dual colors

Although not technically an autumn themed blog, @teacoffeebooks​ is one of my favorite blogs and almost always gives me an autumn vibe. Day 25 of the September journaling challenge by @journaling-junkie

  • Pen: Sailor Pro Gear Slim, Extra Fine (cursive) and Tombow Dual Brush Pens (lettering)
  • Ink: Diamine Ancient Copper
  • Writing Music News Show: The Young Turks

i tried out something new in may in my bullet journal by using a dual-color palette for the entire month :’) i know, i know, it’s not really that “new,” but it was nice to do something different than i usually do!

art in 2nd photo by @pacifistpadme, stickers from paperkumaco (coupon code: TBH15) and londongifties


I drew Apollo Justice from Ace Attorney for a friend of mine, Sol! It turned out pretty nice actually! I’m pretty proud after having drawn maybe only 3 times digitally in the last year.

Please do not repost without permission, thank you!

@inprogresspokemon Floreon and friends fan art!

 Floreon was created by In-Progress Pokemon as a dual type eeveeultion (fairy/grass in case anyone was wondering).

I tried to keep everything in the style of the show, as well as including info from your pokedex description. Such as living in flowering meadows and living with a community of other pokemon.

Drawn using Colors 3D on my 3ds.

Illuminated World Building: Soulcolors

NOTE: Post is obsolete. For an up to date guide, click here.

Soulmarks can glow a solid color or have dual colors, though the latter is rare. The color of the soulmark has been linked to aura, signifying a person’s temperament or personality, though different researchers have come up with different meanings for each color. 

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You can check all #HaikyuuToddlers series here: http://mocaimocai.tumblr.com/tagged/haikyuutoddlers

Prepare for trouble! And make it double!

Introducing expansion of my Haikyuu!! Toddlers AU, the NekoDani family! Consists of your favorite childdad Bokuto, tiredmom Akaashi, and 5 and 3 y.o., Kuroo and Kenma. (Kenma has the same age as Hinata here).

Bokuto is the kind of dad that likes to push his family to wear the same outfit for outing. He’s so in love with his family, especially with his waifu, Akaashi.

Kuroo is the reliable big brother. He hates paprika, and usually in sync with his dad.

Kenma is a calm baby. He’s quiet to the point even Akaashi and Bokuto wonders what he’s thinking. It’s usually Kuroo who can translates his thought and needs to their parents, especially when Kenma is sulking. A sulky Kenma is a very silent Kenma.

(Also, since this AU is already as weird as it is, just swallow it that Kenma, who has dual hair color here, is naturally get that from Bokuto’s gen. This AU is weird AF.)

Btw, Bokuto likes to tie Kenma’s bangs, especially for meal time, as the long bangs catches food easily and make a mess. Kenma hates it though.