are beauties which pierce like swords or burn like cold iron. Here is a book which will break your heart.”
fave book: god this is difficult. i’ll say north by seamus heaney for now
fave flower: bluebells or sakura 
fave smell: books 
fave color: pale blue
fave animal: wolves and albatrosses
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea!!
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i get that the uk isn’t in a position to seriously piss off the US but i hate how theresa may fell all over herself to be the first foreign head of govt to secure a visit with trump, the chummy way she held hands with him for a photo-op (gag) and her clearly calculating to water down her words on torture -which is an ECHR obligation the UK has signed up to on its own volition, and that travel ban which affects many british citizens (so now the DHS says it won’t apply to British dual nationals but if they travel to those countries they might still be affected & that still doesn’t deal with them being unable to meet family members?). her spinelessness about the us blanket ban on refugees- the protection of refugees is yet another ECHR obligation the UK signed up for. just her generally cowardly response to what are now not merely words, but trump’s policies. other european us allies like netherlands and germany have shown more spine. and yeah, i can see she’s doing all that because she hopes to clinch that free trade deal to smooth over the UK cutting itself out of the European Common Market and its 500 million customers. 

all the while peddling the fiction that the special r/ship is some sort of equal, frank exchange between good friends (lmao) instead of clearly this thing where the UK is all-too willing to dance to America’s tune, no matter how shitty. 

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Well if he's dual national WE CAN SHARE HIM OKAY!!!! I love Colin Firth <3 <3 ahh! (I'm a Brit btw)

if he keeps the brit citizenship too I accept it, if he doesn’t HE’S ALL OURS MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


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Your point about it being a blanket ban is a damn important one. Like, did you read the story on the BBC this morning about the Scottish vet who couldn't fly home from Costa Rica because she had dual UK/Iranian nationality and her connecting flight went via New York? She eventually had to spend £2600 on a direct flight to Madrid just to get back to Europe. Obviously its scarier for people who are Muslim and for actual refugees but its affecting all kinds of totally innocent people.

Yeah i did. It’s so obvious this has nothing to do with security. I like how the country most of the 9/11 hijackers came from & one where influential individuals been involved sponsoring very extremist ideologies connected to ISIS- Saudi Arabia, for example- isn’t included in the ban. Whereas countries where none of their citizens have caused American terrorism-related deaths are on it? Who knows, maybe it’s because Trump has his business interests in Saudi Arabia and the UAE huh. And even so a blanket ban for any country incl saudi arabia wouldn’t make sense. Counterterrorism involves identifying the most suspicious people, not casting such a wide net like that.

Oh, and the constantly-ignored fact that so many terrorist attacks in Western countries are carried out by Western citizens who become radicalised. That’s what has happened to us here in Europe. That’s the one gaping hole in security that needs to be plugged- that IS doesn’t try and sneak a radicalised refugee onto a plane into the US (which has EVEN stricter vetting than Europe for refugees) but they’ll try and convinced a born and bred American to do the job. IS only needs an internet connection and maybe a few other radicalised contacts on the ground to achieve that. 

But yeah, instead we have all sorts of random people including top researchers, students on holiday and even old people visiting their kids stranded. It’s plain heartless, separating families of people who already jumped through all the necc hoops to get their visas or green cards. I’m very fortunate I don’t need a visa to travel to the US, but many people from these countries had to apply months ago and had to wait for a long time just to get a simple visitor’s visa approved. The Republican Party really shows who they are in their silence. They’ve completely put their stamp on this illegal and discriminatory BS. Because who’s affected the most? Not just green card holders but US citizens who have relatives in those countries. Many British dual nationals here are effectively banned too not for anything they’ve done but their ethnicity/nationality. All refugees are banned, with no regard being given to how many aren’t from areas where IS is known to have a presence. This is nothing less than playing to racism, xenophobia and islamophobia, as well as just completely lacking in compassion. 


