dual immersion

Questions... Answered?

A while ago, around October 2010, I posted about life’s big questions. Here they are, with my now, possibly hazy to clear answers I have received:

Where is my life going?
Wherever I want it to. I have so much control in my hands. I can do whatever I want. All I need to do is decided what I want, visualize it, and start planning, carrying it out. Seems simple enough?

What to major in?
I want to be a dual immersion teacher. I will be a dual immersion teacher. I am 80-95% sure on this. My mind could change. But his is part of where my life is going right now.  

How to plan a trip to France next summer?
This is unnecessary at the moment. I have other plans in store for myself.


  •  PASS Math 1050.
  • Possibly take another class I need for my Elem Ed degree.
  • Work PART-TIME.
  • Re-discover what I love.
  • Take time for myself.
  • Do things that make my body feel happy. Like exercising, and eating happy food. 
  • Set up my fall French DI volunteership with FH Elementary. 
  • Finish all of my pharmacy CE’s.


  •  DI volunteer at FH Elementary.
  • Take one class, possibly.
  • Work PART-TIME, again leaving time to do things that make my body feel happy.

And my most important goal throughout all of this…?

Relax. Keep calm. Stay happy. Stay centered. Stay positive. Look forward. And pay it forward.