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The Brotherhood of the time traveling daughters.

Paraphrased request: Kix, Echo, Fives, Rex, and Hardcase, have a daughter they don’t know about visit them from the future. Said daughter is a total badass for the rebellion. 

A little background so this isn’t completely confusing: The daughters are the children of {insert above clone here} and undisclosed females that the clones haven’t met yet. This is written in 3rd person because I want to, do with that what you will. 

Forewarning: this is gonna suck but please still read. 

Not many things distracted clones from their work during a battle, but a glowing blue portal in the middle of the sky above the battle field was one of the few. It even confused the droids (not that it took much) enough to create a cease-fire. The clones didn’t stop firing until the generals held up a fist, signaling to halt. A few moments later, the portal spit out a small space craft before closing as quickly as it opened. 

Said space craft had seen better days: it was flaming as it streaked over their heads, pieces were falling off of it causing troopers to dodge the debris (the cherry on top was that several droids were flattened by falling refuse), and everyone on the battlefield could here the sirens and alarms as it flew (or rather: fell) past them.

With the excitement out of sight, the jedi generals used the droids’ distraction to resume fire on the stationary enemies.  By the time the tinnies got back into the swing of things, they didn’t stand a chance- winning a swift victory for the republic. 

After the battle, in the debriefing room Rex was feeling anxious. He stood beside Commander Cody with his hands clamped behind his back listening to the Anakin and Obi Wan discuss how to go about the mysterious crash. Well, Rex was half listening, he was internally wondering why he felt so drawn to this carrier and why he was fighting every instinct to not just walk out of the debrief to find these people. 

“Rex, you feel anxious. What do you have to say about this?” Obi-Wan mused in his usual stance, an arm holding up his other arm while stroking his beard. The clone captain snapped a helmeted head towards the older Jedi. He took a moment to formulate his words so he didn’t come off as defective. (He really doubted a clone saying “I feel completely drawn to these people and am bursting at the seams to make sure that they’re not dead please let me go” would convince them).

“I feel that no matter their means of arrival, not only did they minimize casualties and expenditures but they also were obviously in trouble. Therefore, utilizing the utmost caution, it is our duty  as extensions of the Republic, to offer a helping hand.” Rex answered as formally as possible. 

“Well said. Rex, Cody: Get them men ready to move. Tell Kix and Coric to bring a lot of extra medical supplies.” Anakin decided.

“Yes, sir.” The two clones echoed before walking out. Once secluded from the jedi, Rex looked to Cody.

“I’ve got an strange feeling about this.” 

During the debriefing, Fives and Echo tried to relax by sitting on some cargo crates outside a gunship, but they both shared that same feeling of anxiety that Rex had. Both fidgeting, they kept glancing at the smoking sight of the wreckage. 

“I wonder if whoever was on that rig is okay now.” Fives wondered aloud. Echo glanced from his arc-trooper brother back to the distant smoke. “I don’t know why, but it’s bothering me.”

“Same, brother, but don’t say those things, it makes me even more antsy.” Echo  replied, wiping a hand over his face. 

“I’m sure the generals will wanna check it out. A lot of the boys wanna thank whoever they are for saving our arses.” Fives continued. 

Across the campground, Kix was trying not to let his mind wander to the crash as he patched up Hardcase. It didn’t work, not that Hardcase was paying attention. His mind was with the shipwreck too. 

“Kriff, Kix, take it easy, brother.” Hardcase hissed, trying not to flinch away from the medic as he was brought out of his reverie. 

“Sorry, brother, just lost in my thoughts.” Kix apologized as he unwrapped the too-tight bandage from the other clone’s torso before rewrapping a tad looser. Once he was finished, Hardcase turned to face the medic. 

“Not to pry, but are you thinking that wrecked ship?” Hardcase whispered, as if it was shameful, looking past Kix to the distant smoke rising above the planet’s dense tree tops. 

“Yeah, I’m worried about whoever it is. I’m actually afraid that they’re dead. I want to double time it there and help them.”  Kix admitted, glancing from the wreckage back to Hardcase.