Tinsel Bicentenario

(Tinsel Jac X Montanas Dual Chic by Smart Chic Olena)

2010 Palomino Stallion

Everything you need to know about Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban'
What is an executive order?

by James Rothwell

What is an executive order?

An executive order is an official statement from the president which tells government agencies how to use their resources.  In the case of Mr Trump’s “Muslim ban”, the order bars citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for a period of 90 days.

It also suspends the United States’ refugee system for a period of 120 days.  Mr Trump says his “extreme vetting” system will help “keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the US”.

Who does it affect?

The order itself does not name the countries whose citizens are banned from entering the US. Instead, it refers to a statute which applies to seven Muslim-majority nations. They are Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Iraq, with dual nationals included in the ban.
Certain visa categories, such as those for diplomats, are exempt. There have also been reports of legal US residents, known as green card holders, being turned away from US-bound flights.

Green cards are not mentioned explicitly in the executive order. Oddly, the ban does not apply to the nationalities of those who carried out the 9/11 attacks, such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

How does it affect refugees?

The ban completely suspends the United States’ Syrian refugee programme, which accepted 12,486 Syrians in 2016.  It also gives preference to accepting Christian refugees from the Middle East over Muslim refugees.  And it reduces the cap on the total number of refugees allowed to enter the US in 2017 from 110,000 to just 50,000.

Is the executive order legally binding?  

Executive orders are legally binding and are recorded in the Federal Register,  a daily record of all federal regulations, proposals, and public notices. But they can be subjected to a legal review - and, according to the New York Times, the “Muslim ban” order is illegal.

According to the newspaper, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 banned all discrimination against immigrants on the basis of national origin.

Mr Trump’s travel ban, it says, appears to be violation of that act.  

What happens next?

Opponents of the “extreme vetting” order say they will launch a legal challenge on two fronts. They are expected to argue that the blanket ban violates the fifth amendment right to due process.

They will also argue that the order’s preferential treatment of Christians over Muslims violates the first amendment on freedom of religion.

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Do you hate Landon Donovan? If so, could you explain why?

I have a literal actual essay with an introduction, thesis statement, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion in my drafts about why I hate Landon Donovan but I know ppl don’t like reading essays on this website so basically it boils down to this:

Back when Abby Wambach made those xenophobic statements about how foreign-born players shouldn’t be allowed to play for the USMNT, Landon Donovan was asked for his opinion on the subject. He proceeded to basically double down on Wambach’s comments, stating that the USMNT meant more to him than his dual-national teammates and that “they wouldn’t care” if the US lost matches because they only care about their club teams and are just in it for the WC opportunity. Gross, right?

So here’s where it gets really ugly. He THEN went on to mention players BY NAME who he felt had less of a commitment to the team than him. He referred to Fabian Johnson and Jermaine Jones as “nice kids” (Jermaine is older than him lol) but said that winning the World Cup with a team full of dual-nationals wouldn’t feel the “same” as winning with home-grown players. THEN he went on Twitter to say that Norwegian Prince™ Mix Diskerud - the same Mix Diskerud who very publicly dragged Abby Wambach for her xenophobia - “100% identifies as being American and is proud of it.” I’m going to let you decide the racial implications of calling out two foreign-born black players for not being “American enough” and then turning around and praising a foreign-born white player as being “100% American”. You can arrive at whatever conclusion you want from that. 

Now the other part of this is that Landon Donovan has been Bitter with a capital B since he was left out of the 2014 WC squad. He had a massive beef with Jurgen Klinsmann which should have just stayed between the two of them, but he decided it was necessary to bring his former teammates, the men he’d played with and shared a locker room with, into the conversation. It was unprofessional, xenophobic, ugly as fuck, and he ended up coming off as an embittered has-been. 

