dual curling

(Still at Dual Curling)

Sho: (referring to Mizuhara and Nino) you guys acted together right?

Nino: Yeah we did.

Ohno: Oh isn’t it that, “Platina Data”.

Sho: Ohno-kun’s Platina Data was really “Platina”

Ohno: Yeah. I watched it on the plane.

Sho: And who was next to you? Who was next to you?

Ohno: Him. *points at Nino*

Nino high-fives Ohno.

*studio explodes*
*my laptop explodes*
*the universe explodes*


Excerpt from VS Arashi 2014/1/9

Sho-kun’s on a roll!

(During the Dual Curling segment, Sho-kun, Nino and Ohno-kun were on one team while Matsujun, Ishihara and Mizuhara were on the other)

Sho: (to Matsujun) Could you tell us about the relationships among the three of you in the drama Shitsuren Chocolatier?

Matsujun: Can I say it?

Sho: Why not? We can talk about our relationship too. (referring to him, Nino and Ohno)

Ito (the commentator): Well let’s start with Arashi team then. What is the relationship among the three of you?

Sho: Well, firstly, I have always had a one-sided crush on Nino since high school.

Nino: I’m really sorry to Sho but I have had a one-sided crush on Ohno since middle school.

Ohno: I had a one-sided crush on someone elsewhere.

*studio explodes*

*my laptop explodes*

*I explodes*

—  Excerpt from VS Arashi 2014/1/9

I don’t mean to boast, it’s just refreshing seeing progress and hard work pay off. when I first got back into working out in january, I couldn’t do a single fuckin push-up, a crunch without someone on my feet, or hold a plank longer than 10 seconds. and after only 3 ½ active months I’m able to do 50 push-ups, endless fuckin crunches and I can hold a plank with added weight on my back for 3 minutes. I also started doing dual hand bicep curls, I started at 15 lbs, and now I curl 60 lbs between both hands, n with shoulders I started at 20 each, and now I press 90.. among a bunch of other improvements. feelin good, yo


└ VS嵐 #157 | 2011年11月10日 ♦ 櫻井翔+「謎解きはディナーのあとで」 Team VS 嵐+倖田來未&黒沢かずこ
Dual Curling ♦ 櫻井翔 VS 大野智

Bonus: Kitagawa Keiko Ojou-sama’s comment.


└ VS嵐 #139 | 2011年06月02日 ♦ カリスマ主婦モデル Team VS 嵐+南海キャンディーズ
Dual Curling ♦ 滝沢眞規子, 道端カレン, 中林美和 VS 相葉雅紀, 櫻井翔, 二宮和也

Bonus: Sho explaining what happened to his double points stone that went straight into the gutter.