“I was feeling the exact same thing. Is this what Jedi feel like?” Hardcase mused, slipping his armor back on.

After calling all the men to center camp, Rex and Cody made the announcement. 

“Men, we’re heading east towards the wreckage. As extensions of the Republic,  we’re offering the survivors a helpful hand, but be on guard. Just because we’re good men, doesn’t mean they automatically will be.” the 212th commander announced before motioning to Rex. 

“We’re going off the ‘good people until proven otherwise’ sentiment. Medics, bring as much medical supplies as we can manage while traveling- we don’t know how many people could be on that craft. We leave in half an hour.” Rex finished. “Meet at the edge of camp in thirty minutes. Dismissed.”

With that announcement, Kix, Hardcase, Fives, and Echo all slumped slightly with relief. As expected, thirty minutes later, they were all impatiently waiting for the rest of the company to arrive and depart. 

It took an hour and a half walking to reach the wreckage, and the aforementioned troopers really wanted to speed up the pace, but kept their mouthes shut. 

Finally, they arrived at the smoking pile of what was once a ship. The generals told Rex and Cody to assemble a team to explore the wrecked ship in search for survivors. Cody, promptly left it up to Rex after seeing how anxious the 501st captain was. Fives, Echo, Kix, and Hardcase were the chosen team as the fates would have it. 

Inside the ship, it was a mess. Loose wires popped electricity and spit sparks periodically.  Pieces of metal had been torn like sheets of paper, leaving parts jutting out in sharp angles. 

“Watch your step boys.” Rex warned twisting his hip away from a particularly sharp piece. Beside him, Cody looked at his holo-pad. 

“Tech says there’s lifeforms, but somethings puttin’ the single on the fritz. Can’t tell how many.” The canary-painted commander announced, smacking the holo-pad against his thigh as if his aggression would correct the signal output. 

“Is there anyone there? Please, help us!” A voice cried, it seemed to come through the wall to the troopers left. 

“Survivors!” was chorused around the group before Rex took charge, “Can you hear us? We’re here to help.”

“We can here you! All of our exits are blocked and we don’t have anything to blow a new exit.” The voice, slightly muffled by the wall, chimed back.

“Give us a minute, we’ll figure something out.” Fives stepped forward to reassure. The captain nodded before turning to Hardcase.

“Hardcase, I know you have some kind of explosives on you.” He stated as if fact.

“Enough to make an entrance, definitely.” Hardcase affirmed, slipping the backpack off his back. 

“Ok, you and whoever is with you back away from this wall and take cover.” Echo called as Fives, Rex, and Hardcase set the bombs. Cody took scans to determine the craft’s stability, while Kix stood by with Medical supplies at the ready. 

“Ok, miss, are you ready?” Rex called through the wall. 

“Just blow this popsicle stand!” Another voice screamed with a hint of mischief, Hardcase chuckled. Fives glanced to him.

“Remind you of anyone?” The arc trooper laughed as all the soldiers took cover. 

“Ok, girls, take cover.” Rex called one last time before vaulting over the crates they were using as cover. 

“On my mark.” Cody called. “One, Two, NOW.”

With that, Hardcase showed no resignation to blow the door like a can opener. Smoke poured out of the newly revealed room. A few moments later three figures stumbled out. One was helping the second walk, with the second one’s arm arm over the first’s neck, while the first supported the second with an arm around the waist- half dragging her to safety. The other used her arms to try to clear out the smoke. 

“That was awesome!” One of them cheered. Once again all the troopers glanced to Hardcase, “Couldn’t have done it better myself!”

“Hush.” Said another, the one supporting the third, “Thank you very much.”

Once the smoke cleared, they could finally take in their survivors appearance and were shocked to find they shared a resemblance with the clones themselves. 

The first one looked to be the one in charge. Dressed in light armor assembled over a blue tunic and black sturdy pants with quite a few pockets, the pants were tucked into a pair of combat boots. Two dual pistols, much like Rex’s, were holstered in shoulder holsters. Rex couldn’t tell if her hair was naturally that gold color or if was dyed- or maybe it was the just the light. Her skin tone was close to that of the clones and she had one hazel eye like him. Her other eye was a crystalline blue. 