Top 50 Albums of 2013
  1. Arcade Fire – Reflektor
  2. Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City
  3. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories
  4. Danny Brown – Old
  5. Tyler, the Creator – Wolf
  6. Thundercat – Apocalypse
  7. The Internet – Feel Good
  8. Vic Mensa – INNANETAPE
  9. Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap
  10. Janelle Monae – The Electric Lady
  11. Autre Ne Veut – Anxiety
  12. Rhye – Woman
  13. Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience
  14. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II
  15. Earl Sweatshirt – Doris
  16. Flatbush Zombies – BetterOffDEAD
  17. Toro y Moi – Anything In Return
  18. Kilo Kish – K+
  19. A$AP Rocky – Long.Live.A$AP
  20. Arctic Monkeys – AM
  21. The Underachievers – Indigoism
  22. Mac Miller – Watching Movies with the Sound Off
  23. Action Bronson – Blue Chips 2
  24. Paul McCartney – New
  25. Childish Gambino – Because the Internet
  26. Quadron – Avalanche
  27. James Blake – Overgrown
  28. Pusha T – My Name Is My Name
  29. Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels
  30. King Krule – 6 Feet Beneath the Moon
  31. Joey Bada$$ - Summer Knights
  32. John Mayer – Paradise Valley
  33. Terrace Martin – 3ChordFold
  34. Lorde – Pure Heroine
  35. Action Bronson – Saaab Stories EP
  36. The Jet Age of Tomorrow – Jellyfish Mentality
  37. Kanye West - Yeezus
  38. The Stepkids – Troubadour
  39. Glasser – Interiors
  40. Jhene Aiko – Sail Out EP
  41. Kid Cudi – Indicud
  42. CJ Fly – thee Way Eye See It
  43. Haim – Days Are Gone
  44. Sampha – Dual EP
  45. The National – Trouble Will Find Me
  46. Overdoz. – boom
  47. Problem & Iamsu! – Million Dollar Afro
  48. Washed Out – Paracosm
  49. Casey Veggies – Life Changes
  50. J. Cole – Born Sinner 

Though 2013 is over, I decided to post my top 50 album list of 2013. This list was posted on a different blog of mine, but I wanted to post it on this one so here you go.

yes okay but think of how much better Hetalia would have been if APH Canada had been portrayed as Métis.  how much better would that have been.  Métis!Canada who has to carve out his own identity.  Métis!Canada because the Métis were a group very unique to Canada (they were active in states such as North Dakota and Montana and whatnot but what ended up happening there was really gross and the Métis identity is largely snuffed out in the United States as a result of some pretty icky ultimatums).  Métis!Canada because Canada’s First Nations played such a huge part in our history and the Métis were a community initially with one foot in the aboriginal world and one foot in the British world, with the rights of both; a merger of two worlds.  Métis!Canada because the history of the fur trade in Canada is very long and complex and crucial and the Métis identity was initially very tied up in the fur trade and the dual economies that were present in Canada at the time.  Métis!Canada because it’s an important part of Canada’s history and Canada’s identity and they were an important part of the formation of Canada and Canada’s Métis and First Nations peoples deserve to have some representation because we are forgotten and pushed aside enough.

Métis!Canada because Canada was never a country of just Europeans and newsflash for most of Canada’s history the First Nations people played an active and oftentimes dominant role in the formation of the Canada we know today and if you have to have one avatar for a whole country this would just be a fantastic way of representing Canada as a nation with dual heritages because having Métis!Canada would not only represent First Nations peoples but also the many different European groups within Canada, and would be a far better way of representing our country’s history.

just… Métis!Canada.

but no instead we got whitewashed Canada because the creator wanted to make jokes about Canada being mistaken for America.

but think about how much better that would have been if Canada was Métis, if he looked different from America with dark wavy hair and darker skin but maybe with the same coloured eyes as America

and people still mistook him for America

because Canada actually isn’t very similar to America in many ways but people think we are despite everyone here saying “no we’re not look at all these very important differences

it would just make the joke so much more poignant if you still felt the need to include it.

i need Métis!Canada in my life is what i’m saying.