dual drive

submitted by Nicholas DeRemer

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These are the items I carry everyday while in dress clothes. The pouch is just a leather cell phone pouch that I keep the flashlight, gerber dime, and space pen in. I also keep a small micro usb cable in the pouch that came with the battery back up.

submitted by Nate Owens

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Trying to keep my edc small and easily carry-able. I’d like to forget that most things are there until I realize I have the tool for the job at hand.

Submitted by P Molin

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Some stuff from my commute bag, a Timbuk2 Ace Voodoo Blue. Sometimes my work laptop or personal Chromebook comes along, and of course a zillion cables, adapters, etc.

Small update to the game, using a usb controller, you can directly control each engine with an analog stick. R trigger then applies force through each engine allowing you to barrel roll, turn, and loop to your heart’s content. Turns out in space, without air resistance and gravity, this can get out of hand, so pressing L trigger while pressing R trigger activates the stabilizer jets (look for when the wings and front of the vehicle give off exhaust in the video), acting like a brake to your rotation and, less so, your velocity.

Up next: targeting reticles, firing, a boost/brake bar, and sound effects