The second girl was slumped against the blonde. She also shared the same skin tone, and also shared the black hair. Her eyes were closed, but she was clearly a medic. No armor, but a medic symbol patch sewn to the shoulder of her tan blouse. The blouse was under a vest and tucked into army green pants which led to brown sturdy boots. When her head lolled to the side, it was noticed the part of her hair was shaved with a pattern that could’t be made out for all the smoke and ash. 

The third, looked eerily like the clones: same golden skin, hazel eyes, black hair was pulled back into a high pony-tail. She was wearing a tank top, cargo pants, and boots. The tank top did nothing to hide tattoos snaking around her arms that unnervingly resembled Hardcase’s. 

The blonde one spoke up, “Thank you, we would’ve been dead without you. I’m Alinova (A/N: pronounced alley-uh-nova). Pyro here is Zara.”

The newly dubbed ‘Zara’ gave a bright smile and little wave, before Alinova resumed, “And our medic here, is Jessie, we call her Jess.”

“Well, it’s a pleasure ma’am.” Rex replied warily as Alinova stuck her hand out to shake. When the long sleeve of her shirt tugged up, Rex caught sight of a jaig eye tattoo on her wrist. This only troubled him more, nevertheless, he still took the offered hand. “We have a medic who can treat your friend.”

“Thank the Force.” She breathed, letting Kix slowly ease her friend to the floor. While Kix did his thing, the two other girls conversed with Rex and Cody.

“We still have two other crew members. We can’t leave until we find them or they’re proved dead. We understand if you can’t help with that, but” 

“No man left behind.” All four people chorused. 

“We’ll stay with you until the end.” Rex promised, and felt very proud when the blonde offered his a relieved smile.

“Thank you.”

Meanwhile, with Kix, he checked the girl for any sign of further injury. Trying to ignore the since of familiarity and worry. He checked for concussion and was relieved to not find one. The he set to work wiping the soot off her face. Then he could tell the pattern inscribed into the shaved part of her head was identical to his. He gasped. 

“Kix, what is it?” Fives asked, getting up from where he was. 

“Look where her hair is shaved. Look familiar?” Kix asked, glancing up at the arc-trooper and then to Echo who had joined. 

“Yeah, it looks exactly like yours… odd.” Echo concluded. Kix thought for a second. 

“Ok, this is impossible but it’ll put me at ease.” He murmured to himself before pricking the unconscious girl’s finger. Apparently the sharp momentary pain was enough to jolt her awake. Luckily, Kix was able to smear some blood on the medical holo-scanner before returning his attention to his patient. 

“Who the hell are you? Where the hell are my friends? More importantly, why the hell did you stab my finger?!” She shrieked, bringing the other two girls’ attention. Both rushed to their friend.

“Jess, it’s ok. These men saved us!” Alinova soothed, urging her to sit back down. 

“Men, take off your helmets, to put the lady at ease.” Cody ordered. One by one, the clones shed their helmet to offer the women their eyes. Then four  things happened at once.

“Shit.” Alinova deadpanned, looking at Rex.

“Rad.” Zara cheered to Hardcase.

“Kriff.” Jessie whispered looking at Kix’s haircut. 

“DNA analysis complete. DNA half clone - half Nabooian.” 

“Surprise, Buir*.” Alinova concluded, meeting Rex’s eyes. 

After a few hours, the jedi commed to tell them that they left a few troopers outside the craft, but the rest of the company headed back to main camp, Cody decided it was best to leave with them. Shortly after, the other two showed up, sharing heavy resemblance with Zara. The one with the 5555 tattoo on her wrist was obviously Fives’. While the girl with a hand print on the breast plate of her armor definitely was Echo’s.

“Leena.” the one who claimed to be Fives’ daughter offered, awkwardly smiling to her father.

“Saryn.” Echo’s apparent child revealed. Both arc troopers’ children, were dressed similar to Alinova. 

Leena had chest armor and forearm armor painted black on top of a light grey linen shirt, tucked into high waisted black tight pants finished with a pair of grey boots. Over her pants was something strikingly similar to Fives’ kama. 

Saryn was almost identical in garb, but with a white linen shirt and classic white armor over navy blue tight pants tucked white boots. Finished with the shin guards of what might have been clone armors trimmed to fit her. 

With all five of them there, Alinova- who was apparently the oldest and in charge- deemed it time to tell them how they ended up there.

“So, whether you believe me or not, as weird as it may sound, We’re y’all’s daughters from the future. I can’t tell you too much, but when we’re from, the war is over, but another has started- nothing like this one. No militaries besides the empire. Anyway, we were doing our part- fighting for what we believe in, something you’ll eventually teach us before we come here again-. So we were snooping around an abandoned separatist tech lab, when the Empire rolled up and thing went south. Long story short, they figured out how to use some tech, blasted the riff out of our ship, and apparently: sent us back in time.” She concluded, “Take from that what you will.”

All the while, the clone eventual-fathers nodded watching their respective daughters. Echo cleared his throat, “So what exactly do you all do in your.. ‘part’ as you call it.”

Saryn answered first, “Special Tasks force- Agent 401.”

Echo smiled proudly before Leena added, “Me and Saryn are a team, I’m Special Tasks force- Agent 402. We just usually tag along with Nova.”

“Don’t call me that.” Alinova chirped, throwing an authoritative glare Leena’s way, but Leena was smiling at Fives to much to notice, “I was promoted to commander and chief strategizer of our division before this.”

She said it nonchalantly, but she still glanced to Rex and beamed at the prideful stare she received. Zara stepped forward, “I’m their engineer and pyro-technician. I fix things and blow them up.”

“Hardcase, she’s your carbon copy!” Fives clapped Hardcase on the back. Zara blushed.

“Well, he did teach me everything I know.” She admitted, soaking up the attention Hardcase gave her. She knew she wasn’t allowed to tell him that she hadn’t seen him since she was seven, and that was when her lessons had stopped. 

“And I’m the one who busts my ass to keep them alive.” Jessie concluded. “The medic.”

Kix looked to be bursting at the seams with pride. 

Not a week later, the rest of the girls team got the portal back open. So reluctantly, the troopers let their daughters go to fight in a war they didn’t know anything about. All they knew was that they couldn’t wait to say hello again when they were born. 

And fin.

Sorry this was so long and in no way a reader insert. This is like a mini story! Also (whispers) feel free to draw my new little OCs i created just for this little story. They will probably never see the light of day again. 

Requested by anon like two months ago.

Up next: Fives, Echo, Wolffe, Rex, and Kix with reader who had to fake death for undercover mission. Clones don’t know it was fake and they hadn’t confessed their feelings. 

rainbowmena-diane-pie  asked:

(As long as she doesn't get annoyed with the constant flirts XD Anywho~) *Mena is walking down the street when she hears an argument, and she pulls out her dual boot knives and confronts the person attacking Blake* Don't fucking touch her! You take one more step toward her and you'll be going to the hospital! (Hope that doesn't count as TOO protective XD)

Blake just looked at the girl fairly confused and still angered “what the hell!? Who the fuck are you ??"she said confused as the other guy looks at her
Guy:"get out of here this is our argument.”

anche stavolta, come si dice ad Oxford, gli sono andato in culo alla microsoft: installato linux in dual boot con windows.

finalmente posso accendere il computer senza aspettare 4 minuti per l'avvio (o 6 minuti per un riavvio) e non sono più costretto ad impiegare mezza giornata per un aggiornamento del sistema.

How I explain the gender spectrum to people

amab: I got a PC.

afab: I got a mac.

cisgender: I like the OS that came with my computer

transgender: I got stuck with this computer, but I prefer the other OS, so I’m going to just install that.  I may even at some point invest in installing components from the other machines.

Bigender: Dual Boot seperate partitioned drives

Genderfluid: OS emulators running on the desktop, rapid switching back and forth, also sometimes Linux.

Agender: I never really turn my computer on.  I like books.

Ubuntu is a really great operating system. It’s turned my shitty laptop to a pretty decent machine when it comes to coding and what not. I’m mad I didn’t dual boot this thing from the get go

automata-enthusiast  asked:

A Thinkpad X220 dual booting Windows and Linux (side tip for new CS students: do yourself a favor and move to a UNIX-based OS) is perfectly adequate for CS and most other tasks, and can be had for extremely cheap. If you want to go the extra mile, the Thinkpad X220 has great Hackintosh compatibility. I've since moved to Hackintosh macOS since it's the "best of both worlds" between Windows and Linux. Highly recommend the X220.

Part2: That said, if you can afford it, I would not at all say a MacBook is a bad choice. In fact it’s an excellent choice, I personally think macOS is a great development platform. It’s just important for people to know that there are adequate alternatives for much, much, much cheaper prices.

Yea a Thinkpad X220 is a really good choice.
I just can’t recommend macOS, because i used it now for 3 years, and I just don’t like it anymore, because every program costs something and i often had problems with c++, because i needed some low level stuff only linux can offer. Recently i often use Archlinux on my desktop pc and when i have the time, i’m also gonna try it on the macbook with i3 window manager. 

dual booting is like kicking dead whales down the beach. every time I boot into ubuntu it has to do some filesystem checking jazz, and I have yet to find a way to unfuck the clock on windows that makes it stay unfucked across reboots.
Now that I don’t need windows for school anymore I think I’ll try using my windows pc as a console for gaming mostly and kludge something together to make a dedicated linux pc. I have a couple prebuilt pcs lying around I could make modifications to and get them to run decently well. Once i have a job again I’m going to build an absolute monster Ryzen-based system though.

I have so many laptops gosh

That MacBook Pro and air make the total like…

Well I guess that’s not a lot.

But ALSO I can use all three different major OS options without having to dual/triple boot!
So that’s cool

This is what happens when I stop dual booting...

On my crusty old laptop I finally decided to remove the 10gb partition for Linux and its accompanying swap space, expanding my media partition that much more (it’s great to not lose all your music when windows crashes).  However it seems that GRUB was on that partition when I wiped it.  I’ve been here before.

Recovery CD > Repair Windows > Cmd > Bootrec.exe /fixboot /fixmbr

Boom, fixed my computer and holy hell it runs faster.

Dual boot Linux SATA HD and Windows IDE HD with GRUB2

Ok vediamo come fare: Creiamo un file /etc/grub.d/11_windows come segue:

#!/bin/sh -e
echo "Found Windows XP" >&2
cat << EOF
menuentry "Window XP" {
drivemap (hd0) (hd1)
drivemap (hd1) (hd0)
set root=(hd1,1)
chainloader +1

Ricordate che in grub2 la mappatura degli HD e delle partizioni e` cambiata:

  • sda1 => hd0,1
  • sda2 => hd0,2
  • sdb1 => hd1,1
  • sdc2 => hd2,2

Ora aggiorniamo il grub.cfg con il comando

sudo update-grub

Dovremmo vedere un output del genere:

Generating grub.cfg ...
Found linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.38-10-generic
Found initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.38-10-generic
Found linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.38-8-generic
Found initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.38-8-generic
Found Windows XP
Found memtest86+ image: /boot/memtest86+.bin

Reboot e viaaa…

Start-up Manager in Ubuntu 11.04

I upgraded Ubuntu from 10.10 to 11.04 and the dual boot manager I’m using, StartUp-Manager, acts weird: it always boots to Ubuntu (the first item in the list), although I choose Windows as default operating system.


Count the line number on the boot screen on which Windows (or other option you want as default) is. Go to StartUp-Manager and choose the option which is on that line number, although it might not correspond to the option you wish. It seems that if the options in the boot menu are less than the ones in the manger, and you choose one of the options on the last lines, the program will always set the first item in the menu as default.

Hope this helps and that the StartUp-Manager developers fix this bug.